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[Request] Interactions With Other JE Idols?

Well, I suppose this is more of a question than a request but...

Hello! I'm fairly new to Kanjani8, though I've been a fan of other JE groups for some time. Please forgive my ignorance! I've been watching random clips of Kanjani8, and I've come across some on youtube and the like of members of Kanjani8 back when they were Juniors, doing things like having a ping pong match with other Juniors (I saw a clip of Yoko and Sho battling it out with a chibi Nino and MatsuJun), or the Kansai Juniors being interviewed by the Tokyo Juniors.

My question is, are there any clips that are currently up for download with members of Kanjani8 interacting with other JE idols? I've been interested in their Junior days (I think the difference between Tokyo and Kansai Juniors is fascinating), but I'm also interested in current clips. I've found videos of things like them interacting with current Juniors on Shounen Club, or "battling" it out with NEWS over Ryo and Uchi (way back when) in other communities. But I wasn't sure where would be the best place to check in this community, as I'm still unfamiliar with most of the shows in the tags, and wasn't sure if they'd be helpful. After browsing, I found a few promising entries, but they were all outdated and the links weren't up any longer (nor did the entries actually exist). 

I'm still learning Japanese, so subs would be nice. However clips without subs are also great. I'm not very limiting. :) If anyone has anything of interest in their archive, or has a good referral, it would be much appreciated!
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