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In the recent years, there have been more and more Johnny`s fans coming to Japan from all over the world. Be it to work, play or study, this is great because it means that more of us have the chance to see the groups and idols whom we have loved for *fill in the amount of time*, in person, on stage. However, getting tickets is not always easy, and joining fanclubs and balloting for concerts can make you feel like a newbie all over again no matter HOW long you have been a Johnny`s fan.

Although I am aware that there are many sites out there that offer FAQs or information about how to ballot for tickets, join fanclubs, etc. I want the one I am currently planning to be more driven towards the real questions you want answered. It has been three years since I went through this process myself, so I can`t remember all of the questions that I had, and I`m sure that some of them may have even changed a bit. This is where all of you come in!

My goal: A FAQ that answers real questions that you have

What this FAQ will be: A source for people to go to on LJ that will provide them with answers to real questions that they have about joining the Johnny`s Family Club, balloting for tickets, and open ticket sales

For example:
"Can I use anything other than the post office to transfer money for tickets?"
"Do I have to live in Japan to be in a fanclub?"
"What do they mean when they ask for a `registered e-mail address`?"

That said, for the ticket questions please do not ask any questions about auctions or any other ticket aquiring method beyond:

- Playguide (Loppi, or other combini tickets sales) (
- JTicket (
- Johnny`s Family Club (

Anything other than the above three are against the rules established through Johnny`s, and breaking them can result in being removed from the concert venue (at best) or facing criminal charges (at worst).

Thank-you in advance, and I`m looking forward to making a helpful and informative FAQ for everyone! :D

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