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26 March 2008 @ 11:01 pm
[FIC] 吸血鬼 (Kyuuketsuki/Vampire) - chapter 4  
Title: 吸血鬼 (Kyuuketsuki/Vampire) - chapter 4
Author: pixisity/chaoticempath
Rating: R (character....death? [in this chapter], angst, blood, sex)
Summary: Vampire Ohkura Tadayoshi meets a young man (Yasuda Shota) one evening and both their lives change forever.

Ch1 // Ch2 // Ch3

Yasu stared at Ohkura, his eyes shining with tears as Ohkura finished what he had to say. “I’m so sorry. It…I’m just so sorry,” he whispered softly, wanting nothing more than to hug Ohkura but unsure the older vampire would allow it, given the expression on his face. Ohkura seemed to be lost in his own past, the events he was being forced to relive at Yasu’s request almost seeming to overwhelm him.

The loss of his friend Uchi and the loss of his friendship with Ryo seemed to be of particular regret to Ohkura, not that Yasu didn’t understand that. He had friends himself who he was sure were now devastated at what had happened to him (and would be even more so if they knew he’d been changed…) and he knew he’d be the same if anything happened to any of his friends.

What Yasu didn’t understand was why Ryo blamed Ohkura for what had happened. If anything, it had been Ryo’s fault for not stopping Uchi when he had the chance, but he supposed that when you lost someone that close to you, it had the potential to drive you mad. It had almost done that to him and he was grateful to both Ohkura and Hina for making sure he didn’t go insane after his sister’s death. It had been a near thing for him, so he could well imagine how Ryo must have felt at the time, and perhaps still felt.


“Mmm?” Ohkura replied, snapping back to the present day as Yasu used the nickname that was becoming familiar to him.

He noticed the tears in the younger vampire’s eyes and lifted his hand to wipe them away, not wanting Yasu to feel sorry for him. It had been a long time ago and there was nothing either of them could do now about it; he’d long since come to terms with it, even if he still had regrets from time to time. Hina had told him it was natural to feel how he did and if anyone would know, it would be the elder of the loosely knit ‘group’.

Yasu grasped Ohkura’s hand and held it up to his face, the tears still threatening to fall. “Can I...hug you?” he asked quietly, almost as if he was afraid Ohkura would turn him down, or worse, leave. At Ohkura’s nod, Yasu nearly bowled him over, throwing himself into Ohkura’s arms and burying his head in the older vampire’s chest.

“It’s ok, Shota,” Ohkura whispered softly, running his fingers through Yasu’s hair in an attempt at comforting the young man who was trying, in his own way, to comfort him. “I’m fine, really...”

Shaking his head, Yasu began to cry softly and silently, the tears soaking through the thin fabric of the shirt Ohkura was wearing. “I’m not...” he choked out, his arms tightening around Ohkura. “Things like this shouldn’t keep happening to people...”

“But they do, Yasu,” Ohkura pointed out calmly, still running his fingers through the blond hair. “It’s a fact of life and we have to accept that or go insane, like Ryo did. I can’t help how things turned out for me. I’m not even sure I could have helped how things turned out for you. I don’t know yet...”

Regret coloured his words as he tried to apologise in his way for what had happened to Yasu. If he hadn’t made the young blond go home, or if he’d just gone with him, then maybe... Before Ohkura could get any further with those thoughts, Yasu’s lips were on his, kissing him perhaps (in part) to shut him up, but also in part to help him forget the past. It was over and done and he now had a new life, one with Yasu in it, to make up for what he had lost.

That was what Ohkura wanted to believe, had to believe, and let himself be drawn into the kiss and into Yasu’s arms, down onto the bed with the young blond on top of him. “What do you want, Shota?” he whispered between kisses that quickly turned hungry, quick hands making short work of his shirt and then trousers, leaving him dressed in nothing but his underwear.

