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[FIC] 吸血鬼 (Kyuuketsuki/Vampire)

Title: 吸血鬼 (Kyuuketsuki/Vampire)
Author: pixisity/chaoticempath
Rating: R (character....death?, angst, blood, sex to come later)
Summary: Vampire Ohkura Tadayoshi meets a young man (Yasuda Shota) one evening and both their lives change forever. Eventually all of Kanjani8 will be appearing. In this part (along with Ohkura and Yasu) are Ryo, Hina, Yoko (in that order).
A/N: Inspired by this icon: made by abartiges_kind

Ohkura stood over the body of his latest victim, idly wiping blood from the corner of his lips, a blank stare in his eyes. After so many years, they all kind of blended into each other, he thought before even that thought slipped away from him, leaving him empty and longing. It didn't matter that his stylish new clothes had been spattered with blood, or that his face and hair were covered with dried blood. These things had long since lost any horror they once held for him.

Without warning, he spun around, coming face to face with a bright-eyed young man, blond (a dye job, of course), and very athletic-looking. Covering his mouth with one hand, the young man stared at Ohkura wide-eyed with shock, but didn't back away. Intrigued, Ohkura stepped forward just to see what he'd do, and was unsurprised when the blond held his ground.

"What....what do you want?" he said, his voice slightly lower than Ohkura had expected for one who looked so effeminate. That, too, intrigued the young vampire, and he found he wanted to know more about this one before he died.

"Isn't it obvious?" Ohkura smirked as he backed the young man into a wall, the distance between them closing rapidly. He could feel the body heat radiating from this one and it made him dizzy with desire and bloodlust, but he would take his time and play with this one more than he had the others. Ohkura wondered what it was about this one that made him this way, but it didn't really matter in the end - he'd die just the same as the others, quietly and without anyone to mourn his passing. Such was the lot of any who lived in this particular place and time after all.

"But....why?" the young blond asked him, curiosity rather than fear, in his eyes. Why indeed, Ohkura mused before turning his blank gaze on the young man again. Instead of answering, he stared into the dark brown eyes in front of him, as if searching for the answer within, but came up blank.

"Maybe you can tell me?" he answered eventually, turning away with a shrug. Ohkura was more than intrigued by this young man and it worried him slightly. Why him, and why now? His kind were dwindling in this world, with more being caught and killed every day. It was only by luck that he'd avoided capture himself. He couldn't afford this luxury, but still...

Surprising them both, Ohkura grabbed the young man's hand and pulled him deeper into the recesses of the alleyway they were in, a hidden doorway opening soundlessly to let them through. Moments after the door closed behind them, voices were heard, loud and strident in the cool evening air, obviously searching for Ohkura. Shock and dismay followed as they discovered the cooling body, the sounds growing louder then dimmer as they failed to find the hidden space between the walls where Ohkura and the young man currently hid.

After the voices died away completely, the young man turned to Ohkura, shock and sadness on his face, pulling his hand away from the cold one of the young vampire. "Why...? Why did you not kill me when you had the chance?" he asked, his eyes pleading, but for what, Ohkura wasn't sure.

"Do you really want to die that badly?" Ohkura asked, raising an eyebrow at the question. "Isn't it man's desire to live? To do whatever it takes to survive? Even if it means....to kill another human being?" His voice was soft but deadly. How was it that this young one didn't understand the basics of humanity?

"I don't want to die," came the practical reply. "But don't you....always kill?"

Ohkura couldn't help but laugh at the young blond's naivety. "Usually, but not always. Like normal humans, vampires kill to survive, but not all of us kill indescriminately. Or, should I say, not always..." He couldn't say he hadn't always killed with reason; most of the time he just killed because he felt like it. Because he had nothing else better to do and no real reason not to.

"Then why didn't you kill me," the blond repeated, his tone puzzled as he stared at Ohkura. It was a question Ohkura was asking himself and unable to find the answer to, no matter how hard he tried. "You could let me go then..."

"Oh no, I won't do that," Ohkura said, his voice firm. "You've seen me. You know what I look like. What I am." He looked at the young man, weighing his options. He could take the blond with him and trust that eventually he would get tired of him and then he would die just like all the others. He could kill him now and be done with it...or he could keep him. Forever, if necessary.

