Marie (kikumarie) wrote in kanjani8,

Hello, i don't post often here, but i just have a question.
I am trying to make a compilation of all Kanjani8Karaoke songs lyrics and i would like to know which ones i'm missing. (songs that have Karaoke musics)

My List so far:
- Wahaha
- It's my Soul
- Kanfuu Fightin
- Osaka Obachan Rock
- Osaka Rainy Blues
- Sukiyanen, Osaka
- Zukkoke Otoko michi

I know they must have more , but i just can't figure out which one i'm missing.
Also if you can provide the Kanji/hiragana writen title of all those songs, i would greatly appreciate it. (basically when i flip through a Karaoke Book, i know which song i am looking for)

thank you for your help.
X-posted same type of Question on Kat-tun com.

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