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Eito ranger skit @ Yokohama Arena 030408 Night

TONS AND ENDLESS spelling, grammer mistakes. And if some parts, dont make sense, Im sorry > < 
But then, the report is not even 0.298472974892749278492743 percent near watching the whole thing, so I really hope there will be a DVD for this!


Started off with random animal puppets on the stage which I couldnt identify what was what until they announced, namely, giraffe, koala, cheetah, bear and lion. But they werent the focus 8D They just said that these animals were living peacefully, but it wasnt always this peaceful... if not for, THEM.

*eito rangers appears*
(note: This was my FIRST time watching eito rangers, so if I flail over something really common, pardon me... Whats with Yoko always grabbing his own boobs XD)

Eito rangers were commenting how they had nothing to do since all was peaceful. So Black mentioned that since Red is really interested in Tsukkomi recently,  so he prepared some goods and asked Maru to boke with the goods. (He accidentally called him Maru-chan, and the hall went Ehhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~ since he was suppose to be Orange XD)

And throughout the whole time they were playing the whole Boke and Tsukkomi thing with Red and Orange (Black impromptu asked Blue to Tsukkome, to which he went pale and said NONONONONONO I CAN`T! But upon Black`s threatening glare, he said he`ll try, but end up kind of failing and they both apologized to the audience) Nasu was standing at the end of the stage all alone and silently.

Which caused black to like SNAP. So he started berating everyone EXCEPT Blue XD For someeeee reason, he said, only Blue was working hard. But basically he was just displeased how everyone was having so much fun and the atmosphere was so cheery, Nasu was standing alone in a corner, pulling a face.

Thus he finally shouted

Black: I never wanted to say this but...



Everyone: .....




... is something I will never say 8D


And somewhat like this but Red especially became really heated with Black and they fought but Green and everyone tried to break them up. So Black stomped off backstage screamed random things and the last one was `UNCHI!` (means shit LOL)
Everyone then followed suit and went backstage. Yellow and Nasu were then the only ones left. Yellow just stared at Nasu but at the end, still went backstage without saying anything.

Dramatic lighting effect on Nasu who was left on the stage alone as he started going

`... how can I say this. Everyone, looked so happy and they were all having so much fun... how can I tell them.


How can I tell them that,,,,







I have only three months left.`





Yellow and Blue popped out of nowhere and happened to hear Nasu`s secret and breaks into a song dramatically.



One by one everyone popped out while saying a random comment.


Orange: I am recently addicted to yoga :DD But after all that sweating, I am kinda hungry :DDD (IT WAS SO RANDOM GAWD I LOVE MARU)

And there was this whole ramble of drama from everyone and Nasu falls into depression blaming himself that all this is happening because of him. Then he gets too worked up and started coughing blood.


Nasu: Seems that I can`t even last through 3 months. *smiles and falls dead onto floor*



*light out and on again*


Then Red and Black came out facing each other, ready to attack.


Black: *falls on floor but laughs and stands up again* NOW TAKE THIS *PUNCH*

Red: *falls on floor* Hah, that was nothing. *stands up*

They dramatically glares at each other and then both pull back their fists, ready to strike at the same time and....






Green appears out of nowhere and receives a punch each from both side of his face.





Green: Both of you have good punches. Now see this *holds a paper*

Red and Black: Haru? (spring)

Green: Yes, see, if you turn it upside down, it is a picture of the sun above and the seedlings sprouting from the ground.

Audience: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~ (I didn`t know this too)

Green: You should let the sun shine on you, look, both of your skies are all clouded.

Black: Is that why I am so white.... *looks at self*

Red: Must be the lack of UV rays. Don`t mind don`t mind.

Green: Now, both of you make up *runs foward and take their hands together*

Red: I... gomen na..

Black: No, I was too harsh, sorry

*hugs together and break down*

Red: But I still think there is something wrong with Nasu recently

Black: Yah I think so too...

Yellow who was standing on the other extreme of the stage suddenly appears with Blue

Yellow: STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Let me explain that!

*Yellow (and Blue?) somersaults in the air towards their end of the stage*


Black: Are you Quidam or what.

*Yellow (and Blue?) lands gracefully on the other end of the stage*


Yellow: Nasu is dying.




Blue: *bursts into tears*

Yellow: Only three months left, no, maybe even lesser than that...

Black: It can`t be!!!!! *breaks down*

*Orange appears in the similar manner like Yellow and Blue*


But Orange totally failed in his landing and it totally broke the `serious` atmosphere 8DDDD

Orange: Earlier on he collapsed, and was sent to the hospital


Everyone: ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!


Orange: There is only one method but I don`t know if we should... or....

At this point the lights on Eito rangers went down as at the other side of the stage a huge HUGE HUMONGOUS balloon old man is lighted up

Toshiro (the ballloon) : Ya... did you know... I am pregnant


Yoko: Isn`t he an old man?!


Toshiro: Jokes aside, do you know of this place called the Shiren no Ma (the place of tests), if you could clear every single test, one wish of yours would be granted
But to this date, nobody who went there came out alive. You are all not to go there too. Okay?

*Lights die down on the balloon man and focus is back to unfrozen eito rangers*


Someone (sorry I couldnt remember) : We have to go there now!

Someone else: But didn`t you hear that man, we might all die...

Black: Who and how can anyone take their own lives and compare it with Nasu`s... we must go...


Orange: Yah! And we all have this *flashes wrist*

Orange then shows the Pacchin Band (yes, one of the con goods) that was on his wrist and proceed to put it on for all of them.

Orange: This shall be our sign of friendship and power. And we shall take this last one to Nasu.


