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Kanjani 8 Yokohama Arena 4/3 Night Con Report & V.LQ Zoomin clip

A very LQ clip from this morning`s Zoomin regarding yesterday`s concert ^^

Not much a con report, cause I am not skilled enough to comment on music and all that, but I`ll try and regurgitate the little happenings, their talks and of course, the eito ranger skit which was out of the world :DD (Another time) 


Initially I was suppose to wake up at 1pm, go collect my pay, drop by Yokohama early so I could get the goods and then walk around before I enter for the concert. But screw all that cause I woke up at 3pm, it takes my an hour odd to reach Yokohama and I left my house at 4, my concert starts at 6. You do the maths. 

Reached Shin-Yokohama at around 5:30, so I thought I was pretty late, but so was the rest of the world, so despite it being my first time there, I had no problem finding the place. It is not difficult to find the place when all you have to do is to stalk eito ranger cosplayers. 

But upon reaching about one traffic light away before the arena, there were sudden bouts of 


So natural fangirl instinct is:


And Eito were outside the arena holding their press conference. I was too preoccupied trying to find a good location to SEE them, I couldnt really hear what they wrere saying, but most likely the press conferences would be up tommmorow morning. These were the few miserable photos I got to take (thank god for Japanese woman being kinda on the short side but damn the heels and their never dying habit of waving to ANYTHING) 

Nasu 8D

Yoko (and Maru`s) favourite movment for this tour or something XD Its called the `PAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~NNNN` where you do high five only actually XD

The traffic lights going off stage 

Maru <333 

I <3 the way Ryo stands XD 

Well some of your probably figured out but the photos are in anti-chronological manner 8D
But yah. 

The monument thingy, I was amazed I manage to snap it cause it was already inside the hall, and yah, cameras are not allowed but 8D

The view from my seat
Yah, it sucks. But in a way, it was good cause I just wanted to watch the concert more so than ZOMG I NEED TO SEE RYO`S PORES.
And the fact that I sat through almost half the concert was the only way I could take down notes for this con report. (Yes, I took notes)

The notes.

But thank god for the only concert goods I got:

I swear I couldn`t have enjoyed it as much if it wasn`t for this 8D

Okay, so now, the concert begins... 

But not really. Cause of the press conferece and such, there was like a 30 minute delay. So they had this pre-concert video where they ask every member a list of question. 

I only started penning down the report from halfway and the position of my seat sucked so I only got bits and pieces:

Location wise, for some reason, Subaru was in the midst of a shower (naturally, naked top and all that screams) and Ohkura was stuck in a locker XD 
Ryo was in like a gym ring or something, Yoko and Hina in the middle of a corridor, and Maru behind a door 8D

1. Your Ikigomi  (I suck at translating so here`s the yahoo translation )

2. Rice or bread? 

Ryo - Rice
Ohkura - Bread(?) 
Yasu - Rice
Yoko & Maru - PAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~N *high fives* (# Pan = Bread in japanese) 

3. Who is your rival?
Ryo - The me yesterday 
Maru - All who are alive
Yoko - Maru XD (I think) 
Ohkura - Bread. Cause everyone keeping asking me rice or bread, rice or bread.... so yah. Bread. 

4. What is your Hisatsuwaza? (Kinda mean like your one most deadly blow/skill/weapon) 

Hina: *sticks fist infront of the camera* 
Maru: My genki-ness
Ohkura: None, thus its like I am good at each and everything, so yah, overall I have like good balance
Ryo - Yabai, I will do stuff that makes people go like YABAI. (Then he proceeds to pretend he is punching someone, but kind of fails or something and smiles) 
Yoko - My overly gentleness. Oh, but I fall sick easily. 

5. Your dreams and ambition

didnt take notes D: 

5a. In between they were asking each member different thing, but the only one I noted down was 

Camera man: Could you do a Tsukkomi?
Yoko: *turns to camera and bangs head straight into lens*
Camera man: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yoko: Well you asked me to Tsukkome. *SMASHES HEAD again*

#Tsukkomi normally stands for like rebuttal in a manzai, but it also means to attack/hit strongly

And I didnt know what was the question but Ryo confessed his love for Mayonaise.

6. Message to fans

Subaru: HUH YOU AGAIN. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WHY ARE YOU KEEP DISTURBING ME WHILE I BATHE AND GET READY FOR THE CONCERT HUHH %#)(&$('&$#'(#)$##%'$'$(#$ )'%)($)# ... *then turns to camera* Sukiyade. *slams door* 

Yasu: *something and a flying kiss*

And the concert begins ^^  (finally.)
Setlist snagged from



◆ Overture

They each had like really cool catch phrases and came out with a outer coat with jumbled colours (meaning they didnt wore their own colors) The only one that left the deepest impact on me was Ohkura`s which was pink, and had a work on the back reading: PIG.

