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[FIC] 吸血鬼 (Kyuuketsuki/Vampire) - chapter 3

Title: 吸血鬼 (Kyuuketsuki/Vampire) - chapter 3
Author: pixisity/chaoticempath
Rating: R (character....death? [in this chapter], angst, blood, sex)
Summary: Vampire Ohkura Tadayoshi meets a young man (Yasuda Shota) one evening and both their lives change forever.

Ch1 // Ch2

Ohkura sat in a chair beside the bed Yasu lay on, the young blond sleeping peacefully for the first time since he'd been changed. That day's hunting had been mixed - the first part of the hunting 'lesson' hadn't gone very well with Yasu proving just as hard to control as when he'd first been changed, but as Ohkura remained (mostly) patient with him, he began to learn the discipline that he needed. If he hadn't, as Ohkura had explained angrily the one time he lost his temper, he would have been a danger and Ohkura would have had no choice but to kill him and neither of them wanted that.

He still hadn't had the heart to tell Yasu about his sister's body being found and the circumstances behind the discovery. The timing hadn't exactly been right for that yet, but he knew it would have to be soon. Ohkura wasn't looking forward to it, but he had the feeling that if he didn't do it soon, Yasu would find out some other way.

Brushing a strand of hair away from Yasu's face as he slept, Ohkura looked sadly down at the blond, wondering just how things had come to this point. He'd known the young man less than 24 hours and not only had to deal with Yasu's death and change, but becoming his first lover as well. Most of it hadn't even been intentional but due to circumstances beyond his control.

After so long without change, having so much of it come into his life all at once was overwhelming. A wry chuckle escaped him as he remembered the old adage. Be careful what you wish for. It had the nasty habit of coming and biting you in the ass when you least expected it.

Sighing, he got up to go to his own quarters, having given Yasu a wing in one of the many homes he owned around the town since he didn't exactly have anywhere to live any more, given the situation. In reasoning with Yasu, Ohkura had argued that because it was partly his fault that Yasu was without a home and a life, he owed it to Yasu to help him out. The younger vampire hadn't been happy to concede the point but it was true and he couldn't escape that fact no matter how much he wanted to.

He felt a hand on his wrist as he turned to go and looked down to see the blond's eyes on him. It startled Ohkura to see Yasu looking so vulnerable as he did. "What's wrong?" he asked quietly, sitting on the bed as Yasu sat up, his eyes shadowed. "You should sleep...."

"So should you," Yasu retorted softly. "You were thinking so loud I could almost hear you. What's wrong?"

No time like the present, Ohkura sighed. "They found your sister...." he said softly, his eyes not leaving Yasu's face. The blond looked at him blankly then paled.


"The river...." Ohkura finished, his hands on Yasu's shoulders as he began to shake, tears of anger in his eyes. While Yasu's initial reaction wasn't as bad as he'd thought it would be, it was early yet. "As you said, she'd been....mutilated. Her body..."

"Tell me!" Yasu demanded, trying to shake off Ohkura's hands, kicking back the blankets that covered him. While he knew his brother-in-law was dead and he couldn't take his revenge on the man, he still wanted to kill someone. It didn't matter who; at that point, if he'd been strong enough, he would kill Ohkura, his rage was that strong. "Tell me what he did to her! Where did they find her? How?"

"Yasuda, stop it now!" Ohkura demanded, his own anger rising. "There's nothing you can do for her now but grieve properly. Getting angry like this isn't going to help anyone now. He's dead with nobody to mourn him. At least your sister has you...." He would have said more if it hadn't been for Yasu snapping and attempting to pin him to the bed, his eyes red and blank, tears streaming down his face.

"Tell me what he did to her!" Yasu all but shrieked hysterically, his hands around Ohkura's throat as he straddled the older vampire. He was past all reasoning and if it weren't for the knock on the door, then Hina entering at Yasu's cry, Ohkura wasn't sure that Yasu wouldn't have at least hurt him badly, if not killed him, he was so out of control. It was worse than he thought.

