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~ [SELLING] K8 Spring Con Goods & Old Wink Up Mags ~

Hi, I'm selling Yoko's Clear Folders and Ryo's Poster from Kanjani 8 2008 Spring Concert and old Wink Up Mags! =D

Yokoyama Yu Clear Folders

- Suit @ SGD $18 or USD $15
- Casual @ SGD $18 or USD $15

Nishikido Ryo Poster @ SGD $32 or USD $25
*Never take a picture because I only have a handphone camera, picture upon request.
Picture over here!!

WINK UP 2002, 2003 & 2004!! (Chi/Taiwan Versions)

ALL of them are in GOOD condition (meaning no torn or fallen pages etc...) unless stated.

Each issue priced at SGD$5 / USD$4, buy them in sets at cheaper prices!!

More Picture and Details over here: K8 Con Goods / WU Mags

Visit my LJ for more JE merchandise!! (^_^)


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