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A request and a Wallie ^^''

Hi minna!!, this afternoon I was cleaning my Kanjani's folder erasing some songs but I deleted a really good version of  'Mikan', too T__T. Can someone upload this song for me? I really will appreciate that, and if you guys have Ame-chan and Purin, that would be great!

In exchange I upload a wallpaper I made thinking in Yuu-chan in 'Onigishi' ^^:

A lot of thanks and excuse me for my crappy english x////x (and excuse for put only one face at the onigiri, it's just I can't draw very well with mouse XDU)

P.S.: I must do two more wallies, a Subaru's and an Ohkura's o///o, gomen nasai for the long waiting.


Tags: fanwork: wallpaper, music: mp3s, requests

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