Yasu struggled wildly in Hina's arms as he was pulled off Ohkura, screaming and crying as he tried to get at the older vampire, and then at Hina when Ohkura moved out of his reach, his hands at his throat where Yasu had tried to strangle him. Finally losing his patience, Hina dipped his head and sank his fangs into Yasu's shoulder, biting down hard and drawing blood. While it didn't stop the cries, Yasu stopped fighting Hina, slumping to the floor with his hands over his face as he sobbed uncontrollably.

"What the hell did you say to him?" Hina demanded as Ohkura sank down onto the bed, his eyes wide with shock. Ohkura just shook his head, his voice hoarse as he tried to answer.

"I tried...to tell him about his...sister. The police found her body in the river...." he croaked, gasping a little at the pain. "He went crazy, Hina. I expected something but not to this extent...and I hadn't even gotten to the truly horrible part of it..."

"Which is?" Hina asked with a wary glance at Yasu, who sat with his back to the wall, his knees drawn up to his chest and his hands over his face, still crying and shaking with a combination of rage and grief. "He still has the right to know..."

"I know he does, Hina! I was trying to tell him when he..." Ohkura snapped angrily then continued. "As I was saying...the police found her body in the river, dismembered and mutilated almost beyond recognition. How they were able to identify her, I don't know - my contact didn't say - but he said it was Yasu's sister they found."

"What I don't understand is why this all happened. Where is the mistress Yasu told me about and what was her part in all of this?" Ohkura went on, watching Yasu's hands twitch as he spoke, sympathy in his eyes. "We didn't see her when Yasu went back to the house....and his brother-in-law...attacked him."

He really didn't want to get into that again; Yasu had already been through enough and he had a feeling Hina already knew most, if not all of the situation from his own sources. "And what are you doing here anyway?" Ohkura asked, realising that Hina had some reason for being there and wondering what it could be.

Hina cleared his throat uncomfortably and used the excuse of checking to see if Yasu was ok before replying, kneeling beside the young vampire who was shaking uncontrollably, tears still making their way down his pale cheeks. "Yoko told me some rather interesting things today and I thought I'd come and make sure you were both ok."

"You know, you should have really patched things up with Ryo a long time ago," Hina commented, finally sitting down beside Yasu and putting an arm around him in an attempt at comfort. It made Ohkura feel uncomfortable - that was what he should have done, but he was still wary; would Yasu attack him again if he tried? "He's pulling out all the stops, it seems, in his attempts to get to you. And this time, it may work..."

"It's not like I didn't try, Hina," Ohkura replied, annoyed again. "He just won't listen to me. I didn't have anything to do with Uchi's death and you know it. Yoko knows it. Even Subaru knows it. Why Ryo won't believe me, I don't know. We just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's not my fault..."

"No, it's not, but still. It's gone too far now and I really don't know if there's anything I can do..." Hina said, sighing. "He's one determined little shit, Ryo. But going to the police? I'm starting to think he's the dangerous one here and it's worrying me. It's just that I only have Yoko's word for it, and you know as well as I do that that's not enough."

Ohkura's eyebrows lifted in surprise. "Actually, my contact told me much the same thing, though he doesn't have the slightest clue who or what Ryo is. He told me that the one who's been giving information on me to the police was a small, dark-haired man with an evil tongue, and who seems to make sure that after the information's been acted on, those he's spoken to are...eliminated. Or at the very least, make themselves scarce."

"That's not really much help," Hina shifted in place, trying to get comfortable as Yasu had laid his head on Hina's shoulder, his eyes closed. He didn't want to disturb the younger man if he could avoid it, but Yasu needed to be back in bed. "Help me with Yasuda, ne. He should be fine now..."

Yasu opened his eyes and blinked slowly, a sad smile on his face as Ohkura got up from the bed and bent over him, ready to lift and carry him back to the bed. Putting his arms around Ohkura's neck as he was lifted, Yasu snuggled into his arms, making Hina smile gently at the pair of them.

"I'm sorry," Yasu whispered when Ohkura laid him on the bed, moving up a little to give him a gentle kiss. "I...shouldn't have attacked you, and I'm really sorry. I know you were just trying to help..."

Ohkura smiled softly and brushed back hair from his face, returning the kiss then pulling back. "I know. It's ok...just sleep now, ok?" he replied, tucking Yasu back into the bed and stepping back, but not before Yasu grabbed his arm again.

