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Yokoyama You pimp post of DOOM!

Hello and welcome to my Yokoyama You pimp post, I've had this in development for months now, since January actually. My goal is to do individual pimp posts for every member, because I started from oldest to youngest, Yoko's is the first one I completed. My original goal was to get this done by his birthday but sadly some things came up and I got delayed a bit. Well anyway it's never a bad time for a pimp post right? ^^;
So without further ado, here's my pimp post, I hope this helps new fans (and even not so new fans) learn a little more about Yoko and why he's so awesome. :D

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Yokoyama You| 横山裕| Yokoyama Kimitaka

Only a fine line exists between genius and idiot, whether it’s calculated or natural, he himself does not know.

Birth date and place: May 9, 1981 in Osaka, Japan

Nicknames: Yoko, Yokocho, Yuuchin, Kimi-kun, Peter pan, Wonderboy (ok so only I use that one XD)

Likes: Video games, traveling, Dragon ball, Kanjani8, being a johnny, 24, boobs, photography, basketball, manga, money, acting and food.

Dislikes: losing, losing his things, sleeping in hotels, waking up early, spending money, when yasu ignores his calls, needles, kame's little brother, cucumbers, gymnastics and hosting recommen by himself.

Yoko is the oldest of Kanjani8 but you'd never know it by the way he acts sometimes. Incredibly goofy and fun loving, Yoko doesnt think being grown up means you still cant have a laugh at yourself, or others for that matter. The definition of a free spirit, Yoko always speaks his mind regardless of how outrageous his words may be. Even when he insists he will be yelled at for it, Yoko just cant help but say and do all the things he shouldn't. Naturally of course, this is why most fangirls love him <3
Yoko's unfiltered words are often just what fangirls are thinking, to the extent that he can almost seem like a spokesperson for the fans. Gotta love gems like "Takki doesnt have a girlfriend because he is already Johnny's boytoy" or "I can take out heysay7" and my personal favorite "Hina next time you see Tegoshi just smack him on the head!" he has such a way with words doesn't he?
While everyone in Kanjani8 is funny in their own way, no one can really match up with the shear hilarity that is Yokoyama You. No matter what the situation Yoko always has a witty remark prepared and no matter how boring the story is Yoko can make it funny. A lover of mischief, Yoko makes it a habit to tease his fellow K8 members, fellow Johnny's (and even his own brothers) every chance he gets. He can be found tormenting hina about his money obsession, or tacchon about his poor talking skills (he once referred to him as a decorative ornament since he never spoke or did much on their shows XD) or ryo for his shyness or maru for his corny jokes or Yasu for...everything. He even teased Uchi back when he was still around.
Despite his joy of teasing others, Yoko himself is actually quite soft hearted and sensitive. NO REALLY, IT'S TRUE. Yoko is incredibly kind and sweet and though he may not show the depth of his affection for his friends and family with words very often, he is always sure to show it in actions. Like staying up all night to take care of an ill and bedridden chibi Ryo, or working to pay for his brother's college funds, or aspiring to buy his mother a nice house and or searching for Subaru all night when he lost track of him on a trip together in Hong Kong. Though Yoko often seems like a carefree person, he is in fact someone who worries perhaps more than he should and beneath his confident proud exterior lies a very insecure and nervous person. He can also be quite forgetful and has lost things like his cellphone, wallet, keys, and glasses many times before. And even though Yoko can be shy around new people, he somehow always manages to endear others to him, no matter who they are. Out of K8 he (and hina) are the members with the most friends and contacts in JE. And among fans Yoko often ends up in the top 3 somewhere, further showing his universal appeal. (he is also the member most popular among guys and male fans)
While Yoko may be a big shot idol now (whether he realizes it or not), it wasn't like that not too long ago. Yoko grew up very poor in a rural working class town and well basically Yoko could have been called a bumpkin, and while he's livin the good life now, Yoko insists he still has "the soul of a commoner", in other words he's cheap and thrifty. Freaks over copious amounts of wealth, would do just about anything for money and once confused the tester tag on a tube of lotion for a brand name. Well I suppose no one can accuse him of not knowing the value of a dollar. ^^;
Due to his poor background Yoko never went to highschool and was instead sent to work to make money for his family. However, what Yoko lacks in book smarts he more than makes up for in street smarts. and just when you think he's really an idiot, he goes and shows how clever he truly is.
A man of ideas, Yoko is the person who came up with the Eito rangers concept and writes the skits himself. He has come up with many other ideas for K8 in the past as well. To wrap this up, Yoko is one guy that's hard to pin down, childish yet reliable, foolish yet clever, bold yet shy, mischievous yet responsible, forgetful yet thoughtful and always funny. He's one guy people cant help but love, flaws and all <3

