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Eito on Utaban March 27th! (A Reminder)

So as we all should know by now, Eito will be on Utaban this Thursday, March 27th. The guests are:

Namie Amuro
Berryz Kobou

I was initially alarmed at the number of guests on the show, because I thought, wow, there will be so many of them and only 1 hour of the show and Eito talk will definitely get cut in favour of SMAP (especially) & Namie Amuro. But then I looked into TV Guide and it's stated there that this will be a 2-HOUR SHOW! Yatta! Which (probably) means longer segment for Eito (hopefully).

Just to remind you all who ARE going to watch it (and tape it of course!), the show will start at 6:54 (according to TV Guide) instead of the normal time 7:54, and we won't know the order of their appearance unless you guys watch it from the start. Besides, SMAP will be there too so that's a bonus! :)
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