For the first time in a long time, perhaps since he'd been born, Ohkura couldn't make up his mind what to do, so he did nothing. The choice would present itself at the right time, thus solving his current dilemma, whether he did anything or not, or at least that's what he told himself. "My name is Ohkura. Ohkura Tadayoshi. Or at least....it was. When I was human, like you," he said finally. He would keep the boy for now and see what happened later.

The blond cocked his head, looking at Ohkura with a strange look before answering with his own name. Or what he presumed was his name. You could never be sure with people from this place. "Yasuda Shota. But you can call me Yasu."

"Yasu, then. How old are you, Yasu?" he asked, curious as to just how young (or old) this young man was. He was too pretty to be that old, but obviously not that young or he wouldn't be out alone at this time of night. Unless he were stupid or desperate, and he didn't seem stupid. Desperate then. "And why were you out this late, hrm?"

Yasu dropped his eyes, deliberately not looking at Ohkura. "I'm...23. I think. I don't really know since I've been an orphan for most, if not all, my life. I have an older sister but...she's married now and her husband doesn't....like me. He says I'm too naive and open. That strangers will take advantage of me. But I don't mind, really." The last was said earnestly, his eyes back on Ohkura's face as if searching for something, but Ohkura's face was impassive, not telling him anything at all.

"You should, Yasu," Ohkura replied, not unkindly. "Because you see, I'm going to take advantage of you. If not now, then someday. It really was unfortunate for you that you chose to come out this late..." If he meant to scare Yasu, it seemed to have the opposite effect; the blond's eyes were shining, almost as if in anticipation. He really was a strange boy, Ohkura thought in amusement. Any normal person would have tried to run or tried (unsuccessfully) to kill him.

"This doesn't bother you?" he asked, a wry smile on his face as he noted Yasu's reaction. Was his life that bad that he preferred a vampire over his own family? "Is your life truly that bad?"

The blond shook his head, blond hair whipping around his face. "No it's not, but..."

Ohkura raised his eyebrows. "But...?" he encouraged, curious as to why the boy found it better to stay with him than with his own family. Not that he'd allow Yasu to leave him now. He was well and truly captivated by this strange young man and wanted to know everything about him. He still hadn't answered the question as to why he was out so late in the first place. "Why are you out late, Yasu?" he asked when it seemed Yasu wasn't going to finish his statement.

Yasu looked him in the eyes then, finally something like desperation showing in the warm brown eyes that met his. "I....I saw my sister's husband...," he began, his hands nervously pulling at the hem of his shirt. "He was...with another woman. And he caught me as I saw them...."

The young vampire looked at Yasu impassively. These humans were strange in their ways. He really didn't see what was so strange about a man having a mistress; even if he were caught, he could always blame the boy for it after all. His opinion changed with Yasu's next words.

"When I ran...he'd...I saw..."

"What did you see, Yasu?" Ohkura asked softly, noticing how the young blond's hands shook. It must have been something terrifying for him to be that afraid, when he wasn't afraid of Ohkura. "If you're not afraid of me, what are you afraid of?"

"He killed my sister!" Yasu said desperately, tears beginning to fall freely. "I saw her mutilated body, her legs sticking out from under the kitchen table. He killed her so he could have his....his..." The young man shook so hard with tears that it was a wonder he was still able to stand, Ohkura thought, moving forward until he had Yasu in his arms, holding him while he sobbed quietly. "He said if I came back...he would kill me too."

As if that admission released something within him, Yasu fell limp within Ohkura's arms, the emotions too much for him to bear. Ohkura stood holding the unconscious young man for several moments and wondering just what to do with him, before eventually making his decision. Picking the boy up in his arms, he carried him effortlessly through the door in the brick wall and out into the alley where he'd first met Yasu, then calmly made his way through the deserted streets to his home. Whatever the unseen watchers thought, it didn't bother him at all; they knew better than to challenge him, even encumbered as he was.


Ohkura sat watching the unconscious young man for the few hours until Yasu woke up, warring with himself as to what to do with him. In the end he resolved to send Yasu back home; he was well capable of standing up to his brother-in-law and would hopefully be able to get some sort of justice for his sister. It was obvious that he loved his sister and was devastated by her death and not thinking clearly to be falling in with a vampire. At least that's what Ohkura told himself.

