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[Translation] Talk Section in "Itsuka Mata~ Acoustic" in KJ2

Hi guys,

I've translated the talk section during the "Itsuka Mata~ Acoustic" in KJ2 Limited B Edition! I believe its is NOT 100% accurate, and I may have skipped a sentence or two, because you know K8 = Chaos! HAHA!! =P

~ Enjoy ~

Itsuka Mata Talk


Yoko: Yay~ *Cheers*

K8: *Laughter*

Subaru: What’s this? All of a sudden!

Ryo: All of a sudden!

Okura: All of a sudden his switch is on!

Shota: He [Yoko] screams Chi~yay~

Yoko: Only those who can hear these voices are people who brought the album (KJ2).

K8: Ah! Oh I see…

Subaru: What’s today’s date?

Yoko: Hmm, today is… What’s today’s date, Dokkun?

Ryo: Me?

Subaru: What’s today’s date?

Ryo: Is it okay for me to say?

K8: Yup, go ahead!

Ryo: April 22nd.

Subaru: The real [date] is being told!

Maru: Is being told!

Yoko: The album is being made early!

Maru: We are still energetic!

Shota: We are working hard!

Subaru: Everyone’s ears-

Maru: [cuts in] Hirederu ne? Hirederu ima. (T/N: Don’t get this, haha!)

Hina: I’m hungry!

K8: I’m hungry~ Yar, hungry~

Okura: It’s late now.

Ryo: Chu ga ge hen (T/N: Don’t get this too.)

Maru: What time is it now?

Shota: It’s going to be 11pm! 11pm!

Maru: Really?

Subaru: We are working!

Maru: From now on-

Hina: [cuts in] We were having rehearsal today.

Subaru: Yar. Concert is starting soon.

Hina: Starting soon.

*someone plays the guitar*

Yoko: I wish that those who bought this [album] to come to the concert.

Maru: Sou desu ne. There are people who are going to come na!

Yoko: Maru, for those who are going to come, do an Ippatsu gei!

Maru: OK!

K8: What is he going to do?


K8: *burst out laughing*

Hina: You’re a M!

Subaru: You’re a M!

Shota: What’s this?!

Hina: A M!

Maru: I agree!

Hina: I see.

Maru: Yup!

Subaru: *big laughter*

Hina: Those who are coming to the tour, we will listen to their opinions.

Subaru: Yup, regarding this.

Hina: There are those who can’t come and watch too.

Maru: I see.

Yoko: Subaru, what do you want to say?

Subaru: About what?

Yoko: *burst out laughing*

Ryo & Shota: All of a sudden!

Subaru: Instead of just talking, since we are gathered here…

Yoko: Yar.

Subaru: *unsure* What should we do?

K8: *burst of laughing*

Ryo: That’s weak. *laughs* (T/N: Not sure about this too. =X)

Yoko: Don’t you all feel like doing something to the people who brought the album?

K8: Yar, we do! We do~

Yoko: So shall we do a song?

Subaru: Eh?

Shota: Shall we do something?

Hina: Can we do this?

Shota: Can we do this?

Subaru: We can play instruments.

Shota: We haven’t informed anyone (in charge) right?

Yoko: Don’t care about that. We are in the studio now.

Hina: Everything will turn out fine.

Yoko: Maru-chan, play the bass.

Maru: W-wait a minute. Is it okay to play in the studio?

Subaru: Don’t take off your pants!

Maru: It’s okay for today, since the tension is high! I’m going to practice my bass.

Subaru: No need to say that.

Yoko: Since you are wearing your pants, you don’t need take it off.

K8: *burst out laughing*

Yoko: Did you get your bass?

Maru: Yup!

Subaru: The talk too long.

Yoko: Try playing the bass.

Maru: Bass? Ok! *plays the bass*

K8: Yay~ *cheers*

Yoko: Dokun, what are you going to do?

Ryo: [cutely] Me? Jya, I’m going to take my guitar~

Subaru: Play your favorite chord!

Ryo: [cutely] My favorite chord?

Subaru: Your most favorite chord!

Ryo: *plays his chord*

K8: Yay~ *cheers*

Maru: Sounds fresh! That’s the image given!

Okura: *LOL*

Yoko: Yasu, play something.

Subaru: Yasu, what’s your favorite chord?

Shota: Eto~ *plays a chord*

K8: *cheers*

Subaru: Kawaii~ Kawaii!

K8: *cheers*

Shota: That’s an adult’s sound.

Hina: What’s that chord about?

Shota: This, actually I’m played notes.

Hina: So it is not a chord.

Shota: …  It’s C with-

Hina: [cuts in] That’s enough!

