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More uploads: Domoto Kyodai appearance, 'Another'

Another upload, since I upped it for friends: The Domoto Kyodai episode with K8 as guests, English subbed by the HesF team. (Worship them. I know I do. ♥)
Many of you would no doubt have downloaded it from CB already but I haven't seen any sendspace links so far, so here it is for those unable to use CB.

Kanjani8 - 20060625 - Domoto Kyoudai [HesF] - 1of5 - 150mb
Kanjani8 - 20060625 - Domoto Kyoudai [HesF] - 2of5 - 150mb
Kanjani8 - 20060625 - Domoto Kyoudai [HesF] - 3of5 - 150mb
Kanjani8 - 20060625 - Domoto Kyoudai [HesF] - 4of5 - 150mb
Kanjani8 - 20060625 - Domoto Kyoudai [HesF] - 5of5 - 39.7mb
(Split with HJSplit, you know the drill)

And since Meg'd been asking about Another and Douton Boys, my only Another clip. :D
Kanjani8 - 20020811 - [Another] Rehearsal Report - 67mb

Other than that, I have received two of my missing honjani episodes. :D! ([honjani]20040706-065-Bowling (2nd try) and [honjani]20041123-084-Introducing Manga.)
I've already removed the CMs from the first one, and it's uploaded to my CB, now that I'm still able to do so. (I'm thinking of going back to just direct-downloads like these, since I'm too lazy to properly pimp it - and that means it's about to die. Again. :D; )
I'm only missing 22 episodes out of 165, now! Good lord, but I'm a packrat. XD

And, randomly - a very big part of why I love those old Music Jump episodes:

Suba with hairclips and in bright clothing, three two babbling ossan, and Yoko making kissy faces at the camera. ♥
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