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8KickAss presents Mini Music Station [2008.03.14]

Greeting, 8ers!
For those who were waiting for this week's J3 release, we're sorry but we have to ask you to wait  til next week.
Instead, this week, we would like to release a short clip from Mini Music Station [2008.03.14].

They love to twist up and turn into WahHahHah, don't they?

Acoording to Yoko at his solo concert, he mentioned that they got scolded `softly` by TV producer about how they behaved at Mini Music Station. Hmmm? Was it because of Ryo and Tadayoshi XXXXXed Yasu? Or Subaru XXXXXing with...?

Check out how 8 kicks an interview with Kansai 8 style!!!!!

Tags: tv show: music station

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