kinoko ☆ eighter (kinoko_nkj8) wrote in kanjani8,
kinoko ☆ eighter

[Request?]Some questions about Johnnys' Shop

Hope someone could help me >w<
I am going to Japan during the easter holiday in late March
Since I haven't been to Japan (not to mention going to J Shop) since I am a J-fan
I am very very longing to get into Johnnys' Shop
I think I am going to the OSAKA branch...
may I ask a few questions:

1) How's the queuing? Many of my friends said that people have to wait for hours outside J-shop
can anyone tell me what's actually going on? =P

2) How's the process of buying photos? I just know that the photos are stick onto the walls of the shop...that's all I know. XD
can anyone tell me the whole process from taking the "ordering list" to paying for the photos? =D

3) For those who went there for many times, can you please share your experience of how to queue and buy "efficiently"? (LOL)
I am going with my parents so I don't want them to wait too long (Though I reserved 1-3 hours for J-shop XD)

Please help me...thanks a lot! =D


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