02 May 2008 @ 12:12 pm

Hi hi Eitos! It’s Friday and it’s time for our release. This time it's a double release of J3Kansai Episode 8 and also Eien.

J3KANSAI EPISODE 8 [2002.11.20]
This is a must-see episode. It’s super hilarious. Highly recommended^^

Find out which 2 agents, who went head to head in a ‘modoki iron-chef competition’. Who were in the panel of jury? What kind of food were they preparing? Why is xxxx crying? What’s with xxxx and the croutons? And most important of all… who’s the winner? Lot’s of things to watch out for… Just look at Uchi's face... Cant help but to pity the guy ><
Seriously, I laughed so hard while doing this project and some of their recipes, I even tried it out. You should try it too! And what is xxxx going to do for his newly formed club? 2 agents set out to start the club activities. Can you guess who they are and what they are up to?

EIEN @ HONJANI [2004.07.27]
Seriously we just love this song. Subaru is kakkoi and hope you'll enjoy it too^^

And you can kick here too^^
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