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[FICLET] Untitled Chibi K8 [with OhYass]

Title: Untitled Chibi K8 fic [with OhYass]
Pairing: Chibi OhYass, with a dash of chibi RyoUchi, a hint of chibi Subassan, and a pinch of chibi YokoHina
Genre: Fluff fluff fluffity fluff.

I'm posting fics again. I have work, tests, exams. Someone stop me!!!!  >.< But this was just a chibi fic that came to me during a chemistry test of all things. I'm going to fail in life... ;_;

He felt it again. For sure this time. Something hit him on the head. He discreetly looked behind him, but everyone at the other table was colouring, laughing and chatting away. Well, almost everyone. That really tall boy with the shy smile had both hands covering his face, shoulders hunched over the table as though he was trying not to cry. Shota felt sorry for him and was going to see if he could cheer him up, but the Baru called his attention back to his painting; the other boy momentarily forgotten as he gushed over the bright colours and interesting patterns. Again! He was almost sure that he heard a growl this time though. Suddenly filled with 5 year old anger, he quickly turned around, just in time to see the tall boy sack his face on the table as he tried to duck under it. Ouch....He became even more worried once he heard sniffles and muffled sobs. Abandoning his picture, he crawled under the table and saw Tacchon crying.

'What's wrong?' He softly called out. Tacchon simply turned away from him and shook his head. 'Ano...were you the one throwing crayons at me?' Tacchon froze for a second, before he resumed his sniffling, lowered his head and nodded slightly. 'But why?' To his dismay, Tacchon simply cried harder at his question. Frowning in thought, Shota decided to switch tactics. He put his hand on the other's back and rubbed calming circles. 'I won't get mad. Just tell me.'

After a long pause, Tacchon calmed down enough to mumble something under his breath. 'Mphhoanhcjab...' Shota blinked at him. As if sensing his confusion Tacchon repeated. 'I said I did it 'cause you never notice me....'

'Oh, I'm sorry then...I didn't mean to. Come colour with me then!' He took Tacchon's hand and tugged on it lightly. Tacchon slowly smiled his shy smile, wiping his tears. It was quite cute. 'Ok.' He let himself be pulled by Shota, as he crawled backwards. he didn't make it far before his hand caught on one of Tacchon's projectiles, ad Shota fell on his back, bringing Tacchon with him. For a brief moment their lips collided in a clumsy kiss. Too shocked at what had just happened, neither moved.

'Uwa~! Ero-ero! Sho and Tacchon sitting in a tree-!'

'It's a desk, Kimi-kun.' A slap on the back of the head.


'That's not how you spell 'kissing', baka!' Another slap. But Kimi took no notice and disappeared in a flurry of high-pitched giggles.

Shota was the first to snap out of his trance, and he sat up. Tacchon had his hands over his mouth, eyes darting across the floor, looking quite red in the face. Shota bliked and very cutely tilted his head to the side. Tacchon glanced back at him, then darted out and smacked both their foreheads together in a failed second attempt. Looking through the tears that had formed in his eyes, Shota saw Tacchon curled himself in to a ball on the floor, hands covering his face again. Using all his strength, he managed to pry one of the hands away, and began pulling them back to his table. Tacchon surprisingly didn't put up a fight again. When they were both seated, Shota realised that tacchon had left his picture, and waddled off to fetch it.

As soon as he left, Baru looked sharply at him and frowned. So unnerved by the heat in his glare, Tacchon choked on his own saliva, and collapsed in a coughing fit, slapping his chest in desperation. When he managed to catch his breath he saw Baru pointing and laughing at him. 'Eh, you're funny I guess. But Sho-chan is still mine.' And he went back to his painting. But Tacchon could not help but feel smug that he had already smoothly stolen Shota's first and second kiss. And held hands to boot. They were practically married. Shota was taking such a long time to return that he began to watch the other occupants of the table.

Uchi had manipulated Ryo into carefully crafting a tiara-pink of course-and he was now watching Ryo put his effort into a matching sceptre. He peeked over Ryo's shoulder and smiled cutely. 'Arigatou ne, Ryo-chan~' Ryo blushed but pretended not to notice Uchi fluttering his eyes at him. Ryo then proceeded to fall off his chair. Uchi pretended that he hadn't blown on his ear.

Kimi was using Maru as a model, Maru making the craziest faces he possibly could while Kimi decided which was the funniest. One of the options was so dramatic that he knocked Shingo's hand while he was concentrating on staying inside the lines. Furious at his now ruined picture, Shingo threw a handful of crayons at the both of them, and then chased them around the room. 'Uwa!! B-gatan! It's the monster B-gatan!' Even at that time Kimi couldn't help but tease Shingo.

When the excitement had finally died down-Maru and Kimi were both hiding somewhere and Shingo had to use the toilet-Shota returned, Tacchon's picture in hand. However, it was different than Tacchon had left it. There were lots of pictures on it now. He turned to look at Shota for a explanation.

'I hope you're not mad, but I gave your capibara some friends. He looked really lonely on the white page all by himself. But look, there's a pink princess, a yellow prince, a red baboon, a purple gorilla, a black tanuki, a blue penguin and an orange shoe!' Shota's smile was so happy ad warm that Tacchon would have been soothed even if he had gotten mad to begin with.

'Oi. Why am I a shoe??'  Maru spoke up.

Chibi fic!! It was originally menat to be a little ode to OhYass, but eito hijacked the whole thing. ^^  So this was made in honour of Tacchon's adorable fascination with Yasu, and his attempts at seeking his attention. But the love-love power of Subassan is too much for him, and he usually fails. ^^' But in my universe he gets to win. Sometimes. <3
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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