They then all proceed to walk towards the Shiren no Ma. Upon reaching, they stood at one end of the stage while Nasu lies on a bed far at the other end.


Black: So... here we go.

Voice: Welcome to Shiren no Ma. The first is called Kenjyuu no Ma (the place of gunshots), anyone who failsto dodge all the gunshot shall die.

Someone; Eh... isn`t this dangerous...

And while they were all mumbling, Green step forth.

Green: I`l go.

Everyone: NOOO!!

Green: Please, take that to Nasu. *smiles*


And he ran towards the Kenjyuuno Ma.

He stood there in this matrix manner dodging all the gunshots, but towards the end, he got shot by one and fell to the ground

Everyone: GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Green: Sorry, I was too weak... Remember, take that to Nasu... *falls dead*


All: GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Black: There is no point stopping here and crying, we must move on... for Nasu`s sake, for Green...


Voice: Welcome to Ai no Ma. (the place of love)

All: Ai no ma?

Voice: The one who comes here, must drink this, and shall not love, or he will die.

Blue: To not love, how can anyone do that...


Yellow: I`ll go.

All: YELLOW!!!

Yellow: Don`t worry, I`ll be fine.

Yellow then stepped foward and downed the entire potion/water thingy but soon began clutching his chest and crumbled to the stage

Yellow: It seems that... I still love all of you.

And he turned back to smile at all of them before he died.


Blue: Thats why I told you!!!! *sobs*

Black: We can`t just stay here, we must move on. Or Yellow and Green will only become sad.

With each time the band which was suppose to be handed to Nasu, is passed on, from Green to Yellow, and now the next one taking the test

Voice: Welcome to Warai no Ma (the place of laughter) The one who enters here shall die from the pain of laughter

Red: I`ll go.



All: Red..?

Red: *turns to them and continue laughing* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Black: RED!! Snap back!


Blue: Red...? There is nothing funny...

Red: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Please... HAHAHAHAHAHA... pass it on to... HAHAHAHAHAHA... Nasu.... *gradually falls to floor too*

All: REDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH... I had it, why must everyone die...

Black: We must move on... for everyone`s sake...

Voice: Welcome to Tsuka no Ma (it actually means a moment/brief space of time)

Black: Eh... what do we do this time?

Voice: Oh, please rest for awhile.


All: ...

The stage is in such a manner that its

[where they started]===[Green]===[Yellow]===[Red]====(     )==============[NASU]

So Tsuka no Ma was right in the middle and they were told to have a break, but they just moved on

Voice: Welcome to Hyouhen no Ma (the place of sudden change)

All: Hyouhen no Ma...

Orange: I`ll go...

Orange began to walk towards the place but was suddenly pushed away by Blue

Blue: I`ll go... I... don`t want to see you change... *smiles*

Upon entering, Blue suddenly became murderous and charged towards Orange with a knife but Orange managed to take it over and stabbed Blue.

Orange: Gomen na... But... I don`t want you to kill anyone... *draws knife while crying*

Black: Orange... this is an accident okay... put that down...


Orange: Now that I`ve killed Blue, I`ll go after him, please, remember to hand that over to Nasu.




Black charged over to Orange but Orange pushed him faraway.


And he slit his wrist with the knife and fell to the ground.


Black: ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Black took the band in his hand as he looked back at the all his fellow rangers


Black: I will hand this to Nasu, and when I do, I`ll run after all of you.


Voice: Welcome to the last, Inochi no Ma (The place of life) In here, with the exchange of your life`s worth of power, one wish shall be granted.


Black: My life`s worth of power...?

Then there was the whole lighting and sound effect of Black`s energy being sucked out and Black began crumbling, but he managed to crawl towards Nasu and was by his bed as he tried to put the band on for him but it fell off

Black: I am sorry, minna. But I don`t think I can do this anymore...

And suddenly, everyone from behind bent up and reached out both hands towards Black

Someone: How can you just give up, like this, we will lend you our power.

Black: Minna... EVERYONE (towards the audience) please, LEND ME YOUR POWER.


Black: Raise your hand in the air and shout UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (pronounce as: OooOOOoooOOOOoooooo)

And with that Black finally managed to clasp the band onto Nasu`s hand and fell to the ground.



Nasu came back to life and was slowly lifted into the air.

Nasu: I... am alive... Thank you everyone *looks at band* Now, is my turn to return the power back to everyone.

And he spinned through the air and sprinkled glitter at everyone ala fairygodmother mode and everyone sprang back to life.

All: DJSHKFJ HKHDKD JDKHKSDHS NASU YOU... We are alive!!! *hugs and cheers*

Nasu: It is all thanks to all of you and this band.

All: Yah, this is our sign of friendship, and power.

And they end of by singing Yorimichi~~



Here are some of the Skit related MC that I didn`t include in the previous report:

Yoko mentioned how when everyone was behind him with their both arm pushing towards him, he really felt this great surge of energy and he kinda really wanted to cry.
But the one thing he didn`t really understand was, Orange actually didn`t had to die XD 

He also said he didnt know why he made every say UUUUUUUUUUUUU, not ah or kya but uuuuuu XD

Hina said throughout the ENTIRE thing, he was lying dead at the other end of the stage, so the only thing he could do was to hear the sound. and when Yoko came to him,
normally during rehearsals and all that, he will just put the band on for him but today, for some reason the band couldnt be clasped on properly, so he ended up touching him all over alot XD
But when he finally woke up and he saw everyone else was dead he wanted to cry too XD


And this was the final greeting MC Yoko said to all the fans at the end of BJ (If I am not wrong)


Kanjani8 is here only because of all of you, and Kanjani8 loves all of you. So please, continue to love, Kanjani8.





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