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hello everyone..
it's our first time post in here   -our...because there are two fangirl use this lj.. ;) -
so we're quite nervous about it

we found out about JE around few months back from other friend
(who's right now cursing her luck because she got two loud-hungry fangirls that never satisfied to 'eat up' je stuff..sorry, we can't help ourselves..)
and few weeks back, we decide to spent all of our saving to buy kanjani8's 47 dvd and v6's voyager
and we're totally head over heels about those concerts, especially eito on band format!!!
right now we claim those as our weekly dose

then...we start to curious about previous concert (especially the second recent one of eito, heat up!)
the problem is...we are broke...
so we decide to use our free internet facility..
but...after a whole week using 2 manpower
we found NO heat up! concert on mediafire
(well..we found some on megaupload though...but our connection decide to hate us and disband us from any usage of megauplaod..)

so, we are really sorry if it is not allowed or not likeable (but we are already desperate right now...)
we would like to request Heat Up! concert on MediaFire

onegai!!! (both bows..)

and another sorry because we don't have any bribe  :(  gomen

PS: please tell us if we do wrong

Thank You so much in advance!!
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