jedielf (elenniel) wrote in kanjani8,

"fuka fuka Love the Earth" mp3 Rip

I ripped the audio of Eito's Eco Week song from the videos that youchandesu so kindly uploaded earlier :D

There are two of them in the zip file:
* The very short version from the VTR of Eito recording the song (702kb)
- because I loved the harmony on this!
- ripped and fixed the audio to remove the fuzzy background noise, but I left in Hina's "Can I do it again? Something feels weird about it..." remark at the end 'cause I found it hilarious :P
* The full version from the night performance (3.85MB)
- just because Eito was playing their own instruments. XD 
- I couldn't get rid of the squeak from the amp/mic feedback in the middle during Maru's part, so that's unfortunately still in there.

[ Download ]

Hopefully I've tagged this properly. Anyway... Enjoy! =)
Tags: music: mp3s, tv: eco-week

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