"Stay with me...please?" he implored, looking even more vulnerable than he had earlier and making Ohkura glance at Hina, who took the hint, nodding to Yasu as he left. He'd return the next day after things calmed down, satisfied that Ohkura had understood his warning.


Despite his misgivings, Ohkura pulled back the blanket and slipped under it, lying down beside Yasu. The younger vampire snuggled up to him, his head on Ohkura's chest, fingers drawing lazy circles on Ohkura's clothed front. "All this made me realise...I don't know anything about you. You know more about me than I do you and it....bothers me," Yasu whispered quietly, hoping it wouldn't upset Ohkura. He'd already made Ohkura wary of him and it hurt.

Ohkura's breath hitched, not only at the sensations of Yasu's fingers on his chest, but from the implied questions Yasu wanted to ask him. He knew the younger vampire would be curious about him but he'd hoped to have a little more time before he had to talk about himself. Ohkura wasn't comfortable telling anyone his story, which was why few of them knew the whole story behind his life and the change, what it had been like for him.

"What...do you want to know?" he asked, a small sigh escaping him. Yasu heard the sigh and it almost broke his heart; it meant Ohkura still wasn't comfortable with him, although he had to admit that they'd really only just met so it was natural, despite everything that had happened between them.

"No, it's ok. I can wait..." Yasu whispered back, his fingers stilled. "I don't want to pressure you into telling me anything. I want you to do it of your own free will. That way...I know you trust me," he added quietly, curling up beside Ohkura and closing his eyes. He tried to make it look like he was falling asleep but from the tension in his body, Ohkura wasn't buying it.

"I was...22, when...." Ohkura began softly, his voice cracking from time to time with emotion. He didn't realise how hard, even now, it was to talk about it. "When I died and became...like this," he finished, closing his eyes and taking his mind back to the time in which he'd grown up..and died.


"It's time you grew up and learned about the family business, Tadayoshi-kun."

Ohkura's father sat behind his desk, giving his oldest son a lecture on the responsibilities that were being placed on him. Ohkura sat with his hands in his lap, his eyes on the floor as was expected; he was supposed to listen and learn, not argue or complain about the fate he'd been handed. His friends would kill for this type of opportunity, he knew, but it just wasn't for him.

"Yes, Father," he replied obediently, risking a look up at his father and seeing the gentle smile on his face. It made it harder for him that his parents weren't bad people. They just put too many of their hopes and expectations onto him that he felt he couldn't fulfil and it frustrated him. The lecture went on and on until he wanted to scream, then finally and mercifully ended with an admonishment to make sure that he didn't fail in the expectations his family had for him.

With a nod, Ohkura escaped his father's office and with a nod to his mother, took one of the horses out and rode into town in search of his friends. He knew his family would disown him if they knew he was friends with people like Uchi Hiroki and Nishikido Ryo but he didn't care. As far as he was concerned, he preferred his friends any day; they didn't put unrealistic expectations on him that made it impossible for him to live as he wanted. They were just his friends and were there for him no matter what.

"Oi, Ohkura," he heard as soon as he reached the poorer quarter on the edge of town, the voice making him smile. Uchi was younger than he and Ryo, but still a good friend. He'd had a harder time of it, once being of delicate disposition, but with Ryo as his almost constant companion, he managed to make it through the tough times relatively unscathed and had grown into a fine young man.

"What're you doing around here at this time of day? You're going to be mugged if you're not careful..."

"Ha, like you, or Ryo, or I would ever let that happen," Ohkura retorted as he slowed his horse then stopped and dismounted, leading the horse carefully through the narrow street to avoid it stepping on any of the small children that ran wild around this neighbourhood.

"What are you doing around here?" he asked when he reached Uchi, leaving the horse in the care of one of the local children he knew and trusted as he walked with his friend. "Aren't you supposed to be working?"

"Well...about that..." Uchi said quietly, looking around carefully. "I got into some trouble and Ryo thought it was best I lay low for a bit to let it die down." Ohkura sighed and rolled his eyes. In Uchi's case, trouble could mean anything from getting too much attention from the patrons of the bar he worked at, to taking too much of the alcohol he also served to the guests after hours, both things he'd been warned against before.

