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01 May 2008 @ 09:33 pm
吸血鬼 (Kyuuketsuki/Vampire) - chapter 8  
Title: 吸血鬼 (Kyuuketsuki/Vampire) - chapter 8
Author: pixisity/chaoticempath
Rating: R (character....death?, angst, blood [in this chapter], sex)
Summary: Vampire Ohkura Tadayoshi meets a young man (Yasuda Shota) one evening and both their lives change forever.

Ch1 // Ch2 // Ch3 // Ch4 // Ch5 // Ch6 // Ch7

A/N: Things will be moving quite quickly from this chapter on as we get to the action part of the story....

Hina sent Yoko and Ohkura out to hunt again, Ohkura protesting vehemently until Hina reminded him that he needed to talk to both Yasu and Maru alone, and that Yasu still needed to be fed. He didn’t like it and made sure the others knew it, but left with Yoko anyway; he knew Hina would be able to deal with Yasu if he went crazy and that Hina would call him if anything did happen and he was needed. Still, he couldn’t help feeling a bit resentful that he wasn’t allowed to stay.

As they wandered around aimlessly killing time, Yoko remarked on the fact that Ohkura seemed inordinately attached to Yasu, wondering if he was in love with the young man. Part of him wanted to deny it but given recent events, he couldn’t truthfully say he wasn’t, and it scared him.

“What would you do if I said yes?” Ohkura replied to Yoko’s question, causing the older vampire to raise his eyebrows in surprise. While he’d expected it, he really didn’t know what to say.

“I don’t really know, actually,” Yoko said thoughtfully, warily watching the people as they passed on their way to the slums where he and Maru had picked up the man Yasu had fed from not long before. He and Ohkura had deposited his body in a dumpster in a completely different neighbourhood where people were less likely to ask questions if or when the body was found, as they made their way out of the area where Ohkura’s townhouse was situated.

“I think it would depend on whether he can get his act together and stop being dangerous,” he went on with a sidelong glance at Ohkura as he spoke, noticing the tightening of the younger vampire’s lips as he mentioned the difficulties Yasu was having adjusting to life as a vampire. “I think it would also depend on Subaru and his feelings too. You know he’s also in love with Yasu?”

“I figured as much, but I don’t care. He doesn’t see Subaru that way and I’m not giving him up!” Ohkura retorted hotly, his face flushed.

In reality, he was terrified that Subaru would take Yasu from him regardless of his feelings on the matter, and he would have no say in it because of the friendship between the two. He couldn’t compete against someone who’d saved Yasu’s life and who’d been there for him a lot longer than Ohkura had been, and he would rather die than admit he was jealous of Subaru, even to Yoko, who seemed oddly perceptive at times.

“I don’t think Subaru has any intentions of taking him from you,” Yoko said mildly, amused at the reaction he’d gotten with his observations.

“Hina sent him to Ryo, partly to make sure that Ryo isn’t going to cause any more trouble, and partly because they both need each other, whether they realise it or not. I think his intentions were that Subaru would help keep Ryo on the right path, and Ryo would help Subaru get over his feelings for Yasu and perhaps even help him become more sociable. Whether he’s right or not…I don’t know yet. We’ll have to see, I guess,” he finished, sitting on a flower-lined ledge and swinging his feet, narrowly missing kicking Ohkura.

Ohkura shot Yoko a dirty look and sat down beside him, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, deep in thought. Now that Yoko had gotten him to admit he was in love with Yasu, what was he going to do now? Did Yasu know and did he share his feelings? He certainly wanted to think so and found himself hoping for the first time since he’d been changed.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder – why was Yasu with him to start with? He certainly hadn’t been very helpful, in fact he was still convinced it was his fault Yasu died in the first place; if he hadn’t distracted him, he might have been able to fight off his brother-in-law.

He still didn’t know very much about Yasu, nor Yasu about him, and he didn’t really know that he was all that excited about telling him any more about himself than he already knew. Ohkura wasn’t used to having to consider other people and now almost being forced to made him feel like rebelling against it all.

“You’re thinking too hard again, aren’t you?” Yoko chuckled, his tone amused as he watched Ohkura’s expression change with his thoughts. “You’re being stupid and you know it. You love him, and it’s pretty obvious he loves you too, so you’re just being an idiot. Get over yourself already.”

“What do you know?” Ohkura replied sullenly, standing up suddenly and looming over the older vampire. “You’re so annoying with your know-it-all attitude and I hate it. You don’t know anything!”