Yasu looked down at him with hungry eyes, the sad smile still on his lips. “I want you,” he replied simply, making a show of taking his own clothing off for Ohkura’s appreciative eyes, before leaning over and kissing him again. Ohkura smiled and pulled him closer, hissing a little as he felt himself responding to the now-naked man on top of him whose hands were slowly taking off his underwear, his hips rising to make it easier.

“Then how can I resist, when you put it that way,” Ohkura murmured, a sultry smile on his face as his lips were claimed again in a heated kiss, Yasu’s hands now teasing him unmercifully.

They would have gotten further if it hadn’t been for an urgent banging at the door, a voice shouting on the other side. Ohkura’s head went up in annoyance. What the hell did Yoko want? Hina had already been and left his warning, so why...

“Let me in, dammit. I know you’re there, Ohkura! This is important. Yasuda-kun! Open the door, please!” Yoko shouted, his voice sounding even more distressed as long as the door remained closed to him.

“Look, Ryo is acting now-“

Startled when Ohkura pulled the door open dressed in his bathrobe and Yasu staring wide-eyed at him from the bed, Yoko grabbed at Ohkura’s arms. “Ryo’s after Yasuda-kun’s friends. I think he intends to make Yasuda-kun attack him so he can kill him...”

Yasu’s face went white as he scrambled off the bed and started pulling on his clothes, Yoko averting his eyes politely as he dressed, then grabbed Ohkura’s clothes and shoved them into his arms. “Get dressed, Tacchon,” he said quietly. “Hurry up!”

Ohkura just looked measuringly at Yoko before doing as Yasu asked, dressing quickly. “How do I know you’re not planning this with him? I don’t trust you...” he said after a few moments, his eyes still on the exasperated Yoko.

“You can think what you like but I don’t pull shit like this,” Yoko replied angrily, pulling out a couple of photographs and throwing them on the bed where Yasu and Ohkura could see them. Yasu gave a choked cry and picked them up, his voice raw.

“They’re....Nakama and Kiriyama were...my friends,” he choked out, a plea to Ohkura in his eyes. “Why is he doing this?”

“He’s doing it to get back at Ohkura,” Yoko answered shortly. “I knew he was planning on targeting your friends but I didn’t realise he was actually going to kill them. There are others...” He stopped when Yasu grabbed his collar and pushed him up against the wall.

“Why did you even think of going along with this?” Yasu shouted angrily. “Who else?”

Yoko shrugged and sighed. He’d thought it was a good idea at the time, but now... Ryo had gone too far. “We don’t really have time for this,” he pointed out, looking at them in annoyance. “He’s after your friend Maruyama...”

He didn’t get a chance to say anything more as Yasu sprinted out the door and was gone before the others even had a chance to move, Ohkura glaring at Yoko. “If anything happens, I’m holding you responsible,” he growled at Yoko, who simply shrugged in answer then followed Yasu out the door, Ohkura on his heels.


Yoko had just been out strolling around the neighbourhood (or so he would tell anyone, should they ask), when he’d seen Ryo, sitting on the steps of a nearby building, blood smeared across his mouth and on the jean jacket and hoodie he’d been wearing. With a sinking feeling that he was getting into something he shouldn’t be involved in, he’d greeted the younger vampire cordially.


“Yo, yourself,” Ryo had replied with a smirk. “What do you want?”

“Now, now. Is that any way to treat someone you’ve been telling your recent world domination plans to?” Yoko had asked calmly, taking a seat on a nearby ledge and watching Ryo very carefully. He’d clearly been up to something.

Harsh laughter had echoed in his ears as Ryo grinned up at him. “World domination, huh? Is that how you want to put what I’ve been doing? I guess you could call it that, in a way. Although I prefer to call it Ohkura-domination,” Ryo had answered smoothly, not missing how Yoko was looking at him. “Here, have a look.”

Throwing a couple of photographs at the older vampire, Ryo had gotten up and started to walk away. “Just so you know, when you go to get Ohkura, tell him I’m after Yasuda’s friend Maruyama next. That way you don’t waste any time looking for me...” he’d said over his shoulder as Yoko stared in shock at the photographs in his hands.

