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[translations] Popolo, TV Guide, Recomen

I bring three Eito translations, they're all really fun! XD

1. 080517-080523 TV Guide
Visuals for the 080424 Recomen, for which there could be will be subs at some point soon. XD

2. 080524-080530 TV Guide (Kanto ver.)
My first and likely last scanlation. (THE TYPOS REIGN. yup.)
The Recomen page + the page that Yoko won during the Recomen on his birthday.

3. 0807 Popolo
Because I have a weakness for sempai/kouhai relationships.
Mention (please note that these are really only mentions, nothing much.) of: Aiba, MatsuJun, Toma, Tsuyo, Okada, Nagano, Veterans, B.A.D., TOKIO, Tackey, Kitayama, Nakamaru... I may have missed someone XD?)
Tags: radio shows, translation: magazine, translation: other

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