Yoko stood up and looked at Ohkura, his expression serious for once.

“Look, little boy, I’ve been around a lot longer than you have, so I know a bit more than you think. You’re being stupid and you know it. You just hate being called on it. I’ve already told you, you don’t need to worry about Subaru, so why you’re second-guessing everything that everyone says to you…”

“How can I not? I’ve had Ryo blaming me for Uchi’s death for over a hundred and fifty years. You and Hina are usually off doing who knows what and hunting rogues so you don’t know what it’s like having him breathing down your neck and mocking you whenever you do anything. You all treat me like I’m a child who can’t do anything without help. I’m tired of it. Just so tired of it….”

“And having to worry over whether Subaru is going to take away the only person that I would literally die for…you have no idea what that’s like, Yoko. You can say what you like, but you don’t understand!”

Ohkura was beginning to shout, making Yoko wince as it was causing a scene and bringing unwelcome attention. Yanking at Ohkura’s sleeve, he pulled the young man into a nearby alleyway and slammed him up against the wall.

“Listen. I’m only going to say this once more. You. Are. Being. An. Idiot. Is that nice and clear enough for you? Yasu is not going anywhere with Subaru any time soon, and you all are getting your chance to come rogue hunting, or were you too busy ogling Yasu to pay attention to what Hina was saying?” Yoko said angrily, his eyes snapping.

“As for being treated like a child, when you start acting like an adult, you’ll get treated like one. You keep going off in a sulk whenever anyone tries to tell you anything, so it’s hardly surprising when you fuck up and need us to help you out. Fine, it doesn’t happen that often but if you’d listen to at least Hina for a change…”

“I do listen to Hina. At least he treats me like a normal person,” Ohkura snapped back, not in the least bit intimidated by Yoko’s words, even though he knew they were right.

“Then start acting like it and not like a spoiled brat,” Yoko replied, releasing Ohkura and stepping back from him, suddenly tired from the arguments he’d had, first with Maru and now with Ohkura. At least he was satisfied that this time, his point was made. Or it better have been, because he wasn’t in the mood to repeat the experience any time soon.

“Don’t you think it’s time we got some…one for Yasuda-kun? He’s probably really hungry again by now,” Yoko said tiredly, moving even further back to give Ohkura space to walk away if necessary. “I’m getting a bit hungry myself, but he’s the important one right now; we can wait…”

Ohkura nodded, the sharp reminder of his lover’s needs making him feel ashamed for fighting with Yoko.

“I’m sorry…I’m just not used to this,” he said softly, trying to apologise in his own way. “It’s been a long time since I had to consider how others felt…or since anyone considered my feelings…”

Yoko nodded and patted him on the shoulder. “Just remember what I said. Stop acting like a brat and maybe people will take you seriously. And really, I mean it. Subaru is not going to interfere, and even if he did, I really don’t think Yasuda-kun would listen to him. He’s well and truly in love with you, though I can’t see why,” he teased, ruffling the younger vampire’s hair.

“Shut up, Yoko,” Ohkura mumbled, hiding his smile as he turned away. “You’re just jealous…”

“Ha. Why would I be jealous when I have Hina?” Yoko smirked, checking the area to make sure nobody was watching them as they began their hunt.

Because they had to take enough for them all in the end, they had to make sure to take people from different areas to avoid catching the immediate notice of the police, especially as they were already being actively hunted themselves. Yoko briefly wondered if they should split up but after one look at Ohkura, decided against it. The younger vampire was still distracted and would most likely get himself either killed or caught if left on his own.

“Damn,” Yoko said suddenly, pulling Ohkura back into the relative safety of the alley, his face pale. “Police…”

Ohkura looked surprised but nodded his understanding, leaning against the wall in the darker part to avoid being seen easily; they wouldn’t give up if they had any idea he or Yoko were so near and this wasn’t an area he was very familiar with so didn’t know where all the hiding places were.

“How’d they find us so soon?” he whispered as they waited for the police to pass where they were hidden, his tension rising as the voices got closer.

Yoko shook his head, a finger at his lips as he motioned for silence, the voices stopping so close to where they were that they could almost reach out and touch the nearest officer, the smell of cheap cologne mixed with sweat and cigarette smoke making Ohkura want to retch. The older vampire didn’t look that impressed either but hid it better, his face impassive as he waited patiently for the men to move away and cursing under his breath when they didn’t.

