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calling all je fans from the philippines!

What? JE Pinoy Fangirls&boys Meet-Up
When? April 5, 2008 (first day of the annual Otakuzine Fest)
Where? Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall
Objective? To meet up with fellow Pinoy JE fans and spread the love in the Pearl of the Orient. What we're trying to achieve here is mass JE domination the gathering and MAJOR FANGAYING of JE fans across the country, so please, do not hesitate to approach us if you see us flailing about. We are friendly people, really. We don't bite.
NOTE: Please don't think that the meet-up is anything formal! You could just literally drop by, say hi and fangay some. The first meet-up Ira and I organized was during last year's Toycon and it had been truckloads of fun (check the post out for yourself, if you need some more convincing). Let's make this second one just as awesome, if not more! :D

(this way to the master discussion post prz)
Tags: k8 fans

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