crazyPilovee (crazypilovee) wrote in kanjani8,

May '08 JE Mags, AnAn Feat. Yamapi, 08-09 Calendars, etc!

--May '08 WinkUp -$12
--May '08 Potato (KAT-TUN 4-pg posterr, RYO pinup!) -$12
--May '08 Duet (NEWS on cover, HSJ double-sides 4-pg pinup, ARASHI double-sided pinup) -$12
--May '08 Myojo (NEWS on cover, HUGEEE 8-pg HSJ poster, KANJANI8 on Young Song cover) -$12
--May '08 Popolo (HSJ pinup) -$12
--AnAn Feb. 13 Feat. YAMAPI -$13 (price will go up sooon since i only have one left!)
--08~09 JE CALENDARS! 1 NEWS, 1 KAT-TUN  LEFT! -$33 + shipping worldwide ($37 shipped in the U.S.) 
--Kurosagi Official Guidebook -$26
--FREESTYLE by Satoshi Ohno from ARASHI -$31

*will give discounts if u buy more than 1 mag! :D

May '08 Wink Up
+ shipping worldwide

May '08 Potato
(KAT-TUN 4-pg posterr, RYO pinup!)
$12 + shipping worldwide

May '08 Duet (NEWS on cover, HSJ double-sided 4-pg pinup, ARASHI
double-sided pinup)
$12 + shipping worldwide

MAY '08 Myojo (NEWS on cover, HUGEE HSJ 8-pg poster, KANJANI8
on Young Song cover)
$12 + shipping worldwide

MAY '08 Popolo (HSJ
3-pg pinups)
$12 + shipping worldwide

AnAn 02/13/08 Feat. YAMAPI
$13 + shipping worldwide

$33 + shipping worldwide ($37 shipped in the u.s.)

Official Kurosagi Guidebook
+ shipping worldwide

FREESTYLE by Satoshi Ohno from ARASHI 
$31 + shipping worldwide

April '08 Popolo (bigg KAME/YAMADA pinup)
$12 + shipping worldwide

ALL of above items are BRAND NEW!!!!

if u have questions/orders please contact me at or leave a comment at my LJ!!! thankss :D


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