Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote in kanjani8,

Mag. translation request

Me requesting again XD.. sorry =_= (Duet and Potato may, Popolo March)

This time I would like to know if someone could translate the may isues of Potato and Duet, where they talk about the most kakkoii, manly (in Duet) and the about love and stiff (Potato). You can find the scans of those magazines at Annie's scan community.

Also, Popolo (i think it was march isue) each member had to tell about the other's type of girl, sadly I don't have any scans of that magazine (I rarely see scans of popolo 0_0) so any help there would be really appreciated.... Popolo scans can be found here 

Please??? Anyone???

I know I know.. love oriented translation.. but I can't help it.. I find it amusing XD
Tags: requests

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