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[FICLET] Ryo-chan's First Love

Title: Ryo-chan's First Love
Pairing: Ryo/OC/Tacchon love triangle
Summary: After a heartbreak Ryo-chan learns to put bros before hoes. That was seriously the best I could come up with. D: It's a tale of chibi-heartbreak and friendship.

Kawaii! She's so cute. With her silky black hair in pigtails, her warm brown eyes, her shyness...Ryo knew he was in love. He would look over at her table frequently, just as quickly looking down in case she noticed. She, like everyone else in the class was working on her Valentine's craft with utter focus and determination. Sensei had given them art supplies and told them to make something special for the person they liked the most. Ryo himself was working on a portrait of his goddess, and though he thought nothing would ever really capture her beauty, he still thought that he was doing pretty well. He made her dimples and everything! In his mind he began to plan the moment when he gave her his present. He would be smooth and cool, and she would squeal happily-adorable as always-and kiss him on the cheek as thanks. He hunched over his picture and covered his face with his hands, giggling in joy at his thoughts.

'Ryo-chan? Does your tummy hurt? I promise not to scream if you throw up again!' Ryo was snapped out of his happy daze by his best friend. He was munching on yet another of his snacks. Speaking of which, Tacchon was coming dangerously close to spilling his juice on his treasured work. He hugged the picture to his chest with one hand and simultaneously slapped the back of Tacchon's head with the other.

'Oi! I worked really hard on this! Don't mess it up!' Tell-tale tears were beginning to well up in Tacchon's eyes. The last thing Ryo needed was for him to wail and cause a scene. He would surely look uncool with his friend bawling his eyes out beside him. He did quick damage control by pulling their faces together so that their cheeks were touching. That always seemed to calm him down. It worked as always; Ryo could feel the grin stretching Tacchon's face.He pulled back to put the finishing touches on his portrait, and signed the bottom left corner.

'What's that?'

'A picture.'

'I know that.'

'Then why did you ask?' Ryo smirked. Tacchon pouted.

'I meant what's it for.' Ryo could've teased his friend more, but decided to be kind and answer. He was wonderful that way.

'It's my special picture for Ari-chan*. I'm going to give it to her and she's going to love me back and then we'll do ero-ero stuff together.'


'Yeah. If you have to ask, you'll never know.' Ryo himself didn't know what it meant, but he overheard his eldest brother and his friends laugh about it while they flipped through magazines that they wouldn't let him look at. It must be grown-up and cool. But Tacchon would never call him out on his lack of knowledge. He believed everything Ryo said anyway. Predictably, Tacchon simply nodded and tried to look as though he knew what Ryo was talking about.

'Ero-ero eh...' Tacchon then stood up and walked away. Odd. But that just gave Ryo the opportunity to give Ari-chan her present. He took a deep breath and walked over to her seat, trying to look as cool as he possibly could.

'Ah, hi Ryo-chan!' She beamed at him and he nearly tripped over himself. She giggled and he had to desperately grab the table to keep from fainting. That would not be cool!

'Y-y-yeah. Whasup?'

'What do you think of my painting?' She leaned closer to him and he stopped breathing. She then began to speak about it, but he couldn't hear anything. All he could see was how wonderful she looked with those pink ribbons in her hair, her pretty pink lips and the sparkle in her beautiful eyes whenever she mentioned Tacchon.


'....And I want to give it to him but I'm worried that he won't like it. You're his best friend right? Do you think he'll like it?'

Ryo felt as though he had been stabbed. Multiple times. And then had salt and vinegar poured into his wounds as he was left to bleed to death. He couldn't believe it. Tacchon?! That bastard! He saw her give him her picture, Tacchon stealing his kiss on the cheek; they went on dates; they got married; they had babies; they were happy. NO!!

