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Good news for Ryo-chan's drama

I'm not sure this is an appropriate place to post this, but the d-addicts wiki has been updated with the theme song for Last Friends, and it will be sung by Utada Hikaru. It's called Prisoner of Love which, just based on the CM and plot description, seems highly appropriate.

The real reason I'm so happy about this, though, is because dramas with Utada theme songs have a history of being highly successful, which means Last Friends is at least expected to be a big hit. <3

EDIT: It turns out that the track is on her most recent album. That's what I get for listening to tracks without looking at their titles.

Links: Mediafire :: Megaupload

I have a mixed feelings about the song. I like certain aspects of it, although I strongly wish Utada would stop singing outside of her range. Thankfully it's not a horribly histrionic ballad. It'll help lighten up an otherwise heavy drama. I just listened to it a second time and I like it more already.

Hm... I wasn't planning on posting this, but I may as well. I had translated the Last Friends commercial that dozchan shared here just for fun, but if anyone is interested in knowing what was being said, feel free to check it out!

Last Friends CM

Sorry for the double posting. Happy St.-Patrick's day!
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