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Myojo July 08- Tacchon (Kanjani 8 section)

I did Tacchon's too.

TRANSLATION: Myojo July 08
“A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”
Okura Tadayoshi

The kind of rain that makes me think “I’m happy!” is that which occurs on a day when I have no plans at all; times when I’m carefree. “Today, I’ll spend all day inside. Maybe I’ll clean my room or something”…on those kinds of days, if it rains from the morning, its like the sky is telling me “your choice was the right one”. Recently, there haven’t been many days where I can be carefree for the whole day, so it seems like there haven’t been many days where I can be happy coz its raining* Speaking of which, when I was an elementary school student, when we had excursions and sports days, I wonder why it’d rain? Coz I loved excursions and sports days, you know. I remember being really, really upset. In the end, if it rained, the sports day would be postponed and it’d become a half-day of school, but I couldn’t get excited about that.

In the 13-hour live broadcast “Touch! Eco 2008 for tomorrow…55 challenge? Special” (8th June, from 8am on NTV), I’ll fly out of the recording complex and go to various places on a bike that uses waste oil*. Furthermore, I’ll collect waste oil and move a huge car, I’ll be doing those kinds of challenges, so you gotta support me!

Currently, I’m not living a life centered around being eco, but I think I should do whatever I’m able to. I’m often asked “So, from now are you going to start putting this (eco) stuff into practice?” but, as for what I can practice, I’m already doing it. For example, not using the air conditioner in my room whenever possible, or, not trying not to take chopsticks or plastic bags from the convenience store, not going to the convenience store empty-handed, things like that. Having the belief in your heart that you shouldn’t be wasteful, and protecting the earth, are connected, don’t you think?

*Literally, it said 'there haven't been many days when I can think "Rain. I'm happy!"

*Waste oil- I guess it means left over oil? Recycled oil or sumthin.

Oh, poor Tacchon getting down about sports day being postponed :( There, there *pats on the head*
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