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Myojo July 08- Hina (Kanjani 8 section)

Hina's article

TRANSLATION: Myojo July 08
“A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”
Murakami Shingo

I don’t really like it, rain. You can’t play futsal*. Ah, but in the past, even if it was raining, I played futsal. If the futsal ground closed due to a downpour, as you’d expect, we’d quit playing, but if that wasn’t the case, even if the rain was falling, we’d play like it was no big deal. However, since concert plans have piled up, I can’t even say that kind of thing. At worst (in the rain), you can injure yourself completely, and if your body freezes and you catch a cold, it’s really difficult. Since I’ve become more conscious of managing my physical condition, I spend rainy days pretty calmly.

Well, I don’t automatically think it's horrible if it’s rainy. If it rains, it rains, and you should do what you can anyway. Playing a soccer game at home, cleaning your room, reading a book… Also, things you can’t do on a sunny day, they’ll slowly pass the time. If I think like that, then I can think, “maybe rainy days are good too”. The way I think depends on the circumstances.

On sunny days, I feel better, but its not like I want it to be sunny forever. Coz, if it doesn’t rain, the earth will end up in a difficult position! Speaking of the earth, it’s “Touch! Eco”, isn’t it. Honestly, my feelings of being eco are of a normal degree. Things like turning off electricity diligently, not leaving water running, I haven’t done anything that’s not obvious/ natural to do. Therefore, I intend to use this opportunity to study really hard. Everyone, while saying “It’s Eco! It’s Eco”*, won’t there be heaps of things you don’t know about? Now, if something happens to our earth, I think that the first step to being eco is knowing the reality of the situation.

*Futsal: 5-person-a-team soccer

*”It’s Eco! It’s Eco”=エコだエコだ

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