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[QUESTION] Who is Kanjani8's leader?

Okay, I know as a self-proclaimed EITO's huge fans I should've known this. But apparently I'm not. And for that, I'm really sorry. ^__^

I've watched a lot of Eito's videos, but still I have no clue about who the leader amongst them is. Once I thought it was Hina. But then I was guessing it's Yoko, but then I saw Narutomo and thought that it was Maru. But then Yoko said Ryo was the most decisive person in the group. So I am sooo confused.

That's why I want to ask you, WHO EXACTLY IS KANJANI8's leader???? And would you please explain the facts that supports your answer (such as vids or interview, etc)?

Thanks in advance for the answer... <3333
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