Subaru: *burst out laughing*

Shota: C…

Yoko: Yassu’s tension is up.

Hina: [ignoring] How about Ryo?

Ryo: Me? I don’t have any favorite.

Subaru: That’s sad. (T/N: Not sure about this.)


*K8 trying out different instruments and Hina mumbling about which instrument to play.*


Yoko: Okura, what are you going to play?

Okura: *plays bongo*

Yoko: That’s good!

Hina: That’s good!

Shota: That’s really good!

K8: *cheers*

Shota: Africa!

Maru: America Bongo!

Yoko: What song should we do?

K8: Hmm…

Yoko: If we are speaking of us, it has to be that song!

K8: What is it?

Yoko: Subaru, if is it us, what [song] would it be?

Subaru: What is it?

Yoko: It has to be THAT! THAT!

Subaru: Yup, it has to be nothing but THAT!

Maru: Yar, THAT.

Hina: If we are speaking of K8.

Subaru: Speaking of K8…

Yoko: In this mood, it has to be THAT!

Subaru: If we are doing Acoustic, it has to be… DREAMING BLOOD! *plays guitar*

K8: *burst out laughing*

Subaru: I did something funny! *laughs*

Yoko: Dokkun, that’s wrong, isn’t it?

Ryo: [high-pitched] Huh?

Yoko: That’s wrong right?

Ryo: Yup, that’s wrong!

Yoko: Speaking of us, it has to be THAT right?

Ryo: Speaking of us, it can’t be Dreaming Blood!

Yoko: That’s right!

Ryo: It has be a song that comes straight to mind.

Hina: And what is that?

Yoko: What is that, tell us.

Ryo: Speaking of us, hmm, ano… Acoustic wise, it has to be THAT!

K8: Yup!

Ryo: Being included inside the legendary album!

K8: Yup!

Ryo: [small voice] Tabihito… *laughs*

K8: *laughs*

Subaru: That is really a legendary album!

K8: *still laughing*

Ryo: Gomen gomen!

Hina: *mumbles*

Ryo: Akan pattern, it drifted off.

Yoko: Let’s do that, Itsuka Mata!

K8: Oi! OI! Oi!

Hina: Itsuka Mata, really?

Yoko: I really like Itsuka Mata!

Subaru: What?

Shota: I like Itsuka Mata too, I’m in!

Yoko: Let’s do it!

Maru: Chotto-

Hina: Itsuka Mata, really?

Maru: Chotto-

Hina: Let’s discuss this again.

Maru: Chotto-

Yoko: Yar, lets discuss this again.

Maru: I’m worried.

Ryo: Let’s do it fast.

Subaru: Chuuka is here! Chuuka is here! (T/N: Chuuka – Chinese Food)

Shota: It’s here!

Ryo: Crab Fried Rice!

Yoko: Let’s start!

Hina: Let’s start!

Ryo: Who is going to count “1 2 3 4”?

Yoko: I’ll do it.

Ryo: Wait! Let’s think of the tempo!

Subaru: We haven’t discussed that!

Maru: Yar, let’s think about it!

Yoko: 1 2 … (T/N: Yoko said “One Two San Shi”)

Maru: Nande ya?

Hina: Why is it mixed with Japanese?

Shota: Nande ya?

Yoko: Ok. Is [the tempo] alright?

Ryo: Go with that feeling.

Shota: Okura, how fast is the tempo?

Okura: *hits the tempo on his bongo*

Shota: Go with that feeling.

Yoko: Ok, got it!

Hina: Create the feeling na!

Yoko: 1 2 3 4.

Subaru: Sounds good!


*Start singing Itsuka Mata*


K8: Yay!! *cheers*

Subaru: That was good!

Hina: At the most beautiful part, I made a mistake.

Ryo: I made 6 mistakes in total!

K8: *laughs*

Hina: Maru also made obvious mistakes.

Maru: *sings* I made mistakes~

K8: *laughs*

Shota: You made too many!

Maru: *sings* I made mistakes~

Hina: We knew!

K8: *laughs*

Yoko: No matter what, we are good buddies, aren’t we?

K8: *laughs* *guitar playing*


K8 walks off mumbling about food, how good the session was, and the mistakes made, haha!!


T/N: It's crazy trying to listen to all of them speak, so noisy, haha!! If they are right in front of me, I got a feeling I will throw my shoes at them!! =P

Okura spoke like 3 sentences??!! Hina just LOVES to cut in while others are talking!! And them with food, what's with all the Chinese Food!! And isn't Ryo just cute!! He is such a baby in K8!! Love how they bully each other (with love), haha!!

Comments are loved!! (^_^)
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