The moment Yasu woke up, Ohkura put his plan into action, standing up with an air of finality. "Alright. You're awake now so let's get going," he said, not quite cheerfully but as normal as could be expected from someone like him. Yasu blinked up at him, suddenly wary.

"Go where?" he asked quietly, throwing back the blanket that covered him and sitting up with his legs over the side of the bed. Noting he was unmolested, Yasu felt somewhat disappointed. He'd thought....well, he supposed it didn't matter what he thought, Ohkura obviously was full of contradictions. Either way, he was curious as to where Ohkura was taking him.

"You're going back home," Ohkura stated calmly, not even bothering to look at the young blond as he prepared to leave. Yasu, looking startled, shook his head and waved his arms around in a mild panic.

"No...I can't. He said..." he started to say, his eyes wild, when Ohkura stopped him.

"You're old enough, Yasu. You can do it. For your sister, I mean. You loved her, didn't you? You owe it to her to confront him about what he did, and maybe get some justice for her. I can't take...that away from you. You have to do it yourself otherwise you'll wonder what might have been and it'll eat you up inside. Go," Ohkura urged him, trying to be encouraging. "Go and talk to him. Find out why he did it and if necessary, get the authorities to deal with him. You're smart enough, you can think of something, I'm sure."

Yasu looked at him with a dubious expression on his face, but in the end nodded. "Ok. I can do this. For her." His voice faltered a little but steely determination crossed his features and he pulled himself together. "Let's go."

Ohkura walked Yasu to where he knew the other man would be able to find his way home, then stood watching his departing back, biting his lip. He wasn't nervous as such, just...well, he didn't really know what was going on with him. It wasn't like he was afraid for the boy - he was old and smart enough to take care of himself, naive or not. There was just a nagging sense of worry at the back of his mind. Like something wasn't quite right but he didn't know how to articulate it to himself let alone Yasu or anyone else. In the end, Ohkura decided to follow Yasu at a discreet distance, just in case anything untoward happened. Watching Yasu enter what he assumed was his home, Ohkura sat on the roof of a nearby house and waited impatiently.


Yasu faltered at the threshold for a few seconds before his eyesight adjusted to the dark interior of the home he'd shared with his sister and her husband. To his surprise, his sister's husband was seated at the table, bloodstains visible everywhere though his sister's body was nowhere to be found, drinking from a small keg. He turned at the noise and glared at Yasu, his beer sloshing as he waved his hand.

"I thought I told you to get the hell away from here, runt," the man sneered, standing up unsteadily and grabbing a long knife from the table. "Since you've not bothered to listen to me yet again, I guess I have no choice..."

"No, listen....," Yasu protested, moving around the room and carefully avoiding the slashing knife as best he could. He yelped in pain as his hands burned from being slashed at by the blade, his brother-in-law's eyes gleaming madly in the dim light. "Stop...why did you have to kill her? You don't have to..."

His protests were stopped by the appearance of Ohkura at the door, his eyes flashing angrily as he saw the wounds on Yasu's hands, the man snarling at him to mind his own business. "Ohkura...why...?"

As Yasu began to speak, the man made his move as he took advantage of the distraction, the blade flashing once as he stabbed Yasu. The young man's mouth moved silently as he stared from Ohkura to his brother-in-law, then fell to the ground, clutching at his chest. Ohkura watched him fall, his face impassive as he closed the distance between himself and Yasu's brother-in-law and flicked out a hand, breaking the man's neck cleanly with one blow. Completely ignoring the man's falling body, he knelt beside Yasu, gently cradling the dying young man.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

"No. It's ok. Maybe it was just meant to be this way, you know?" Yasu whispered, blood trickling from his mouth as he slowly choked to death. It amazed Ohkura that the young blond's eyes didn't even have any resentment at all in them, only resignation. Even by Ohkura's skewed sense of values, this wasn't right.

"I...I can offer you...a life. If you want it. It's not much of one, but if you want, you...can become like me," he said eventually, his head bowed so Yasu couldn't see his face. "You'll have to make up your mind quickly though, or it'll be too late..."

