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New-ish and Awesome-ness to Share

Hi, all~!. Ehehehe... ^.^; A few weeks ago, became really obsessed with Kanjani8 even though I heard about them before. I'm a big fan of Yasu. (He's so darn cute :3)

I've been a lurker for sometime now, but I just couldn't resist posting this. (Sorry about not tagging it. I don't know how...) Anyway, I live in Boston and this weekend in AnimeBoston. I was there today, and I saw...

EITO RANGER!!!!! (or rather, two of them)

I was SOOOOOO surprised. I was waiting for my friends with my sister. We were walking and then I saw Blue and Green walking towards us. I was listening to Kanjani8's songs earlier, too, so I was literally like O_______________________________O. FYI: I don't like being "fangirl-ish" unless it's around my friends, so I walked away trying to keep calm. Then I was like (to my sister), "OMGOMGOMGOMG. Kanjani8!! Go take a picture!!!" So I forced her to take a picture. This is the picture she took:

I call it the "trying to be subtle about my fangirling" shot. I really wanted a good picture, so I was like, "Ask them for a picture." Just to let you know, my sister has only the smallest idea of who they are because of my showing her random clips of KJ8, so she's not a fan. So there we were, lurking around them (they were taking photos of cosplayers). When I turned around later, my sister was asking them for a picture and I was all giddy inside.

While she was taking their picture, I walked over said, "OMG! Kanjani8!." Then we all had a fangirl moment. They were surprised that I knew who they were, whereas I was surprised that they were cosplaying as Eito Rangers. I think I squealed a bit. I got a hug, too. It was very embarrassing because I'm really shy and uncomfortable around strangers. They told me that they were going to cosplay as NEWS next. I'm not sure if they meant tomorrow or next year. They told me which costumes they were doing, but I sort of half-listened and then fled from embarrassment. ^_^;

Oh, on a somewhat related note, please don't repost these pictures. I don't know why you would because they're pretty crappy, but nonetheless~. Thank you~.

I'm sorry if this wasn't a very exciting post. Ahaha. I was just really amazed and happy. Kanjani8 = <33333.

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