◆ Wahaha

◆ Zukkoke Otoko Michi

◆ It's my soul

◆ Do you agree?

◆ Heavenly Psycho

◆ Aisatsu (welcome greetings :D)

◆ Solo medley

* OPEN YOUR EYES (Ryo solo and Ohkura/Maru back

* Forward (Hina solo  and Subaru back)

* ConfUsion (Yoko solo and Ohkura bacl)

* Watashi kagami(Yasu solo and Yoko back)

* MAGIC WORD~boku nari no~(Maru solo and Ryo back)

* Butterfly I loved (Ohkura solo and Maru/Yasu back)

* Aishiteru Aishitenai (Subau Solo Yoko/Hina back)

◆ new song

◆ Eito Ranger

Gawd. I tried to translate it but it is SOOOO LONG. I will post it again another time D:

◆ MC

# I think Yoko did this at the beginning aisatsu, but I`ll just add this here anyway. He said this was a small psychology test, and asked 


Audience: HAIIIII *raises hands*


Audience: HAIIIIII *raises hands*


Audience: HAIIIIIII *raises hands*

Yoko: From this, we know that, all these people with still hands in the air, are people with a boyfriend. HAH. Why so little?! *mocks* But for tonight, WE WILL BE YOUR BOYFRIENDS!


They started off by apologizing for the delay and reassured that they werent late, it was various other factors XD 
They also announced that they will be having their summer con with the first stop at Tokyo Dome on the 6th July. Their current tour will end in May and their next one will be starting in July whilist in June they will be having this special program. 

For this special program, they had like a request form the producer who asked them to dress as eito ranger, but for some reason Hina was asked to wear the blue one and Yoko kept complaining it looked so unnatural. Hina too kept saying he felt un-right wearing blue XD 

They then proceeded to talk about their solo works and all. In the meanwhile apparantly Subaru kept going `Fu~~~~` which bothered Ryo XD And after they went through the entire list of their solo activities, Subaru and Hina with their stage play, Yasu with 818, Yoko with his solo con(?) Ryo and his dramas and they asked Maru `What about you?` He said he has his `Private solo activities XD` 

Ryo mentioned that at his drama press conference, he was thinking of a line he really rehearsed to say and expected everyone to laugh. Cause Yoko was mentioning how this role was kinda un-johnnys-ish and really opposite from all his previous roles, he then said at the press conference, when everyone was talking about hisrole he went `Yah! Arn`t I a Jyannizu!?` but nobody found it funny which Ryo took it quite badly orz XD Eito were then commenting how during press conference and all, the producers and everyone expect them to be funny and interesting just because they are from Osaka. Ohkura then said he REALLY REALLY can`t do it. Ryo also said his co-actors told him `Oh, it must be nothing for you right, to be funny and all`. But after the press conference, he said to Ryo `Oh, you were really nervous heh?` LAWL. 

Yoko talked about how all his drama to date had other Johnnys in it. Be it Matchy, Nino or Yuukan Club, Akanishi and Taguchi (At this point there were random yelps and squeals from the crowd at the mentioning of their names XDDD) And he was saying how at the conference he ordered Junno to say that `Iriguchi Deguchi Taguchi DESU!` Joke. But it totally failed and nobody laughed. At this point, Yoko said `Don`t you normally just go, hehe sorry, seems like this is the wrong place to crack a joke... or something and try and get it over and done with? But Taguchi just straight ahead turned to me and went SEEEE YOKOYAMA-KUN!!!!! and told the world that Yokoyama-kun told me to say that! So I thought to myself, UWAAHHHHHH this is the worst troublesome pattern` LOLOL Goodjobjunno. 

On the topic of Drama, Ryo causally mentioned UCHI and that boat drama. At which the whole hall went KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! And Yoko said, he is working really hard, and asked everyone to support his new drama on Nittere. To which, everyone applauded to <3

Yoko diverted the attention back to dramas and said how when there was once he came to work with a new haircut cause of his role in a drama, Maru said he really admired having to say that. Like when people ask him about his hair, he wanted to try replying `Yah, its for my role` So when Yoko came to work on another day and Maru had this new hair, he asked `oh what happened?` And Maru replied `Its for my role!` 

But when Yoko saw his drama, it was a jidaigeki (period drama) and everyone wore wigs. 

Everyone normally only cut when they are told or asked to but for Maru`s case, he said he went to ask the producer especially `Oh!! Do I have to cut my hair! I can if I have to! I`ll dye it black too!` But apparantly the director just said `Erm... actually if you can, well that will be good, but you its not really necessary`

But he went ahead and did it anyway XD Also Maru mentioned at the beginning of the concert that actually he made a bet that if he wasn`t below 65 KG by today, he would shave himself bald. But when he stood on the weighing maching earlier on, he was 64.3KG! And he didn`t shave his head, but he finally cut his hair <3 

Yoko (Hina?) then introduced the next segment which was the unti songs, Subaru and Yasu with their self written song, Ryo and Ohkura with their Kakkoii number.