"If I can be with you, I will take anything," Yasu whispered in reply, his eyes fixed on what he could see of Ohkura's face, one bloodied and shaky hand coming up to tuck a stray lock of hair behind Ohkura's ear. "Even if it means hell."

"Are you sure you know what you're saying?" Ohkura asked, his head snapping up at Yasu's words. "This isn't a great life for someone like you! You really want to become like me? A killer?"

"Yes. Like I said. As long as I can be with you, I will do whatever it takes. Even kill."

Yasu's breathing was becoming laboured; it wouldn't be long now. Sighing, Ohkura bent over the young man, his fangs biting into Yasu's neck at the pulse point. He began to drink deeply, the blood flowing slowly as Yasu's heart failed. It didn't take long for him to reach the point where he had to stop or risk losing Yasu altogether so he pulled back, blood slowly trickling down his chin to be wiped away by one hand. There. Now all he had to do was wait and hope Yasu didn't hate him for this.

The blond looked up and smiled at him, then closed his eyes. A few moments later his breathing stopped, the blood on his lips cooling and congealing, the sight of it nauseating Ohkura. As he watched, Yasu's skin took on a waxy pallor, his lips changing from dull pink to an unnaturally rosy red. So the change was upon him then, Ohkura thought, then shrugged. It had been Yasu's choice and he had to accept that. He had to be ready, however; new vampires were ravenous and hard to control until they were fed.

As that thought crossed his mind, Yasu's eyes opened, their colour changed from vibrant brown to the vivid red of awakened bloodlust. "Ohkura," he whispered, his voice even deeper and huskier than it had been while alive. "I'm so hungry, Ohkura..."

"And you'll be fed, I promise," Ohkura soothed, smiling as he helped Yasu remove the blade from his chest, the knife dropping to the ground to be forgotten amidst the blood and gore in the room as they carefully stepped out into the new morning. Yasu pulled back, wary of the false dawn light until Ohkura laughed.

"What? Do you believe those stupid fairy tales about vampires crumbling away to dust in sunlight? Or garlic and silver crosses to keep us away? It's all fake, believe me. People are incredibly stupid and always surprised when their stupid precautions don't work. You have nothing to fear from the sun - the only thing we fear is the stake. That part of the legends, at least, is true."


He pulled Yasu out into the dawn, holding out his hand to prove to the younger vampire that he was telling the truth. As Yasu smiled at him with his fangs bared, Ohkura remembered what Yasu needed most. "Let's go find you something to eat, shall we?" he smiled, pulling Yasu closer and wiping away the dried blood from his face with the hem of his ruined shirt. "You'll scare the children like that," he teased, then began to move carefully as he heard voices.

"Here's where I teach you to hunt, Yasu," he said quietly, his footsteps light and barely heard on the hard-packed ground. Yasu simply nodded, entranced by the older vampire's grace and his own hunger. "You have to remember to be careful not to be seen by anyone otherwise they'll be after you too," Ohkura advised Yasu, aware of the intense hunger emanating from the young man. This was going to be harder than he thought.

As the two young women came into their view, Yasu struck without warning, already on one girl before she could scream a warning. Blood trickling down his chin, he looked up at Ohkura as he took care of the second girl, aware of anger in his eyes. "You should have been more careful, Yasuda-kun," Ohkura said quietly, standing up stiffly and wiping the blood away from his lips with one hand. "I was trying to teach you to hunt properly, not like an ill-mannered country bumpkin! Are you trying to get us caught?"

"I'm hungry," Yasu replied stubbornly, as if that made all the difference in the world. For Ohkura, it was a different story altogether.

"Would you rather be hungry or dead?!" Ohkura all but shouted at him, aware that people were starting to wake now that the sun was properly up. "We need to leave now or risk being found here. Next time, wait until I tell you it's ok before...."

He was interrupted by voices, coming to see what the commotion was about. Yasu looked up in curiousity as Ohkura grabbed his arm and violently pulled him away from the girl he had gone back to feeding on, bloody smears across his pretty face. To Ohkura, it almost seemed obscene that Yasu had changed into someone almost unrecognisable and he almost wished he had the courage to kill the younger vampire outright to spare him a lifetime of lost innocence, but couldn't bear that idea either. Part of him wondered how he'd gotten so attached to Yasu after just meeting him that night, but he didn't have time to think of that right now.

