Nishikido Luis (sanctified_x) wrote in kanjani8,
Nishikido Luis

98 Kanjani8 bases from this months Wink Up, Potato and Duet

I've made 98 icon bases from this months Duet, Wink Up, and Potato featuring KANJANI8. Feel free to use these to make other icons, or you may use them as icons as they are. My policy is as follows:

-credit is optional, but if you're going to use them (as is) for icons, a nice link to my page would be nice.
-don't hotlink [or i'll %^*&^% kill you if you mess you my bandwidth]

As you can probably tell, I got pretty lazy near the middle end. Yeah... sorry about that. Most are alright, though. They're fairly... not fail. WTF I missed one?! O_O Um. I'm going to bed now. =] X-posted to news_jpop and je_icons as well... because I can. Enjoy!

because it`s 3:45 and i`m tired.

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