Bloody bodies sprawled haphazardly over chairs, on a sofa, against a wall. It was enough to make even the hardened Yoko sick as he’d stared after the departing vampire in dismay. He had had no idea who the young men and boys were in the photos, but he’d had the sneaking suspicion Yasu would know, and that Ryo had known. Had Ryo found out about his talk with Hina? It sure sounded like it, though how, he had no clue. Hina would never betray him, nor would any of the others.

Ryo had gotten one thing right – Yoko was going to let Ohkura and Yasuda know about this. There was no way he couldn’t – Hina would never forgive him, for one thing. Neither would any of the others. Playing games and pitting one side against the other was one thing, but cold-blooded murder and sick revenge was quite another and Yoko hadn’t wanted any part in it. Setting off at a run, Yoko had hoped Ohkura would be in a mind to listen to him and not ignore him, knowing Yoko’s character as he did.


Now the three of them stood in front of Maruyama Ryuhei’s apartment block, Yasu’s face a mask of anger and shock at what had happened to his friends. Ohkura’s face resumed its normal impassive expression, as had Yoko’s. Nodding to each other, they set up the steps, able to hear the shouts and banging from the outside hallway. A sudden stillness made them wary, causing Yasu to take the initiative; unable to stand it any longer, he kicked the door from its hinges in time to see Ryo drop his best friend’s limp body on the floor with a smirk.

“What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you...” Ryo smirked, not even bothering to wipe the blood from his face. He gave a startled glance at Yasu as he rushed forward, bracing himself for an attack that never came; Yasu had instead run to cradle the body of his friend, sobbing helplessly.

“Why Maruyama?” he cried, brushing hair from the young man’s face gently. “He didn’t do anything to you. Neither did I. Why are you doing this?” Yasu looked up at Ryo, heedless of the tears running down his face, anger and sadness in his voice and expression. “Why?”

“Ya-Yasu?” came a soft voice, almost too quiet to be heard amidst the other voices in the room, but Yasu heard him, bending down over Maruyama to catch his words. “I...thought you were...dead...”

“Shhh, it’s ok. Don’t try to talk,” Yasu whispered, the tears blurring his vision as he gently smoothed Maruyama’s hair and wiped the blood gingerly from his neck. “I’m so sorry...”

“You were dead,” Maruyama insisted, his voice growing stronger as he struggled to sit up in Yasu’s arms. “The police came around asking about you. They said they’d found your blood all over the kitchen of your house...your blood on a knife...and your brother-in-law dead.”

He looked at Yasu, then at the others in the room in surprise, his eyes settling on the figure of Ryo still standing in the middle of his living room with a smirk on his face.

“My. How touching,” Ryo crooned, the sarcasm dripping from each word he spoke. “Your friend Yasuda here, is a vampire,” he said helpfully, not missing the widening of Maruyama’s eyes, nor the shock on his face. “In fact,” he added. “We’re all vampires here. Including you.”

Yasu’s head snapped up at that, his expression as angry as Ohkura had ever seen him. “What did you do to Maru?” he screamed, then somehow launched himself at Ryo, his eyes red and his fangs bared. “You didn’t have to do this to him!”

Ryo grinned as he stepped forward into the attack, grabbing Yasu by the arm and twisting it behind his back, his own fangs perilously close to Yasu’s neck, causing Ohkura to spring forward in alarm.

“Not another step Ohkura, or your boyfriend here dies. You know what I do when someone attacks me,” he said threateningly, his eyes hard. Turning his attention to the young vampire still struggling in his arms, he smiled, bared his fangs, and then sank them into Yasu’s neck, causing him to shudder then go limp, Ohkura giving a cry of outrage.

“Stop it, Ryo!” Ohkura and Yoko both shouted, moving forward but stopping just as a new voice sounded in the small room, the authority unmistakable.

“Ryo, that’s enough. Let him go.”

