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[FIC] Summer Watermelon

Title: Summer Watermelon

Rating: PG...?

Genre: sort of chibi!fic, sort of shotacon, is "Young Boys" a genre? ^O^;;;

People: Yokoyama Yu (18), Nishikido Ryo (14) (sort of RyoxYoko, but not ^O^;;;;)

Timeline: During and immediately after the watermelon photoshoot (see icon. ^O^;;;;)

Warnings: SORT OF SHOTACON, but no sex (just to be absolutely clear), brief non-shota masturbation scene, light swearing, may be offensive to some viewers, please read at your own discretion! m(_ _)m

i don't really know how to classify this... i hope it's not *too* scandalous???? ^^;;;;; i'm sorry. ^^;;;;; please don't hate me??? (it's not nearly as bad as i'm making it sound... i'm pretty sure. haha. ryo-chan's a kid who likes to snuggle up to people and yoko is just a poor 18 year old boy who's trying his best to be good.)

inspired by this interview (translated by enshinge), and the accompanying video on youtube of the watermelon photoshoot. i kind of invented some facts about when and where the photoshoot took place, and threw the two boys into the Juniors dorms together so that chibi!Ryo-chan could be more bratty and cute with Yoko in private (but I have no real idea why i decided that they had to be in Tokyo... ^O^;;;).

chibi!Ryo-chan is a precocious brat who teases Yoko mercilessly and completely inappropriately.

(A wee, little, manipulative monster, that Nishikido kid...)
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