'Ryo-chan? Hello?' She was oblivious to his pain, as sweet and cute as ever.  Prying open his eyes, he was greeted with a warm, if a bit nervous smile. He realised that he had yet to give his opinion on her work. He gave it a fleeting glance and complimented it. 'It's wonderful. Everything you do is wonderful.' Running out of strength to not cry then and there, he fled to the toilet, where he could mourn in solitude. Unfortunately, he ran into the very cause of his problems on his way. Literally.

'Ouch! Ryo-chan! You messed up my macaroni picture!' Ryo sat up and saw Tacchon rubbing his backside and pouting at the shells on the floor. 'Ryo-chan?' Looking up, he saw Tacchon crouching beside him, looking unsure. How dare he...

'Ry-!' In a fit of rage Ryo tackled his once best friend to the floor and began to hit him. He couldn't see, he couldn't hear, he could only feel the stinging of his own fists as it collided with soft flesh. It wasn't long before Sensei pulled him off the screaming and crying Tacchon.

'Nishikido Ryo-kun! What is wrong with you?'  She then gave him a sound slap  in the face, well sound for a five year old. From the direction his head was forced into, he saw Ari glaring and frowning deeply at him. SHe then tossed her hair and turned in the opposite direction. That was just the last straw. The tears from before rushed back and he joined Tacchon in wailing and sobbing on the floor. Sensei was taken aback by this sudden fit, and she quickly hauled both boys into the separate room where the children took naps.

'Okay, okay. Calm down. Just tell me what happened.' The two continued to sob their voices raw. But then another of her charges ran in.

'Sensei! Yuri-kun keeps throwing up! It's everywhere!' She hesitated for only a second before she ran back to the class. Those two were fine and would just cry themselves to sleep at any rate. Yuri-kun could be seriously ill!

After a few minutes, the only sound in the room was of sniffles and occasional hiccups. Ryo was slumped against the wall, Tacchon curled up on the floor. Neither of them said anything for a long while. Staring down at his hands, Ryo saw how they were still pink in colour. He tried not to think about how Tacchon's face looked. The last reserves of his energy finally left him ad he too curled up on the floor, his back turned away from Tacchon's.

'Ryo-chan...' Ryo was uncertain as to whether he had really heard his name being called or not. It was so soft, so low, so broken...Ryo felt guilt stabbing once more, and he curled up tighter.

'Ryo-chan....I'm sorry.' Ryo flinched and turned around. Why are you apologising? I'm the one who beat you up! You really didn't do anything you know... Ryo wanted to say this and more, but nothing came out when he opened his mouth. He slumped to the floor once more, but did not turn away from Tacchon.

'....Gomen....' He had said it to the floor more than anything else, but Tacchon must have heard it, because he spun around and crawled over to where Ryo lay on the floor, and curled up next to him. Feeling Tacchon's small hands clutching desperately at his shirt, Ryo felt compelled to cry once more, but then he realised that they were five, not three-way too old for this sort of behaviour. He pulled the both of them to a sitting position and began to furiously wipe any traces of tears from his face. In between this he motioned for his friend to do the same. Afterwards, there was a short pause, where Tacchon looked at Ryo, expectantly and confused.

'This whole thing...it never happened.' He shifted his gaze to hide his flush, but Tacchon say it anyway. He couldn't hold back his grin.

'Only if you get me sweeties to make up for the picture you messed up.'

Ryo glared at him, feeling his face get even more red, but eventually obliged. He just wanted to put this whole thing behind him. The sooner then better. 'Fine.' He gritted out from clenched teeth. He then deemed the matter shut and pulled them both to their feet. Tacchon skipped ahead of him, excited at the prospect of food. When they re-entered the class he pointedly did not look towards a certain direction, instead focusing on the boy in front of him. Bros before hoes. Fo sho.

*Ari-anagram of Ria. Ria is the Japanese romanisation of Leah. Fitting name right? XD So yeah I actually began writing this a month ago. ^^;  I'm glad I managed to tick this off my incomplete list. ::V:: I can't believe how much chibi-angst this descended into though. ^^; And I want to slap myself for those last lines. >.<'
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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