“How good are your climbing skills, Ohkura?” Yoko whispered as quietly as he could, his glance going to the wall on the opposite end of the alley. “I don’t think they’re going to move any time soon so we’d better get out of here before they think to look…”

“Let’s go now,” Ohkura whispered back, silently running on the balls of his feet and launching himself up and over the wall with an ease that impressed Yoko, (though he’d never tell Ohkura that), then reached down to help the older man up, hoping the slight scratching noise his shoes made on the wall didn’t reach the police officers below them. A sigh of relief escaped him as Yoko made it to the top and they dropped soundlessly into the courtyard below, looking for a way out and finding it in an open doorway that led to a deserted entrance.

The courtyard itself was completely empty, no bushes, furniture or other things that could be used as a hiding place, something that seemed off to the vigilant Yoko as he glanced at Ohkura, finding the younger vampire had much the same expression on his face. Was this a trap they were walking into? There was only one clear way out and that was through the door in front of them, but they still held back.

“I don’t like this situation,” Ohkura muttered as much to himself as to his companion as he slowly crept forward, looking around for anything else out of place in the deserted area.

Yoko nodded silently and moved to the other side of the doorway. A finger to his lips, Ohkura gestured that he was going first and began to move. He hadn’t even gotten more than a metre ahead when several shots rang out in the quiet night air.


Ryo was awakened by first the insistent buzzing, then the obnoxious ringing of Subaru’s cell phone. Annoyed, he twitched and reached down to the discarded clothing on the floor and retrieved the offending item and held it close to Subaru’s ear, an amused smile on his face as the older vampire muttered and swatted at his hand.

“Wake up, idiot. Your phone is ringing,” he said finally when it looked like Subaru was going to ignore it. Glancing at the caller display, his interest was piqued. “It’s Yokoyama. Wonder what he wants?”

“Give me that…”

Subaru grabbed the phone and answered it, his expression changing from sleepy to aware in nanoseconds, impressing Ryo. It changed further as Subaru kicked him off the bed, then after a few words, hung up on Yoko and glared at the astonished Ryo who looked up at him from his position on the floor.

“What the hell was that for?” he demanded angrily, picking himself up and beginning to dress.

“That was Yoko. He and Ohkura are trapped by the police and Ohkura’s been shot. This is all because of the mess you started so I think it’s time you make amends and fix this. Finish getting dressed. We’re going to help…” Subaru replied, his tone icy. Ryo winced at the words but didn’t bother denying it; Subaru was right and now that he was in the right mind, he was going to do whatever it took to apologise to the others, especially Ohkura.

“Where are they now? How bad is it?” he asked quietly, buckling his belt and slipping on his shoes, his wallet hanging from his belt loops by the chain.

Subaru pulled on his clothes and sat on the bed to put his socks and shoes on before answering, his mind racing as he thought of the possibilities. He knew that area and it wasn’t going to be easy to get them out of there.

“Ohkura’s been hit at least twice that Yoko can tell, maybe more. He’s bleeding pretty badly but they used proper bullets so I don’t think they realise who they’re up against just yet. When they do…” Subaru began, grabbing his own wallet and keys and ushering Ryo out the door. “You can bet it’s going to get ugly, that’s all I can say. They’re trapped in the abandoned complex down by the river at the Osaka business park…”

“Shit,” Ryo muttered, setting off at a run. “Why did they go down there? There’s nothing there…”

Subaru shrugged, following Ryo closely. He had no idea how they’d ended up down there; with it being close to the castle and a tourist spot at that…what were they thinking? Ohkura must have been more distracted by Yasu’s condition than he thought and he was going to have to talk to him about that. Being stupid wasn’t going to help any of them.

“I’m going to assume Hina won’t be of any help – he’s looking after the others right now and can’t leave them. That leaves us. Don’t fuck this up, Ryo. This is your only chance to prove yourself…”

“I know!” Ryo replied in annoyance. “I’m not going to fuck it up. I have to make it up to them somehow…and I will. Don’t worry about that. Just worry about yourself.”

He didn’t want to say that he didn’t want Subaru to do anything foolish; they’d only just started whatever it was they had together and he didn’t want anything to happen to Subaru now that he’d ‘found’ him, and he was going to make sure as much as possible that Subaru remained unharmed. Not that he was going to tell any of how he was feeling to the older vampire. It just wasn’t his thing and he was sure Subaru knew anyway – he was scarily perceptive that way.

Subaru just nodded, the glance he’d sent Ryo’s way telling him everything Ryo didn’t say, telling him more than perhaps even Ryo realised. He smiled a little bit at just how sentimental Ryo thought he wasn’t being – he was so transparent without even trying at times. It was frustrating, but also kind of cute and Subaru found himself smiling a little, though not where Ryo could see it. He soon out-paced Ryo, both vampires making steady progress towards their intended destination.


