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[Req] Honjani 20030930- Swimming

Okay, I would like to ask and request if anyone have a different/better version of this clip (Honjani 30.09.2003, the Swimming lesson eps)...

I have the clip already, but there seems to be some problems with it because it skips and pauses here and there... the one i have is in mpeg format and  223 MB in size.. already tried
lilyrh LJ and it's the same version...

So, if anyone have another version which doesn't skips and pauses, please, please share it...

The reason i need a better quality clip is to use it as a raw for
tomalicious_frm next fansubbing project... Please help provide us with a better raw to work on... Or we'll be stuck with the faulty raw to work on...

*insert pleading puppy/kitty eyes here*

Tags: requests, tv: honjani!

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