God (mikkimart) wrote in kanjani8,

[Req] Piano Sheet Music~

 I'm not entirely sure how the whole requesting processes works, so I'll try this out and hope people will respond positively... and comment XD

So, I'm not the BEST pianist in the world, but I like trying out songs I like on the piano. Right now, I'm DYING to learn ANY KanJani 8 song on the piano, and I'd love it if anyone could give me sheet music to ANY song. (pref the ones that don't have the melody part as the first hand, but sorta like, the real piano sheet music of the song or something. But right now, ANYTHING WOULD DO~) Especially if it were Sayonara wa Itsumo T_T

Thank you guys sooooo much. I've always loved how people on comms are generally generous and cooperative. I love you guys T_T <3 Ahehe.

Thank you again for the help! THANK YOU!
Tags: requests

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