verlorenlove (verlorenlove) wrote in kanjani8,

Kanjani8 '08 Spring Concert Goods

Hi Eighters! 
cookupsomelove is looking for SINGAPOREAN FANS who are interested in buying Kanjani8's '08Spring Concert Goods. Yes, I know it's early XD 

To prevent any miscommuication or issues with cheating, I wil be assisting her with the goods. This is coming from a buyer verlorenlove and also the person who never fails to bring you all the Kanjani8 scans cookupsomelove . 

Please do not comment here for all kinds of informations. Kindly click on the lj cut to find out how to contact her. Thank you. 

Oh and even if you are broke, don't worry. There's no need for payment till 2nd week of April. We just need the number of eighters' heads for tsukkomi-ing

If you are interested, please email or add on msn, for more information. 

PS. Have you gotten Kanjani8's 8th single, WA HA HA already? If you haven't GO AND GET IT ALREADY!

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