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Question about Excite Concert & Subaru's J-Web Translations

Hi all!
First time posting. Been a fan of K8 for around a month and hadn't had a chance to say hi coz I was too busy getting my hands on any K8 goodies. 8-)
To all the uploaders, thank you so much! I love you guys!
Anyways, I just have two questions I hope you can help me with.

  • In the Excite concert, before 3 Kyoudai performed 'Mikan', I thought I heard Yoko mentioned something like 'DVD ripped ...". It's been bugging me not knowing what he said. Can anyone enlighten me? Btw, why is Subaru the 'third brother' when he's older than Yassan?
  • I love all the K8 boys but my absolute fave has to be Subaru. I swear there's just something about his voice...Ahem, anyways, I've come across some J-web translations of Ryo and even Ohkura but does anyone know if there's any site hosting Subaru's J-web translations?
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