As soon as Ohkura and Yoko left, Hina turned to Maru and Yasu, his expression speculative as he thought about what to say to them and how. He had to make sure they knew what they were getting into with this situation and if they couldn’t handle it, he needed to know. Especially Yasu, whose hands were shaking again as his hunger grew. He had to admit the younger vampire’s condition worried him a little, but it couldn’t be helped; he couldn’t leave them alone just yet and he still had things to talk to them about. Clearing his throat, he began to speak.

“I need to know now if you think you can’t handle this. I mean, being part of our little group here. There are certain rules which I’m sure by now you’re aware of and I really can’t stress enough how important it is that you follow at least these few very important rules. I don’t want to find myself hunting either of you…”

Maru nodded thoughtfully with a concerned look at Yasu, who stared at his hands and remained silent, a look of misery on his face. It was clear he felt bad about the difficulties he was having, yet unwilling to give up at the same time, although it just made it that much more awkward for the rest of them.

“I know we’re to make sure that we feed responsibly, and that we don’t let ourselves go out of control…and I know that we’re not to attack people in revenge. It’s just hard to tell sometimes whether what we’re doing is right. I’m still not really comfortable with this…but I will do what is necessary. I know Yasu will too, right?” Maru asked his young friend, knowing it was harder on him but also needing to know the answer. He had to be sure that Yasu wanted this as much as he did or it would all be pointless.

After a long pause, Yasu swallowed and nodded silently, his shoulders shaking as his head drooped even further onto his chest. Maru climbed up onto the bed beside him, putting his arms around Yasu and letting him lay his head on his chest to cry, understanding that he had to let his feelings out once and for all. It had been an exhausting few days, for him especially.

“Let it all out, Sho-chan,” Maru whispered, brushing back a stray strand of hair that was tickling his chin and tightening his hold on Yasu. “If you need to cry, then cry. We’re here for you…”

Hina nodded, patting Yasu’s shoulder awkwardly; he wasn’t comfortable with all the emotional stuff but he recognised the need the two friends had to comfort each other while Ohkura was gone. It wasn’t the sort of thing that Yasu could do with his lover around; it would just make the older vampire feel worse and Yasu didn’t want that any more than they did. As if that were the catalyst, Yasu clung to Maru and sobbed, burying his head in his friend’s chest as his body shook.

The feelings of anger, hurt, grief, and heartbreak poured out with his tears, Yasu’s voice growing hoarse as he cried with Maru’s voice in the background, soothing him bit by bit until he was too exhausted to cry any more. Maru’s hands smoothed his sweaty hair back from his face, drying his tears with a handkerchief thoughtfully supplied by Hina, who looked sad and solemn as he waited for Yasu to become calm again so he could continue.

“Feeling any better now?” Maru asked quietly, smiling gently when Yasu nodded, sniffling a little with his head now on Maru’s shoulder. “I think Hina has more that he wants to say to us…”

Looking at Hina for confirmation, Maru nodded at him to continue with whatever it was he wanted to talk to them specifically about. It must have been something important, from the fact that he’d sent Ohkura away with Yoko.

“I hope you’ll forgive me for this but I need you to tell me and me only if there are going to be any problems in the future, Yasuda-kun,” Hina said as gently as he could. “I know it will hurt Ohkura and I’m sorry for that, but I just don’t feel confident that he’ll be able to help you…”

“I know,” Yasu whispered, his tone sad. “I know he’s trying to help me but…he loves me too much to do what may become necessary…if I lose control again. I love him too much to put him through that again…”

Nodding again, Hina smiled a little. “Thank you for understanding. I really don’t think it will be necessary but just in case, it always helps to have a contingency plan…”

He was interrupted by Subaru, Yoko, and Ryo supporting a bloody and barely-conscious Ohkura between them, Yasu’s eyes going wide as he saw his lover’s condition. Hina looked startled then angry.


“What the hell happened?” he demanded, not failing to notice both Yoko and Ryo were limping themselves as they laid Ohkura on the bed in the space just vacated by Maru, who looked on with his heart in his shoes. If anything happened to Ohkura…

“We were ambushed is what happened,” Yoko snapped, slumping on the bed beside Ohkura and pulling up his trouser leg to show the bullet wound he’d received in rescuing Ohkura from the hail of gunfire that had erupted as they’d attempted to get out of the courtyard where they’d been trapped.