As it was, they both just barely got away in time, turning the corner and out of sight just as the bodies of the young girls were found by those who'd been searching for them. Screams followed them as Ohkura roughly pulled Yasu with him, the other man stubbornly resisting until they were in a darkened alley in a part of town that Yasu no longer recognised. Confused, Yasu stopped, causing Ohkura to lose his grip.

"What are you stopping for? You'll be found...unless that's what you want?" he hissed to the blond who stood in the middle of the alley, his eyes wide with shock. Ohkura suddenly felt sorry for Yasu; he'd been initiated into the harsh realities of life by his sister's death, followed soon after by his own and it must have been incredibly hard on him. Then to have been changed like this...it was a lot to take in at once.


"Ohkura....what have I done? What have I done?!" Yasu was beginning to go into shock, his voice rising in hysteria as the bloodlust wore off and his eyes changed back to their normal warm brown, though still flecked with red highlights that hinted at his vampiric nature. "Ohkura! Tell me! I just killed....that girl, didn't I? Oh my God, Ohkura....what have I done?"

As Yasu's voice rose, Ohkura walked over to the blond, uncertain as to what to do in the face of the overwrought reaction to what Yasu had done in the midst of his newly awakened vampire's bloodlust; he'd never had to face anything like this before and was at a loss. Yasu's eyes fixed on him as he approached, tears streaming down his face as he brokenly whispered the words over and over, then reached out, clutching at Ohkura's shoulders and falling to his knees, bringing Ohkura down with him. Ohkura's arms instinctively went around Yasu, pulling him close so he could cry himself out with his head against Ohkura's chest, his arms tightening around the older vampire as he sought to release some of the grief at what had taken place.

"Yasu...." Ohkura tried to get Yasu's attention with his words, but it appeared he was too far gone in his grief and remorse to listen, but he still had to say it. "Yasu, you chose this. I asked you if you wanted to become like me and you said you did. You said you'd kill if you had to, and now you have. You can't dwell on it or it will drive you mad. There is one alternative that I can...." Here his words became choked and his voice softened. "That I can offer you. Again, it is your choice. I can't make it for you...."

Yasu's sobs quietened but didn't stop as Ohkura's words slowly sank into him. "What choice? What other choice do I have? I didn't want to die and I still don't. But...."

"Well..." In the face of what Yasu had just said, it made Ohkura's words even harder for him to say. "I can kill you now and put you out of your misery."

There, he'd said it. Yasu stiffened in his arms and pulled back, his eyes searching Ohkura's face for any sign that he hadn't meant his words but not finding it, his eyes widened again. "You.... I don't want to die, Ohkura. I just...please...don't do this. Just give me time..."

"We don't have time, Yasu," Ohkura whispered back, one hand reaching up and tucking a stray lock of blond hair behind Yasu's ear. "You have to accept what you are now, or I will have to kill you. I can't, I won't allow you to be driven mad by this, Shota..." Yasu twitched at the use of his given name then stiffened again as Ohkura closed the distance between them and pressed his lips to Yasu's, the younger vampire's mouth opening as if by unspoken agreement to allow Ohkura to deepen the kiss almost immediately.

Ohkura could taste the girl's blood on Yasu's lips and in his mouth, his tongue grazing the extended canines lightly before meeting Yasu's and tasting him, a muffled groan letting him know that Yasu was enjoying this as much as he was. As if the groan was a catalyst, Ohkura's hands moved quickly, removing Yasu's shirt and belt and laying them carefully to the side on the hard-packed ground of the small and dark alley. The location didn't worry Ohkura; this was his home territory and he knew no-one would disturb them here.

All the same, he wondered about Yasu, what he wanted. Slowly he pulled back, his hands lightly around Yasu's waist. "Yasu...I want you but I also want you to have a choice. Here or my home? It's not far..." Ohkura breathed, his lips and eyes glistening in the dim light. "Of course..if you don't want this, you have only to say..."

