ninchan (bleahzzz) wrote in kanjani8,

[selling] Kanjani8 2008-2009 School Calendar

Hi dear eighters, I'm selling the Kanjani8 2008-2009 school calendar, but ONLY THE CALENDAR... I'm keeping the diary refill sheets for my own use! [that's the main reason why i bought it in the first place; i wanted an organiser more than a calendar :)] It's brand new and I only flipped through it once to look at the photos.. :)

I'm selling the calendar at USD22 + shipping. I'm willing to ship anywhere, from Singapore. I accept paypal [in SGD], concealed cash [USD or SGD at your own risk!] or bank transfer for Singapore buyers. I will be shipping it in the huge box that the whole package came in [ie. the box that has "kanjani8" written on it] to minimise damage.

If you're interested, please email to qwerkyihua[at] with your location and method of payment! :) and thanks for looking! :)

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