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Miss me? ;D

Hey!Hey!Hey! Music CHAMP 050307
Kanjani8 and Chemistry cut

Look at da widdle Eiters! I sub non-JE? :O
Guys that can actually sing. Whoa... Blows my mind... :P Uchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Uchi cap because he's actually in this since it's just that old

K8 and Chemistry cuts from Kanjani8's first appearance. They talk about how everyone joined Johnny's, how Yoko got his stage-name, how Hina used to hate Tackey, and Chemistry's experience in Korea. They sing Kimi ga Iru (Chemistry) and Osaka Rainy Blues (Kanjani8), which I have karaoked. Did I mention Uchi? XD

( HERE - some links are still uploading, though )
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