He was interrupted by a finger to his lips, Yasu's eyes never leaving his. "I want you. I wanted you from the moment I saw you. Why didn't you take me then like you wanted to? I could tell...and you even said so yourself," came the whispered reply. "I even told you before. As long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter." Yasu took a deep breath, choking a little on the words. "I...I will endure what I have to. I can't say it will be easy, but...."

Another deep breath and then his lips were on Ohkura's, hungry and wanton, before pulling back again. "Make me yours. It doesn't really matter where..." Here Yasu's expression turned sheepish. "Though I'd prefer somewhere a little warmer, and not quite so....open. I'm not an exhibitionist, no matter how eager I may seem..."


As Ohkura was about to speak, another voice interrupted them, causing their heads to jerk up in surprise as they looked at the newcomer. "Ryo!" Ohkura said in shock as the stranger approached, a sardonic smile on his lips. "What are you doing here?" The taller vampire stood up and in front of Yasu, almost as if protecting him, and Yasu wondered why he felt the need. Then he saw the look this 'Ryo' gave him and shivered.

"I was just in the area," Ryo replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm as he noted the protective stance Ohkura had taken over his little toy. "You've been making waves and it's been noticed, Ohkura. I'm surprised you're not dead yet," he added, Ohkura's eyes narrowing at the implied threat.

"I'll thank you to stay out of my business, Nishikido Ryo," Ohkura replied softly, a threat of his own in his voice. Not that Ryo would listen; he never did.

Ryo grinned, knowing he'd ruffled Ohkura and amused by that fact. Then his attention turned to the blond, who was peeking out from behind Ohkura with inquisitive eyes, curiosity in his expression. His eyes widened a little as he recognised the signs of a new vampire and turned on Ohkura again.

"What do you think you're doing, bringing him here? And I'll bet you're the one who changed him, am I right?" he hissed, not taking his eyes off Yasu. Yasu, for his part, recoiled at the anger in Ryo's voice, not understanding what was going on but clearly knowing something was wrong. "He's a danger to us all, and yet you bring him here...you're a fool, Ohkura," Ryo added, starting to walk towards the pair and noting with satisfaction the fact that they both began backing away from him. Clearly the little one learned fast.

"Leave them alone," a new voice said, the authority making Ryo stop where he was and turn to greet the new arrivals warily. Ohkura breathed an internal sigh of relief, not breaking his protective stance just yet. These two could still be trouble if they wanted to be.

"Hina...and Yoko," Ryo not-quite-sneered, still wary of the two who stood at the entrance to the alley. Hina (also known as Murakami Shingo) had a protective soft spot for Ohkura and it annoyed him, but there was nothing he could do about it; Hina was older and stronger than Ryo and he knew not to mess with him unless it was really important and this didn't really qualify as such. Yet.

Yoko, on the other hand, was a troublemaker like himself, and only obeyed Hina when it suited him. From the look in his eyes, this was going to be one of those times, and it made Ryo sigh and turn away. "Fine. I won't touch the little one. Unless he proves to be a danger to our community and then I will gladly kill him," he said venomously, a warning look at Yasu again, only looking away once satisfied that the warning had been received and understood. Ohkura looked like he wanted to kill Ryo, his hands clenching and unclenching at his sides, but he held his silence, as he knew Ryo was well within his rights (as they all were) to erase any threats as he saw fit.

"Subaru won't like this, you know," Ryo said as he walked past Hina and Yoko on his way out, aware of everyone's eyes on his retreating back. Hina just smiled, but oddly enough, it was Yasu who provided the biggest surprise.

"Shibutani Subaru?" he piped up, causing all eyes to turn to him in varying degrees of shock and surprise. Yasu's own surprise was very evident in the widened eyes and wondering expression. "I know him! He's....he's a vampire too?" Yasu seemed amazed by this revelation, though when he thought about it, it made a strange sort of sense to him. Subaru came and went as he chose and if he could recall correctly, he'd never actually seen Subaru eat anything in his presence, always giving the excuse that he'd just eaten or wasn't hungry at the time.

"I know Subaru," Yasu smiled and nearly clapped his hands in his excitement as Ohkura, Ryo, and Yoko stared at him in shock. "He's my friend."