"What was it this time?"

Uchi looked down at the ground and shuffled his feet before answering.

"I got involved with a woman from the bar, someone new...and the owner had a fit and tossed me out on my ear. I couldn't really help it; she's gorgeous, Tadayoshi. Her eyes are midnight black, her hair a lovely shade of blue-black that catches the highlights..."

Uchi went on and on about the woman's attributes, his eyes shining. Ohkura, for his part, laughed so hard he was bent almost double, bringing the love-struck young man down to earth with a thump. "I didn't know you were a poet, Uchi, but she sounds like trouble. Keep away from her, ne," Ohkura chuckled, patting his young friend on the back.

"Oh no, I'm meeting with her tonight. You should come and see her as well," Uchi said with a sheepish smile. "You'll love her too but I warn you, she's mine," he smirked, satisfied that the warning had been understood. Ohkura just rolled his eyes again and laughed softly. Uchi was always the impulsive one but they'd learned to deal with it over the years.

Still, he was intrigued. Anyone who could make Uchi this infatuated had to be quite something; thanks to Ryo's influence, Uchi was a hard man to please when it came to this sort of thing. "Fine, I'll come but don't you think you should wait until Ryo gets off work?" he asked, biting his lip in uncertainty. "When and where are you meeting her, anyway?"

"She asked me to meet her around half past ten tonight," Uchi replied brightly, almost bouncing with anticipation even though it was barely quarter past five in the afternoon. "She has rooms at the Innkeeper's Gate but she said it's only temporary until a better place comes along."

Ohkura's eyebrows rose at that. The Innkeeper's Gate was a low-class dive, known more for the tawdry prostitutes and thieves who frequented the place rather than the quality of its rooms. No self-respecting woman would be rooming there without a good explanation, and that wasn't it; asking Uchi to meet her there, especially that late at night, could only mean one thing and he didn't like it at all.

"Are you sure she's not a prostitute?" he asked cautiously, aware of how defensive Uchi could get when he felt cornered or questioned. "I mean...it's the Innkeeper's Gate, y'know? I still think you should tell Ryo, at the very least."

"Tell Ryo what?" Ryo asked, nearly scaring the wits out of the two young men as he walked up without their noticing. "If you guys are having an adventure, I want in," he added with a smirk as he looked between Uchi and Ohkura, one who looked petulant, the other concerned.

"Uchi's going to meet this woman he thinks he's in love with, tonight at the Innkeeper's Gate. He won't listen to me and thinks I should go with him," Ohkura replied, ignoring Uchi's glare. He wasn't happy about the situation at all and wanted nothing more than for Ryo to beat some sense into Uchi if necessary. He had an uneasy feeling about the whole situation as it was.

"Why not? I think it'd be fun," Ryo grinned, crossing his arms over his chest. "Maybe Uchi would get laid and it'll get him off my back. He won't stop whining about how he wants to l-"

"Shut up, Ryo!" Uchi fairly screeched with outrage at the teasing, glaring at them both. "She's not a prostitute and you're going to come with me, Tadayoshi, aren't you? That way if anything happens, which it won't, but just in case it does, you'll be there to help, right?" He turned a beseeching glance on Ohkura, one that he knew the older man couldn't resist coming from him, and could see him weakening.

"If Ryo wants to meet her too, he can always come after work, can't he?" he turned to Ryo with the same look in his eyes, one that Ryo didn't even bother to try fighting.

"Yeah sure, I'll come if I can get time off work early. It's been slow recently so I'm sure it won't be a problem," Ryo shrugged then clapped Uchi on the back. "I have to go back to work now, but I'll see you later, hopefully. Have fun!"

"I'm still not sure this is a good idea, Ryo," Ohkura started then stopped as Ryo left, sighing with exasperation. Just how had he gotten himself into this situation in the first place? "Just remember who was the voice of reason here," he muttered, a dark look at Uchi who just grinned at him in triumph.

"Come on, don't be such a spoilsport. I'm sure she'll be glad to meet you too," Uchi said smiling. "Let's go get ready. I want to look so handsome she won't be able to take her eyes off me."