With the exception of the unconscious Yasu, all eyes turned to the newcomer, Shibutani Subaru, standing in the doorway watching an unrepentant Ryo who almost defiantly continued to feed from Yasu. After a silent contest of wills, Ryo shrugged and let Yasu go, his body sliding limply to the floor where Ohkura rushed to cradle him in his arms, glaring up at Ryo with hatred in his eyes.

“You didn’t have to go this far, Ryo,” he growled at the man who used to be his friend, his anger rising. “If you are that desperate to get back at me, why don’t you just kill me? Leave Yasu and his friends out of it!”

“Enough, Ohkura,” Subaru interrupted, stepping into the room and going to check on a very confused-looking Maruyama whose eyes were the deep red of a newly changed (and hungry) vampire. “This young one needs an explanation, as well as feeding before anything else happens. You and Ryo can deal with your own shit later.”

Turning to Ryo, Subaru glared at him. “What the hell were you thinking? You are a danger to us all with this stupid vendetta you have against Ohkura. Bringing innocent people into this is unforgivable!”

“I agree,” yet another voice was heard from the doorway, where Hina stood, radiating fury. “Nishikido, a word. Now,” he said, his voice low with anger as he gestured to Ryo, who stood with his head bowed but with a defiant look in his eyes. That was, until Subaru spoke again.

“If Hina doesn’t kill you for this, I just might. This has gone on long enough. How long are you going to continue to hate Ohkura for something that wasn’t even his fault? For that matter, how long are you going to continue to hate yourself for the same thing? You say that because of Ohkura, Uchi died, but the same could be said about you; because you were too late, Ohkura died. Ohkura doesn’t hold a grudge, so why do you? How is that fair?”

Subaru watched Ryo carefully as he went on. “Think about it before it’s too late and we have no other choice but to deal with you as we see fit. Hurting innocent people because you are hurting is not right by anyone’s standards, even ours.”

Ryo shuddered at Subaru’s words and Ohkura wondered if he heard a soft sniffle before Hina led him from the room, Yoko following at a glance from Hina. He’d let those two deal with Ryo for now; now his main concern was Yasu, who still hadn’t awakened, and lay unresponsive in his arms.

Subaru stepped over to where Ohkura knelt with Yasu, his hand on Ohkura’s shoulder briefly. “He’ll be fine. Just let him sleep...” the older vampire said quietly before taking Maruyama by the hand and pulling him up from the floor. “Later, we need to talk.”

At Ohkura’s nod, Subaru spoke to the latest addition to their little ‘group’. “There’s a lot we need to tell you, but first, you need to feed. You’re probably really hungry now, aren’t you?” he asked, Maruyama’s eyes following his every move. Maruyama nodded, still looking troubled.

“Yasu...he’s really...a vampire?” he asked quietly, looking at the body of his best friend in Ohkura’s arms. “I don’t understand any of this...”

“It seems so,” Subaru answered, patting him on the shoulder. “We need to get you cleaned up first, and then we have to get out of here before the police come. This place has security cameras so I have no doubt they’ll soon be looking for us all. Where do you want me to bring this one once he’s fed?” He directed this last question to Ohkura, but Maruyama interrupted him.

“I’m not ‘this one’,” he said in annoyance. “I have a name, you know. Maruyama Ryuhei. Yasu...calls me Maru.”

“Shibutani Subaru,” Subaru replied in amusement. “I’ve seen you with Yasu a few times...”

“I thought I recognised you,” Maru said slowly. “I’ve seen you around too, but you always left before I could say anything...and Yasu never answered me when I asked. He just said you were a friend and that was it.”

“When you’re done with the introductions,” Ohkura interrupted as he slowly got up from the floor, lifting Yasu carefully in his arms. “I’m taking him home to the townhouse. Meet us there when you’re done, if that’s fine with you,” he said to Subaru, who nodded.

Most of them knew the locations of Ohkura’s various homes, with a few exceptions, making it easier when any of the others needed a quick place to stay. The only one who didn’t was Ryo, and there were still a few properties that none of the others, apart from Hina, knew about and Ohkura wanted to keep it that way.

