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[FIC] Stockings and Heels or Tacchon, You Pervert! [1 of 2]

Title: Stockings and Heels or Tacchon, You Pervert! [1 of 2]
Pairing: Shoko/Ohkura. Shoko being Yasu's okan alter-ego.
Rating: PG-13 [smut in part 2]
Summary: Tacchon discovers that Yasu visits his alter-ego in his spare time. Smut ensues. 8D

Notes: While making rounds on the Je Smut/Kink meme, I came across a wonderful Tadako/Yasu fic by the wonderful </a></b></a>uchikins. :) It left me longing for Shoko/Ohkura. I asked her to write it sometime, but it seems I'm too.....wound up to wait. I decided to write it myself. XD  Yasu just looks too adorable in a dress. I'm sure Tacchon would agree with me. ;)

He was early. Yasu had invited him over to help him shop for a birthday present for his beloved niece, but he was too excited to wait, and just decided to go a few minutes early. He couldn't help himself, Yasu usually went shopping with Subaru, and Tacchon couldn't help but feel that he had won a small victory. Stifling a grin, he pulled into the car park, and proceeded to let himself into Yasu's apartment. He did an impromptu jig as he relished having a key to his apartment. Peering inside, he heard the tell tale sounds of Yasu busying himself in the kitchen, and Ohkura crept to the entrance, hoping to surprise him. In hindsight, it was almost cosmic justice that he be the receiver of the true surprise. Yasu was about to leave the kitchen when he struck. He grabbed him around the waist and buried his face in the other's hair.

'Ah! Tacchon!' Tacchon sniggered to himself at being able to get the best of Yasu, when he noticed that the hair tickling his face was oddly.....synthetic-feeling. He also felt some rather billowy trousers brushing his legs. And was that....a ribbon brushing his neck. He pulled back slowly, almost fearfully, and was met with a sight he hadn't seen in a while. 'Tacchon, you're early.'  Yasuda....Shoko?!

It must have shown on his face just how shocked he was, because Yasu immediately looked self-conscious and tentatively asked 'Aren't I cute, Tacchon?'

Thinking fast, Ohkura blurted out, 'Of course! I just...didn't know they let you keep the costume. That's all.'

'Oh, yeah. They were hesitant at first, but they let me keep it in the end. They thought I was cute too.' Yasu relaxed and began to gush. Releasing a breath himself, Ohkura vaguely wondered why he should be surprised at this to begin with. Yasu did once wish to be reborn as a girl to be cute and frilly to his heart's content. And it did suit him.

'Ah! Just let me get changed and then we'll go out, okay. Thanks again for helping me pick out the perfect present.' And he flitted off to his bedroom to get changed. Ohkura had to catch himself as he felt vaguely disappointed at that. He also found himself watching how  Yasu's dress  swished around his legs, and how his arse wiggled as he went.

'Oh shit.'


It was a little over a week later, but Tacchon still felt restless and anxious everytime he looked at Yasu. It wasn't as if it were the first occasion seeing him in such a way, but somehow it was different that time. Before they were all dressed as women, making fools of themselves with whatever task they had that day. Before he'd simply thought that Yasu made the cutest girl of them all, but it was different now. Now he felt a stir in his happy place whenever the image came to mind.

'Noooooooo!' he ground his teeth together and pulled at his hair. he was going to go crazy soon! Explode even! Throwing himself on the floor, he vented some of his pent up frustration like he did as a child. He finally flopped on his back and took deep, ragged breaths to calm down. After a while he thought he felt a disturbance in the atmosphere of his apartment, but didn't bother to open his eyes or move. It was probably all in his mind. Just like that warm breath on his face...

His eyes shot open and he came face-to-face with his new obsession.

'Hi Tacchon~' What was Yasu doing here? Dressed like that... 'You seemed to be off this week, so I decided to drop by and see how you were doing~' In a short-cut  French maid outfit, with black stockings and....yes. Lacy women's undergarments. Ohkura stopped breathing. For a second he thought he had died. He hadn't blinked since he'd first open his eyes.

'Tacchon, you must be so~ ill if you're lying on the floor.' Yasu ran a finger from his chin, down to his collarbone. Ohkura nearly had a seizure. But somewhere within his petrified mind, he noted a glint in Yasu's flirty eyes. The bastard. He knew exactly what this was doing to him. Why else would he come there dressed like that. Ohkura then realised that he probably knew of his frustration all week long. This sudden realision gave him the strength to shoot up and growl at Yasu.

'Oh come on Tacchon. Don't be angry. All you had to do was tell me that you liked the cosplay. But seeing you so flustered was really cute.' He giggled. That was the last of Ohkura's self-control, and he hoisted Yasu up and carried him to his bedroom. He had to open and close the door without his hands, and he had his shoulder slammed in the door jam for this lack of patience, but he ignored the throbbing and almost threw Yasu onto the bed. he didn't seem to appreciate that much. But he did not vocalise any protests, he simply looked expectantly, almost challengingly at Ohkura.

'Yosh. Prepare yourself!' Ohkura then made a great leap from the foot of the bed, onto Yasu. As soon as he landed, he saw stars and fell sideways, off the bed.


'Stop laughing.' Ohkura growled in a strained voice. Yoko made a point of laughing even louder, only quieting down with several slaps to the head from Hina.

'You're disturbing everyone else!' But even he was bent over, gasping for breath with the others. Ryo had long stopped trying to hold himself up and was laughing up at him from the floor of the hospital. Yasu, dressed in men's clothes once more, had his head buried in this hands on the bed, his shoulders shaking. He was the one who caused this mess, what was he laughing for?!

'I-I-I-I'm so sorry Tacchon.' Tears were running down his face. 'I didn't mean to-to-to-'

'To kick your chin-chin!' Yoko again. This sent everyone into peals of laughter once more. Ohkura wanted to die.

End of part one. I was going to write the smut here, but after his recent fall in concert, I just had to make him fail. XD Smut in part two. ;)
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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