“Ohkura was shot and Ryo and I got shot trying to get him back to safety. We’re just lucky they were using regular bullets or he’d be dead right now and we’d be in pretty bad shape ourselves…”

“How the hell did you let that happen, Yoko? You’re not a newbie! What the hell is wrong with you guys? You shouldn’t have…”

“Shingo, let it go,” Subaru said, putting his hand on Hina’s shoulder in an attempt at calming him down. It only partially worked as he turned his attention to Ryo and Subaru.

“How did you guys get into it?” he asked, gently undoing the buttons on the remains of Ohkura’s shirt, wincing at the amount of blood the young vampire had lost. It appeared he had been shot in the chest and again in the side and in the leg, but it was the side wound that looked the worst and was still bleeding.

“Yoko called us for help since he knew you weren’t able to leave Yasu and Maru. It was a close thing and I’m not quite sure how it happened, really. They shouldn’t have been there at all…”

This last was meant for Yoko, who sighed and tried to explain. “We got into an argument and I guess someone must have heard and called the police or something, but I don’t understand – it was too well set up to be done at a moment’s notice. They were waiting for us…”

They all looked at Ryo who instantly looked defensive. “It wasn’t me!” he insisted, ignoring the blood that was running down his leg and pooling in his shoe. “I didn’t have anything to do with this – ask Subaru. I was with him all day…”

“He was,” Subaru confirmed shortly, pulling up Ryo’s trouser leg to inspect his wound. “And Ryo was shot too, which they wouldn’t have done if he was informing them of our whereabouts…”

“Hrm…I don’t know. It could have been a decoy to throw you off…”

“No, it wasn’t. I told you, he was with me and I would have known if he’d gone off or called anyone. Plus he didn’t know Yoko and Ohkura were anywhere around, did he? We were…busy.”

Subaru coughed discreetly and the others nodded as they understood exactly what Subaru and Ryo been doing. Ryo looked vindicated and slightly annoyed that they even doubted Subaru; he could understand them not believing him, but Subaru wasn’t like him and wouldn’t have lied about something like this.

“Does this mean…you’re together?” Yasu asked quietly, startling them all into looking at him. His eyes, while still red and wide with shock, looked thoughtful as he thought about the implications.

Uncertain as to what to say, Subaru looked at Ryo who nodded with a small smile, then nodded himself.

“I guess so,” he confirmed, unsure of what the others would say; Ryo hadn’t made his apologies yet and thus he was sure there was going to be hell to pay. In a way, he was right.

“What the fuck are you doing with him?” Ohkura asked from the bed, his voice pained and angry. “He does nothing but cause trouble for us all.”

Ryo had the grace to flush and look apologetic as he took a halting step forward and began to speak.

“About that…I know this is no good and a hundred and fifty years too late, but…I’m really sorry for everything I’ve done. I want to do my best to make it up to you especially because of…how I treated you. We used to be friends and I went and ruined it all. I’m really sorry and I hope you can forgive me.”

Before waiting for Ohkura to speak, Ryo turned to Yasu and Maru.

“I need to apologise to you both as well. I am so sorry, for everything. It shouldn’t have happened and I know I was wrong in what I did. I let my anger and grief take over everything until I didn’t know what was right or wrong, though I know that’s not any sort of excuse at all. I don’t have anything I can say that would make it all better, but…I really am sorry, and I will do my best to make it up to you too. I don’t know how, but I will…”

By the end of Ryo’s apology he was in tears, though he tried desperately to hold them back. Subaru took him in his arms and began to take him to the side when Ohkura’s angry voice stopped him.

“You’re right. You are a hundred and fifty years too late, Ryo. You were too late the first time you tried to kill me. And the second. And the third. Now, I really don’t have anything to say to you at all and I want you out of my house and out of my life.”

He hissed in pain as Hina’s gentle fingers began probing at the wound in his side, having already removed the bullet from his chest while they were speaking with Yoko’s assistance. Yasu’s hand held his, Ohkura’s fingers digging into the younger vampire’s palm as Yasu tried to comfort him and help him deal with the pain as best he could. Subaru glared at him, unable to understand what he was hearing.


“He’s just helped save your life and this is the thanks he gets?”

“No, Subaru, leave it. I understand…” Ryo tried to calm Subaru down but he was having none of it.

“No, I don’t understand. You’re trying to apologise and he’s being so stubborn and pig-headed about it. At least you understand now what you did wrong, and isn’t that the point?” he snarled, holding Ryo protectively as if he expected Ohkura to lash out.