Nodding to both Subaru and Maru, Ohkura left, doing his best to shield Yasu from the security cameras. It wouldn’t be that hard for the police to tell he’d been there, but anything he could do to confuse them and throw them off Yasu’s trail, he would. It still amazed him that he was willing to go so far for a man he’d only just met; the depth of his emotions for this boy scared him and sooner or later, he was going to have to deal with it. Now, however, he had to get him home and into bed.

Yay for Hero!Subaru?
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mitani on March 27th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)
as said before, love this chapter!
Baru has to take good care of maru *nods to herself*
pixisity on March 27th, 2008 12:33 am (UTC)
Hehehehe, he will, don't worry. It's a-comin'. Slowly...


(the vamp icons sure are getting a workout, ne *giggles*)

mitani on March 27th, 2008 08:06 am (UTC)
bwahahaha *stalks patiently*

(well, have to use it somewhere, nee? xDD)
xiola_azuthra on March 27th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)
aahhh, i'm so addicted to this. XDD moar plz~~~

(ah sorry i suck at comments, i'm at school right now :X!)

p.s. i want a showdown between Subaru's Crazy vs Ryo's Crazy ;DDDD
pixisity on March 27th, 2008 12:34 am (UTC)
*chuckles* I have the WIP previews at my fic journal if you have that friended.

(school seems so weird given it's after midnight here and it's still Easter hols for chibi)

I dunno, I think Hina will have taken care of Ryo by then... *sheepish cough*
xiola_azuthra on March 27th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)



man. we have like. ONE day off for easter :P and i'm in Canada ;P seems like the majority of ppl i know in fandom is overseas somewhere and like 12 hours different from me! :P
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chibi15 on March 27th, 2008 02:30 am (UTC)
YAY! Subaru has come! Oh noes! Maru is now a vampire! Now everyone in K8 is a vampire! XD AWESOME! Besides Uchi who is dead XD Love your story! Can't wait for more!
pixisity on March 27th, 2008 03:32 am (UTC)
*smiles* Thanks. There's something vaguely weird about that icon on a story like this. *laughs and pats* *is weird and it's late...here*

It's all starting to come together now...so there'll be more angst to come. *grins evilly*

chibi15 on March 27th, 2008 04:45 am (UTC)
Because I am at work now and I don't bother to login! ^^;; I can't wait for more chapters of this! Good Night! =D
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nekokonneko on March 27th, 2008 02:52 am (UTC)
Uwa~! This is definitely my favourite chapter thus far. :D Subaru was so kakkoi in this!! ::flails:: So now everyone has been accounted for, with a somewhat scary parallel to real life with Uchi absent from the 'group' because of his own folly. Hopefully now Ryo will start to see reason [thanks to that otokomae speech from Subaru 8D]. I just can't get over how cool he is here. <3

Ad I love seeing the OhYass relationship. It is hard to recall that they haven't know each other for long at all, but they just fit together. <3 ::squee:: And it's good to see that Yoko has limits. :)
pixisity on March 27th, 2008 03:35 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'd planned it that way, only there's kind of no coming back when you're slightly dead. (slightly dead? is that like mostly nearly dead? *laughs* Ok, I'll stop now...) I'm glad you liked Subaru here. I think he kicks ass when he needs to, and that's why I have him like that here. Someone's gotta keep Ryo in line when Hina's not there. Hehehehehe

And yes, Yoko does have his limits. He's a troublemaker, sure, but not evil. *coughs* I loooooooove OhYass so there'll be a lot more of that soon. Hehehehehe

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pixisity on March 28th, 2008 12:51 am (UTC)
Thanks, I'm working on it now. *chuckles* For a change, this story is going really fast...I just hope I don't write myself into a corner again. *sheepish*

sumomo_yuki on March 27th, 2008 02:20 pm (UTC)
ysy for subaru the herooooooo!!! poor yasu and at least ryo is listening to baru and hina XDDD
pixisity on March 28th, 2008 12:52 am (UTC)
*chuckles* Hopefully he will....we'll have to see yet...