Yoko: And the left over three of us will just do something together, enjoy! XD 

◆ desire(Subaru and Yasu)

It was a ballad number which featured Baru`s high voice really really well. The lyrics were sexy and written (imo) from a female`s point of view. Yasu harmonised together as well, and it is my favourite out of all three ^^

◆ new song(Ryo & Ohkura)

It was a latin-ish dance number with random english lyrics, Ryo was in this Black spanish(?) kinda costume while Ohkura in black. I liked this more for the dance then the song. And for OhkuraxRyo fans, they ended the dance with interlocked fingers or something XD Yah, there was some light touchings at the end 8D 

◆ new song(Yoko, Maru and Hina on the piano)

Hina was on the piano while Yoko and Maru sang. It was a mid -tempo tune with mixture of rap. It was kinda of like the inbetween of the other two. Like how Baru and Yasu`s were a ballad while Ohkura and Ryo`s were a dance tune. This was neither but like inbetween. Neither fast nor slow. Hina`s piano added a nice flavour to the performance :D

◆ All of me for you

dare yori kimi ga suki dakara

◆ Sukiyanen, Osaka!


◆ Kanfuu Fighting

◆ Osaka ObachanROCK

I think it was during this song where Ryo and Maru (from what I saw) went towards the audience. Ryo sweep past them, shook some hands but mostly just stood there and let the girls run their hands ALL over him XD And at the end of the line, he took on of the girl`s glasses and put them on. I think the girl died. Maru too did the same and he got the cameraman to come and they all took a photo together, he borrowed one of the fan`s binoculous and looked up at the fans above. This particular owner of the binoculous too, I think, kind of died.

◆ Osaka Romanesque

This song is so gorgeous it took my breathe away.
At the last chorus or so, they threw the mic out and let the fans sing. And it felt so surreal to be in this big choir where the entire hall was singing the chorus. My favourite song of the whole concert. Not to mention, Subaru`s voice is really so astonishingly good. And I love the emotions every single one of them put into the song.

◆ Instrument session

Maru`s. Electric. Guitar. Solo. Was. Epic. Win. 
And so was Ohkura`s SMASHING drum performance. Just... WOW.
The whole following three songs from this was just ENTIRELY ROCK. They totally shook the arena DDDD:


kuchibue no mukou

◆ goujou ni GO

◆ BJ

This was acutally my first time hearing this song, but it made me buy their single XD 

◆ Encore(Mugendai / Wahaha)

Singing Mugendai together with everyone was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO win. My love for this song just hit the roof. 
I love Wahaha just because Maru just keep ROFLMAO-ing literally on the stage floor 8D

And when the second song finished, the audience still shouted EITO! Which only became louder as the please-go-home annoucement kept running. So Eito came out for the second time again, Ryo and Yasu, semi-nekkid 8DDD


Kya <3

And that was all ^^ 
The crowd at the station was crazeee.

Well, that was the whole concert report (minus the eito ranger skit which deserves a whole new post on its own) 
It was my first time watching a FULL Eito concert (I haven`t even watched any of their DVDs before but I am hunting them down now)
I was impressed, VERY IMPRESSED. I was awed at the all rounded-ness of K8. Be it their vocal abilities for not just say, Subaru, but for every single one of them. Yoko`s voice especially, is my new drug <3 Their talent with instruments were AMAZING. My knowledge on K8 music is really limited since I only know about their first album and their single A-sides, mostly, I only know their occasional ballads and Wacky tunes, but I am addicted to their rock tunes and I am sorry for saying this again but, OMG MARU`S GUITAR AND OHKURA`S DRUMS were an utter mindfuck. Not forgetting, their humour seriously brought SO MUCH laughter to the entire concert. Eito rangers are one of the best thing I`ve ever watched and kudos to them for pulling off the entire concert with just Eito and Eito alone. No back up band, no back dancers, just purely Eito. No words can explain the amount of respect I have for them after watchin them live and I could really tell that they really treasure their fans from the bottom of their heart. And the amount of thoughts they put in towards their music, their stage and performances. Ryo`s smile, Tacchon`s DRUMSDRUMSDRUMS, Maru`s EVERYTHING, Yoko`s HAWTNESS and humour, Hina`s piano, Baru`s vocals, Yasu`s wacky all mid calf skirts pants. It was a really out of the world experience. Eito ROCKS. 

..I still can`t believe I called Yoko HAWT D8 

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 
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  • 喝采

    Hello eighters!!! I'm looking for an audio rip of kanjani's song kassai!!! Would be greatly appreciated if anyone could share it!!!

  • EIGHTERS - Kanjani8 Fan Discord Server ✨

    Hi everyone! We created a Discord Server where Kanjani8 fans can meet, interact, discuss about Eito, etc etc. with other Eighters from all over…

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