shikurai17 (shikurai17) wrote in kanjani8,

I was watching Chinen obsess over Ohno on HSJ's visit to Domoto Kyoudai (Chinen obsessiong over Rida is hilarious. XD). It got me wondering if any other junior obsess over any Kanjani8 members. I know couple of juniors do look up to Ryo-chan but are there any that just love their Kanjani8 senpai? This line of thinking also got me wondering if any artist or actor outside of Johnny's listen to Kanjani8. Are there any? Hell do even other Johnny's listen to Kanjani8? I'm thinking that junior Kawai may be one. On the Intro Don game, he was jumping up to most of the Kanjani8 songs. Either he listens to them or has a very good memory.

So what does everyone think?

Tags: !: question, other

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