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[Summer Special] Another's "Another"

Alright, so I found out a bit more after paying a visit to the Shochiku-za website and here's what I found!

Title: Another's "Another" (original Japanese title: Mou Hitotsu no "Another")
So, yes, it appears as though they're doing a sort of remake of the 2002 Summer Special, "Another".  However, I have absolutely NO idea what this new one entails!  We're all going to be in suspense until JE releases more news or Yoko puts his foot in his mouth and blabs (because he tends to do that, so listen to Recomen if you can!) XD.

That link is for those who want to read it themselves.  I'm certainly not going to translate the page (because there's nothing there that you don't already know), but I can at least tell you the cast list for this year's Summer Special because that is not listed on the website.  Neither the website nor the poster tells us (at least I haven't seen it advertised anywhere) who the lead actor is; even though Subaru's name is first, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's the lead.

From the poster and going L-R, top-bottom:
Shibutani Subaru
Nishikido Ryo
Yasuda Shota
Ohkura Tadayoshi
Maruyama Ryuhei
Murakami Shingo
Yokoyama Yu

[Kansai Juniors]
Kiriyama Akito (BAD)
Nakama Junta (BAD)
Nakata Daichi (Kansai BOYS)
Hamada Takahiro (Kansai BOYS)
Yamasaki Kunta (Kansai BOYS)
Hamanaka Bunichi (I forget if Bun-chan is in any group!)
Itoh Masashi (BAD)
Muro Tatsuki
Muro Ryuta (BAD)
Hayashi Matori (Kansai BOYS)
Nagao Hiroki (Kansai BOYS)
Kusumoto Yukito (Kansai BOYS)
Uemura Masaya
Kamiyama Tomohiro (Kansai BOYS)
+ the rest of Kansai Johnny's Juniors.

This link is from my past post about the show dates and times.
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