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KANJANI 8 The Televisión 2007-11-1

as always i was investigating in the Internet and found this translation in Spanish of our boys when they were finalizing the tour of the 47 prefectures.
Tour of the 47 prefectures will finish already in Okinawa. So, fans of all the country has made an test quickly, and the Eito will answer their questions.

Maru: Yossha!
Hina: Please it follows anyway!

First, as is habitual, as far as "Kanjani Sentai Eito Rangers". Sometimes change your papers, to part of your what other ranger you would like to be?

Yokoyama: In Osaka when we changed for the first time, really we were moved all, na.
Yasuda: Very we were animated.
Yokoyama: I have done of many rangers, but I want to make the Purple de Hina. It seems because it has very strong eelings.
Nishikido: One feels well, na.
Murakami: Yes. In the end, the purple is good for my. I have made Green, Network and the Blue, but the others would be difficult for my.
Yokoyama: I could not support to Subaru of Black!
Shibutani: It was an enormous failure. I outside did not think that something that really couldn't do.
Maruyama: A really horrible position, that changed by properly was better, ne.
Yokoyama: he came to my asking "Na what I must do" (laughter)

Shibutani: Iyâ i think that Yoko is amazing. I really did not understand how difficult was to be Black.
Ohkura: Black has many phrases, but he was suddenly fluid for my.
Murakami: Ohkura, Green is really free truth? You do not have to speak until the end.
Ohkura: If. I have done of all less of Purple, for that reason I want to do of Purple, naa.
Murakami: Purple is a popular position no? (laughter)
Maruyama: The great imponencia of the good end.
Murakami: Purple that Yasu plays is really advisable (laughter)
Yokoyama: Yasu is not too good during the changes.
Yasuda: Uwâ I am terrible (tears). But everything was amused.
Maruyama: Network of Subaru is so easy. It is coverall to sing, that is everything.
Shibutani: Thus it is, is easy isn't? (laughter)
Maruyama: But in addition to this it is the thing of the tolerance, for that reason I was frustrated enough. I cannot always leave with a "YAAA~" In the end likes mine, Orange is the best one.
Yokoyama: I like Yellow doing of Orange, naa.
Yasuda: He was very funny.
Maruyama: Although it seemed a little tired.
Nishikido: No, Orange is difficult to do! I believe that Maru is really amazing
Murakami: When you put yourself instead of another one, you begin to understand better some things, na. Yokoyama: As we were synchronous in the beginning with our own personages, when changing our rate were trouble
Murakami: Ah~ That was quite troublesome isn's?
Yokoyama: The corresponding papers of Ranger also are based on the corresponding papers in Kanjani8. I included that there is a difference between our rolls and our responsibilities in Kanjani8.
Murakami: It is good for changing because tour is very long isn's?

Alive espiritu of the Eito will follow ahead.
Maruyama-kun Which is the turn out on your decisón to lose weight?

Maruyama: It goes brilliant! Before 67kg weighed, but now 64kg
Shibutani: Oh~ you have become thin enough
Maruyama: I finish returning to as of it would have to be~
Yokoyama: I also lost 4kg in the end. Not very often I undress, but due to this undresses in Osaka-jou Hall There was a great uproar.
Nishikido: I really liked the atmosphere that was created when all we undressed.
Murakami: Once it was during "Eden" truth?
Yokoyama: Murakami while you began to undress you remained only with an article touching the keyboard at the top of the tank (laughter)
Murakami: You are mistaken. When in the end I occurred account already you were all naked ones. During time off there was an opportunity to undress, but it happened almost in the end, for that reason I thought about forgetting it (laughter)
Yokoyama: You rose the top of the tank by same you. You put very well.
Shibutani: (laughing as a crazy person) really it was amused! I want to once make a performance without anything underneath the skirt, single.

Murakami-kun, once you changed the soccer uniform that you took during bis of a concert with fans...

Murakami: They had printed my name on a t-shirt of an team that I like and they took it, that me made very happy, ne.
Yokoyama: That was change of sweat huh
Murakami: Yes, the t-shirt which I took of fan it weighed of sweat. To think that they enjoyed much during the performance affected to me.

Ohkura-kun, You recent tendency to take to during the live  is thanks to you new hairdo?

Shibutani: (at smiles) What?
Ohkura: No, it is according to humor.
Yokoyama: They shouted names or something to you?
Ohkura: ... Tocchan bouya. (term that used to talk about to adults with baby face)
All: (laughter)
Ohkura: Also they told me "obachan". That affected more to me, I thought that it was it.
Maruyama: You are not really honest! (laughter)
Yokoyama: he always, when he is outside the scene, is of the type that is standing in front of the mirror and fits the angle of its hat. I have seen Ohkura worried about its hat often! (laughter)

Subaru-kun, Nishikido-kun, during Edén, there was a little while in that seemed that you were closely together to kiss ?

Nishikido: It really was not... an occasion?
Shibutani: ... (bitter laughter)
Nishikido: say something, please (clumsy)
Shibutani: yeah. Without including it the distance between Ryo and I every day diminishes.
Yokoyama: On Okinawa you will kiss yourselves.
Maruyama: Kiss, kiss ~
Shibutani, Nishikido: ...
Murakami: dont be timid! (laughter)

What remember of your first one live in the Tokyo Dome?

Yokoyama: Ohkura removed iyamoni (the earpieces which they take in the scene) saying that it wanted to hear the uproar.
Ohkura: I wanted to be able to feel our public. (oh my god i love him!!!)
Murakami: Even so, one emplaced bad and it spoiled the projector.
Yokoyama: There was no "Kyaaaa" so that one found out (laugh). But in any case, it was amused.
Shibutani: The Eitos is really brilliant.
Nishikido: All the previous times were well, but the energy in second half that we began to act in Tokyo dome was really amazing.
Yasuda: I felt that it received as much power as love of our public.
Maruyama: I do not want that one still finishes. And also I think that i will work hard to be able to return to Tokyo dome.
Murakami: Thus it is. In any case, I want to be able to do it of all ways in Okinawa without no hurt accident . The 22 of September, ours third anniversary, and until now has gone enough good.
Shibutani: He would be if the Eito could continue animating in the live ones, na 
Ohkura: If Until the point that is strange I want to continue having alive with fans!
Yasuda: So we do this, without forgetting us to thank for to ours fans and to the staff, and arriving until our room and fifth anniversary.
Nishikido: For more affectionate, Kanjani8 will work more hard! (declaration)

Of the members to fans... infinite "thanks"

All were amused?
all you made friends?
I believe that all you came to sing with us like friends! Let us sing again together!
Murakamki Shingo.

To that you came to see Kanjani8 for the first time you liked?
To that they have always come to support to us  have seen some progress?
Thanks for everything and every day that yours heart has been affected by us.
Maruyama Ryuhei

Thanks for your many smiles!
We will continue always running, from now on, please to fill to us of oil
Ohkura Tadayoshi.

In live they are the best thing
For that reason I like in live.
Yokoyama Yu.


To all fans of Kanjani8 in Japan Thanks like always
To return again, ne.
にしきどりょう 錦戸亮

If it put it in words Although this is only a character,
My feelings are enormous.
!!!!!!! I love you to all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yasuda Shota

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translate of spanish to english by me

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