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Summer Special 2006 schedule up!

I'm still looking at the calendar dates and that is a heck of a lot of performances.  Whatever, this is good for them!!!  Tickets are fairly expensive, though... (7000Y = ~$70USD) and I'm pretty sure you have to be a You&J FC member to get them (legitimately).  But if I'm wrong about that, then who cares, go buy tickets and see them if you can!  I think this year is Ohkura's turn (because they usually go from oldest to youngest in terms of who gets to "star" in the Summer Special stageplays.  Since Ryo was the lead last year, Tacchon should be up for lead actor this year!).  I could be totally wrong, but that's just speculation on my part.  I don't remember seeing any information about the plot of the stage play and they're finishing up FTON in Yoyogi Stadium tomorrow (Japan time), so there's still time.  If you have heard about the butai theme for this year, do share with us! ^_^

I don't really want to steal from Johnny's Web, but here's the link if you're going to be in Japan this August: http://www.johnnys-net.jp/kouen/butai/kanjani8_06sum.html

Ah, the previous post I made in regards to their television appearances, their scheduled appearance on Music Fighter for June 2, 2006 has been moved to the 9th.

[edit] for those who got confused by the calendar at the Jnet website, here's a simpler list:


08/03 - 4:30PM
08/04 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/05 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/06 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/07 - no performances
08/08 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/09 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/10 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/11 - 4:30PM
08/12 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM

08/13 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/14 - no performances
08/15 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/16 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/17 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/18 - 4:30PM
08/19 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/20 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/21 - no performances
08/22 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM

08/23 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/24 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/25 - 4:30PM
08/26 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM
08/27 - 12:00PM & 4:30PM

I for one, hope this is right.  In comparison to Magical Summer, which was pretty long (maybe about the same), I think this will run for about the same length.
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