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More Kanjani on TV

Kanjani well most of Kanjani has 2 new show this coming season

The first one is ありえへん∞世界 /Ariehen (eito?) sekai. I am assuming this is the replacement of Mucha buri
since it will be aired on Tv Tokyo 24:12 - 24:50. This show will start on April 15. Only Hina, Maru and Yasu are going to be in this show.

The other one is それゆけ!ダイダマン Sore yuke! Daidaman. It's going to be aired in TV Asahi 23:00 - 23:55 on April 5th. I wondered if it has something to do with daidaya Sp that aired last year.
Edit: from I read on the net I got mixed info whether Sore yuke! daidaya is just one time show or a regular show which be airing every week.

Info from Johnny's website
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