  • January 31st, 2008's Recommen - In which Yoko/Hina torment Yasu, Yoko declares he wants to live in LA and learn english. Engrish ensues for a full five minutes and Maru shows up later on to be hilarious and give Yoko someone else to torture.
  • August 2nd 2007 Recommen - in which Yoko says he can take out HeySay7, calls his brother on live radio, teases Hina about his money and listeners are called in and asked whether they are a Yokoyama or Murakami person.
  • September 13th 2007 Recommen - in which Yoko teases Hina about his money (AGAIN), Yasu’s birthday is celebrated with a cake that says “Okura,” and Yoko & Hina are put in rankings where they are #1 (since neither made it into the Anan rankings that year.)
  • December 06 2007 Recommen (part 5) Part 6 - Yoko did not appear until much later in this recommen but I'm including this (well the last two parts) in here because aside from this having the most hilarious start of any recommen ever, this also has yoko at his most vulnerable and honest. It's yoko showing that nervous and somber side of him he rarely shows and it also has the 3 eldest members of K8 having a heart to heart. I highly recommend reading this.
  • Happy birthday Yoko! - a very cute bday fanvid that chronicles yoko through the years. all the way from his junior days to 2007.
  • http://jweb85.blog48.fc2.com/blog-entry-1831.html - a jweb where Yoko tells a touching story about his grandpa and younger self, and we get to see a different side to the funny man.
  • Yokoyama Yuu Long interview Yoko’s long interview from the 47 concert tour Photobook, that each member of Kanjani8 was given at the end of their last concert of the tour in Okinawa on Sept 30th 2007.
  • Jimouto no Star – Yoko talks about some of his childhood summer memories, a revealing look in the childhood of K8’s biggest kid. (translation is locked, you have to join the comm to read it. Sorry!)
  • Mikan a fan recording from his solo con of the beautiful song he wrote for the sub unit Sankyoudai. Mikan means "Tangerine"
  • Fantastic Music Yoko's awesome and fun solo from the zenkoku tour last year. This is a rip from the 47 DVD.
  • ConfUsion Yoko's new solo for 2008 that first debuted at his Solo con. This is Yoko doing the sexy and very very cool ConfUsion at Shounen club. Basically I'd suggest watching this if you ever had any doubts in your mind on whether yoko is really an Idol or not.
  • Wonder Boy A cute fancam of Yoko performing wonderboy on his bday last year, during the zenkoku tour. DBZ fans might recognize the headgear he's wearing ;)
  • HaHa A fancam from summer storm (2004) where Yoko performs Kimutaku's HaHa. His voice is very soft and sweet here. highlights include yoko skipping across the stage (he is 23 in this guys) and Ryo totally screwing up a dance move in the background.*points and laughs*
  • King of MJ:jump rope contest Here's an old clip from Music Jump (1998)where Yoko and hina have a jump rope taikai and Yoko pwns Hina bigtime and everyone agrees he's sexy. No arguments from me!
  • King of MJ:jump rope contest-the rematch Hina decides to get revenge on Yoko and calls for a rematch with him in jump rope. Sadly for Hina, Yoko scores another easy victory off of him (which hina makes sure to whine about) and then celebrates by bouncing around the stage like an idiot. Yoko is not called sexy this time, but really no one could be in an outfit like that.
  • Yoko in Shounen club another older clip, this one is a VTR commerating Yoko and his time on Shounen club back when he was a regular. Highlights include Yoko slapping hina, Teasing toma, doing a silly dance, and being honored by his fellow jrs at the end (hasejun, toma, yamapi and jimmy mackey) It's so cute I even teared up a little. ;_;
  • KoharaxYokoyama:YuuYuu taikai! A silly and very old clip from MJ where Yoko and Kohara Yuuki do a silly skit. It involves them fighting over...who's the better Yuu? I dunno. I just had fun watching them act ridiculous.
  • KoharaxYokoyama....again Here's another clip of the above skit, this time Yoko is fighting to reclaim his honor! and his Yuu character. Will he succeed? (probably not)
  • Shounen Club Premium: Yokoyama Yuu Very interesting look at the events of yesteryear (ie the times when K8 were all still chibi jrs) and also an interesting look at Yoko himself. It's not as revealing as some of the other K8 members SCP appearances but that is probably due to his nervousness. I'd still recommend a dl for this though and you can find a performance of Onigishi in this as well. A somewhat bittersweet and immensely moving song he wrote that was inspired by his own mother. Well he wrote the lyrics, Yasu wrote the actual music.

    Credits to the following people:
    satellite16 for scans
    agtoro for scans
    Vendy for scans
    Hadaka no johnny's for scans
    okuralove816 for wonderboy fancam
    za_riel for yoko solo con mp3 rip (mikan)
    trendy_turtle23 for Fantastic Music DVD rip
    BNS fansubs for Yoko's subbed SCP file
    JE mix fansubs for the subbed performance of ConfUsion.
    fatzoe666 for the Yoko bday fanvid. She's not around anymore but her lovely vids remain. *salutes*
    and solitair for the yoko jweb

    Also I couldn't have done all this without the help of the wonderful kipani_mariko thanks so much for everything dear! <3333
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