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Introduction post...

[Fanfic] A Untitled Drabble

Joined this community quite a while ago, finally gathered enough courage to post something. -_-

This is a fic I wrote a while back, when news of Uchi starring in a drama special came out. Hope it's not too bad. I apologize in advance if it is. Please excuse all the bad grammar, spelling mistakes, etc. as I'm not a very good writer. With that said, comments are love! ^_^

Author: cactuser
Pairing: None
Warning: bad plot...I hope that's it.
Disclaimer: what everyone says - I don't own anything.
Summary: A random conversation in the K8 dressing room

Speculations about the possibility of Uchi returning to his former groups arose immediately after his appearance in Kanjani 8’s dome concert. To this, Yasu questioned, “How are we gonna welcome Uchi back if Johnny does let him rejoin us? After the initial shock caused by this sudden outburst wore off, the rest of the members put their thinking caps on.

“A party perhaps?” Yoko suggested.

“How about a trip to Disneyland?” Ohkura blurted out, earning him a few questioning looks from his bandmates, but this was nothing compared to what Maru was gonna say. His brilliant idea, which of course made complete sense in his head, was to give dear Uchi ‘a notebook filled with the lyrics of the songs the band had released since his suspension’, as if Uchi didn’t make his very own copy of that already. Thankfully, it was quickly shot down by Hina’s slap on Maru’s head.

Out of the blue, Subaru, whose thinking mode resembled more like Ohkura’s spaced out mode, spoke. “Nothing” He said, “We don’t have to do anything to welcome him back because to us, he never left.”

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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