27 June 2006 @ 01:06 pm
[fic] With or Without Future - Chapter 1  
First time posting here! Haha~ Nice way to start it on too ^_^; Please read and leave comments!

Title: With or Without Future
Author: Ohimechan & Nekura7TH
Pairing: (In this chapter) Subaru/Shota
Characters: In this chapter only Subaru and Shota will appear.
Disclaimer: General Disclaimer and stuff.
Genre: School fic, angst, some fluff and tad pieces of humour perhaps (if we have any xD;)
Rating: None yet...
Word Count: 4 125
Summary: Mirai High is a co-ed school, filled with interesting (Johnny) boys and (H!P) girls (though story is focused on the boys ;3). Stick with us and see how many boys and girls we can weave into the story and how many pairings we can try out, both regular (we promise akame) and completely random (how about Jimmy Mackey and Junno?) and we'll seriously try to make nothing bland. There will be angst, there will be fluff and even action. You will even get tidbits of our sucky attempts of being funny.

First story/pairing up though is Subaru and Shota. Subaru is the problem kid everyone has given up on and Shota the guy no one sees. Through luck and the internet these two found each other some time back, but no matter how strongly they love each other it's not a relationship without complications. Why is Subaru so scared of people finding out about them? And what is Shota hiding? Stick with us and you'll eventually find out~

Fake-cut to chapter 1~
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