It was Yasu who answered, his voice shaky but calm, with his hand still in Ohkura’s.

“Give him time. He’s the one who’s been the most affected by what Nishikido-san has done, so it can’t be undone by a few words, ne.”

He looked at Maru, who nodded, then continued.

“I know I can speak for Maru and myself in accepting Nishikido-san’s apology but just give Tacchon some time, please. If you’re serious about wanting to make it up to him, then please, do what you need to do and let him work things out on his own. I’ll do what I can to help…”

“I know this is all well and good,” Hina interrupted brusquely, looking at Yasu. “It’s just that time is being wasted here. Yasu needs to feed now! We’re all at risk the longer he goes without, and so is he…”

Subaru jerked as if he’d been struck, then nodded soberly. “Maruyama and I will go and do what needs to be done,” he replied. “Look after Ryo and Ohkura, ne.”

Hina nodded, his attention back to Ohkura, who was writhing and moaning with the pain as he tried to remove the bullet from Ohkura’s side, the smell of Ohkura’s blood making Yasu feel ill from hunger and need. As Maru and Subaru left, he gestured to Ryo and Yoko.

“Help me hold him down. I can’t get this out with him moving around like this…”

“Don’t touch me!” Ohkura growled, the pain making him angrier. “I don’t trust you not to try and kill me again,” he added, another hiss of pain as Hina’s fingers dug further into his side.

“Shut up. I’m not going to hurt you and Hina knows that or he wouldn’t let me near you,” Ryo retorted, trying to ignore his own pain as he sat on Ohkura’s legs to keep them from moving. Yoko took one arm, Yasu the other as Hina continued to fish for the bullet, a cry of triumph as he finally grasped and removed it, Ohkura’s cry of pain hurting their ears.

“Next time don’t be so damned stupid then, and stay away from that area,” Hina muttered as he quickly got the bullet out of Ohkura’s thigh, the younger vampire nearly sobbing with pain and relief that it was finally all over.

“Sit down so I can have a look at yours,” he said, turning to both Yoko and Ryo, who sat on the bed and held out their respective legs for him to remove the bullets from them as well. Ryo was proud of the fact that while he winced, he didn’t make any sound, unlike Yoko who whined (albeit good-naturedly) the entire time about having to wait to be seen to.

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mujun on May 2nd, 2008 03:34 am (UTC)
You added so much! I like so many parts of this - especially the way Yasu has been waiting to break down until Ohkura is gone so that he doesn't make him feel any worse.
pixisity on May 2nd, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)
*nods* Yasu's still as kind-hearted as ever and really doesn't want Ohkura to worry about him or hurt any more than he already does, because of him. *loves*

chibi15 on May 2nd, 2008 04:36 am (UTC)



Finally! Ryo knows what he is doing! But will Ohkura forgive him? XD XD XD

Can't wait for more!!!!!!! XD
pixisity on May 2nd, 2008 04:48 am (UTC)
ROFLMAO You're scary - I was just watching that (the skit thing your icon is from...) *chuckles in amusement*

Glad you're enjoying it still. :) Never thought I'd get this far... *sheepish*
chibi15 on May 2nd, 2008 05:33 am (UTC)
Sorry! I can be scary at times! <3 <3 But I am very glad that you are updating this! <3 <3 <3 I am in love with this story! XD

Their skits are awesome! I have been re-watching that every day! <3 <3 <3 <3
snow_meow on May 2nd, 2008 05:00 am (UTC)
Why do I get the feeling that another vampire was involved in that police set up?
pixisity on May 2nd, 2008 05:06 am (UTC)
*claps hands* Yay, you're quick.... *smiles* (dang, can't speak English this early in the morning...)

Yes, indeed, there was another vampire involved... =) It'll all be revealed soon (ish). =)
shade_of_kim on May 2nd, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)
goodness u added more stuff! i really love the ending of this chapter, it's so close to happily ever after - even tho it's not~....subaryo is total cuteness!..but then, no marubaru...? XD

anyway, im glad that ryo finally has come to his senses, soemhow it makes me feel relieved. and yoko is just a cutie!
xiola_azuthra on May 4th, 2008 05:17 am (UTC)
yaaay more of this! *__* i love it when you update~

I really love the Hina-Ohkura relationship actually :P somehow it really seems like something more, in this really quiet unspoken way. *^^*

(oh, and i'm glad Ohkura is still mad at Ryo :P)

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