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[DRABBLES]- Kanjani8 #1

Title: Kanjani8 drabbles #1
 These are a series of drabbles that I wrote when i should have been paying attention in Maths class. I tried to write one for each member, but only got half-way. And I have trouble writing the others. >.> Hopefully I'll be able to write theirs....eventually XD

Bright pink tights had neon yellow stripes spiralling down its sides. A fluorescent blue skirt with red sequins and purple dots, with a vest in opposite patterns. Alternating coloured nails painted black and green, with zig-zag patterns in orange. All of this topped off with an orange hat with peacock feathers and and black felt hearts around the rim.

'Kawaii deshou!' Yasu gushed.

He dodged to the right, crouched, did a tumble roll and hid behind the remains of what was once a glorious statue. He just barely dodged the incoming fire from the enemy. He cautiously peeked around the statue and nearly got his head blown off, if not for his excellent reflexes. He took a deep breath, clutched his gun to his chest ad prepared to jump back into the fray. But suddenly he heard a terrible scre-

"Tacchon? Moshi moshi? Are you alright?' He blinked back to reality to see Yasu's concerned face hovering beside him. 'I mentioned food twice and you didn't respond. What do you think about when you space out?'

Ohkura smiled mysteriously. 'Nothing.'

It was his New Years resolution, to be a bit more out-going in private. Thus far it had been pushed to the back of his mind by the weight of filming, television appearances and solo concerts. But it came back to him with a snap as he noticed a foreign girl struggle to read a street sign. With the English he had been practising he might be able to help her. As he stepped towards her, she turned to look at him and his courage disappeared, keeping his gaze focused on the ground as he all but run past her. Oh well.....maybe next year.

After two and a half years of hibernation, spring had finally come for Uchi. But with it came the adjustment of adapting to JE hours and schedules. With filming for another drama underway- which meant more promotions, more interviews more photo shoots and less sleep- he began to feel exhaustion in his bones. But as he massaged a crick out of his neck he took notice of a clipping from an old magazine that he had posted on his bulletin board. The most notable thing about the picture was the rather gaping space left empty in the centre. Looking at this, he remembered why he was working so bloody hard, what he was trying to achieve, and it gave him the strength to persevere. I'll work hard too.

So those were my K8 drabbles. :D I have another set planned for the word they each say in Mugendai. Hopefully inspiration will strike me again soon. XD
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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