sami-pi (samikitty) wrote in kanjani8,

[sale] Eito Ranger inspired pins!

hi all! last week i posted a poll to gauge the interest of my fellow Eighters in purchasing pins/buttons with logos inspired by the Eito Ranger helmets~ *^_^* i got a great response so i went ahead and put in an order for all nine designs on 1.25" buttons! all the pics are clickable to see bigger versions. ^_^

(you guys are amazing!!! *O*)

these 1.25" buttons were professionally printed and pressed on sturdy button backings. :D

(also, i really enjoy taking macro photos. ^_~)

♥ Pricing
1 button * $0.98 USD
2 buttons * $1.78 USD (for 2-8 buttons, the price is $0.89/button)
9 buttons * $8.88 USD INCLUDING S&H ANYWHERE!!!
9+ buttons? EXTRA SPECIAL DISCOUNT! Please contact me directly for details~ *^_^*

i'll accept PayPal, personal cheques (from US and Canada), and discreet cash via snail mail. ^_~

♥ Shipping & Handling

Within North America = $1 USD for up to 18 buttons!
International Mail = $1.50 for up to 18 buttons!

♥ Ordering and Contact

if you're interested in ordering, please leave me a comment here or email me directly at samishimi (at) m(_ _)m

♥ Samples and Comments

because i took most of these photos at night, i might need to explain some of the colour variations... ^O^;;;
that and i was having a loooooot of fun playing with the pairs... ^O^;;;;;;;;

these colours are pretty true... maru's orange is not actually quite this dark however. ^_^;;

this is the best picture of yasu's blue~~ *^_^*

ryo's yellow is a little lighter and brighter than in the pics~ ^^;;;

ah haha... remember that performance in which yoko totally smooches uchi in the side of the head? i couldn't help myself... haha! all the black buttons are macking on the other colours!

because i know the red/orange/pink look kind of similar in the other pics, i put the three together so y'all could see the difference. ♥ luckily it was a sunny morning and i could take these pics before going to work! hahaha~~~

♥ Feedback

i've been selling christmas cards and ornaments every year online for the past 5 years actually, but i only have feedback as a seller on my selling journal here for 2006/2007. please ask if you have an questions or concerns at all! m(_ _)m

i hope everyone enjoys this post and that it might put a smile on your face! *^__^*
Tags: fanwork: other

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