"I think it's more like she'll be jealous because you're prettier than she is," Ohkura teased, earning himself a cuff to the shoulder as they both turned and went to get ready, clothing already in the saddlebags on Ohkura's horse. He always made sure to be prepared for anything his friends could come up with at any given time.


"Wait. You....were friends with Nishikido-san?" Yasu asked, sitting up in bed with his eyes wide as he looked at Ohkura in shock. "You didn't tell me that...And who is this Uchi-san? Is he...? And how long ago...?"

"We're not friends now, in case you hadn't noticed," Ohkura replied dryly, sighing. If he was going to be interrupted all the time, he might as well not bother. "It's kind of a long story....and it was a very long time ago. I think, by Western reckoning, the year was 18...43? I'm not sure. It was a long time ago, anyway..."

"Oh, sorry," Yasu replied sheepishly, folding his hands in his lap as he waited for Ohkura to go on. "I won't interrupt..." He hadn't missed Ohkura's sigh again and the look on his face told him that he'd better not interrupt any more or he wouldn't get anything out of Ohkura afterwards. His face paled as he realised that this meant that Ohkura had been a vampire for well over a hundred years already.

"Please....go on..."


Ohkura waited nervously outside the door of the woman's room in the inn, feeling conspicuous even though he'd changed into clothing that didn't set him apart too much from the people who lived in this part of town. He couldn't really say why he was nervous except for the fact that Uchi had gone into the room with a smile on his face, promising to come back out when he was ready to introduce him to the woman, and hadn't reappeared for some time.

There had been a bit of noise from the room but as he wasn't very experienced, he'd assumed they were making love and had moved down the hall to give them some semblance of privacy until he hadn't heard anything more. His nerves acting up, he decided to take the initiative, even if Uchi hated him for it. He could always ask forgiveness later on if necessary.

"Uchi?" he asked, knocking on the door of the room quietly at first, then when he got no answer, he knocked harder, his knuckles scraping on the rough wood of the door. When there was still no answer, or any sound at all, he tried the door, which surprisingly opened at a touch. What he saw nearly knocked him off his feet, his hand going to his mouth in horror.

"Oh, you're a pretty one," the woman crooned, blood dripping down her face and onto the once-white blouse she wore as she dropped Uchi's lifeless body onto the floor unceremoniously. "I think I'll have you too..."

Ohkura pressed himself into the door, wanting to be sick, wanting to escape, anything that would get him away from this woman and the horrors of the room. Unfortunately, somehow he'd managed to close the door behind him and was unable to get it open before she reached him, pulling him backwards with a shrill cry of triumph. Her fangs bit into his neck and made him go limp with a combination of shock at the loss of blood, grief at the loss of his friend, and surprised horror, his limbs feeling suddenly leaden as she slowly but inexorably began to feed from him.

Just as his mind let go into oblivion, he heard a commotion at the door, his fading eyesight taking in the figure of Ryo at the doorway, his eyes wide with grief and shock. Then it was too late for him as the woman dropped his body in much the same way as she'd done Uchi's and attacked Ryo, Ohkura slipping into death with Ryo's shout in his ears the last thing he heard as a living human.

Ryo's scream of Uchi's name didn't save him as the woman latched onto his throat, his mind beginning to fragment with grief and hatred. This was Ohkura's fault; he was supposed to have taken care of Uchi and now Uchi was dead and most likely Ohkura as well, as he saw his friend's body sprawled on the floor, his eyes closed. Uchi's eyes, on the other hand, stared sightlessly up at the ceiling as if he were still trying to comprehend what had happened to him. Ryo felt almost as if they bored accusingly into his, asking what had taken him so long to come and save him, as what was left of his mind shattered with grief.

The sudden appearance of two men meant his own body hit the floor with a dull thud, Ryo's eyes closing as he welcomed his own death with open arms. As long as he could be with Uchi, he didn't care what happened to him. It was all over within minutes after it began, the two men gently cradling the bodies of Ohkura and Ryo as they succumbed to the change - Hina with Ohkura, Yoko with Ryo. The woman they were tracking as a rogue, out of control vampire had eluded them yet again, Hina sighing as he surveyed the carnage within the small, dingy room with dismay.


*hides* Pls don't kill me for this...*sheepish*
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