Hina just smiled that secretive smile that Ryo hated so much. "Now that that's settled, you leave them alone, Ryo. I'm sure we have nothing to worry about from Yasuda-kun here. Not if both Subaru and Ohkura are vouching for him," he said with finality and swatted Yoko's arm, turning around to leave the pair alone again.

Ryo muttered something no-one else could hear, but left realising there was nothing he could do now except wait for Yasu to step out of line. Not that he really expected him to; with the others now watching the young vampire's back, he wouldn't be a threat anytime soon. Still, Ryo would be watching. And waiting.


Once the others had gone, leaving Ohkura and Yasu alone again, Yasu stared at Ohkura. "Who were those people? And why does Ryo hate me? How does....Hina? How does Hina know my name? And you know Subaru!" The happiness in Yasu's voice at the mention of Subaru made Ohkura both jealous and sad; did Subaru have a prior claim to Yasu that he wasn't aware of? It wouldn't surprise him; Subaru seduced anyone that walked and was old enough for him to appreciate. The fact that he hadn't changed Yasu was in and of itself surprising, but he'd have to wait to ask Subaru about it the next time the older vampire appeared. Subaru came and went without talking to anyone most of the time, being more of a loner than any of the others, including Ryo.

Weary of Yasu's questions, the older vampire bent down, picking up Yasu's shirt and belt from the ground and handing them to him without a word. Dealing with Ryo and the others always made him tired and sulky and this was no exception. Why did Ryo have to spoil the mood?

Aware that something was wrong, Yasu clutched at Ohkura's arm, his expression serious. "Ohkura....what's wrong? Have I said or done something....?" he asked, his voice small and subdued. At Ohkura's silent glance, Yasu dropped his arm, looked at the ground and sighed. "So what happens now, then?"

"You'll have to ask Subaru that," Ohkura replied softly, unable to keep the bitterness out of his voice as he turned away. Yasu looked up at him sharply at that, then grabbed his arm again.

"Ohkura....Tacchon...listen to me. Subaru is nothing but a friend! I've known him....well, for as long as I can remember, really. He never did or said anything that made me think otherwise. I don't feel anything for him like what I feel for you, you have to understand that. He offered me the choice once and I didn't take it."

Ohkura turned at the name Yasu had called him, his expression confused. "Tacchon? Did you just call me....Tacchon?" he asked in surprise. Nobody had ever given him a pet name before and if it weren't for the situation, he would even like it.

Yasu looked confused for a moment at the sudden change in topic, then smiled and nodded. "It's what I call you in my head....but if you don't like it..." he said quietly, suddenly blushing. "I'll stop."

"No, no, it's ok," Ohkura was quick to reassure him with a smile, though it felt forced. He still wasn't quite sure what to think about Yasu's relationship with Subaru and was sure it showed, as Yasu's blush and smile dimmed. "I like the name, so it's ok. I've....never had a pet name before," he admitted slowly, his gaze on the ground in front of him.

"Oh, I see," Yasu replied, somehow saddened by this. It sounded to him like Ohkura hadn't exactly had a happy life...either before...or after his death, and that made him sad. Still, he had to make Ohkura understand somehow that there wasn't anything between him and Subaru.

"Tacchon," he began, looking earnestly into Ohkura's face, trying to meet the other man's eyes. "Honestly. There was nothing between Subaru and I. Not then, not now. We're friends and that's all we ever will be." Taking Ohkura's face in his hands and forcing Ohkura to look at him, Yasu smiled gently.

"You, on the other hand...I hope there will be. I told you, I wanted you from the moment we met, and I know you wanted me too. It was pretty obvious," Yasu chuckled wryly, still holding Ohkura's face between his palms, his thumbs now stroking the sides of his face. "So can we pick up where we left off before we were so rudely interrupted?"

With that, Yasu moved forward, closing the distance between them and pressed his lips to Ohkura's, urging the older vampire to open his mouth to him. It seemed a long shot, but eventually Ohkura gave in to the desire, pulling the younger man to him and allowing him to explore his mouth to his heart's content. "Over there," Ohkura pointed to an unassuming building without even looking in the direction he pointed, his voice husky. "Now."

TBC @ my fic journal, chaoticempath
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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