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Myojo July 08- Yoko, Baru, Maru, Yasu (Kanjani 8 section)

I ended up translating the other parts of the Kanjani 8 article "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" in Myojo July 08. I'm a bit tired so the translations are a bit messy, but you'll get a grasp on what they were saying.
By the way, the theme was "rain" incase you haven't picked that up!

Yokoyama Yu
The thing I end up associating rain with is, as you’d expect, “Osaka Rainy Blues”, isn’t it. We were able to film the PV in the middle of being rained on, but I have the recollection of having a complete and utter cold the next day, from becoming totally wet during the recording.
The image of rain is a bad one, isn’t it? The fact that your clothes get rained on is gloomy, and your hands get tied up holding an umbrella. I don’t really feel like I want to leave the house at all. But, I was fine when I was young. It kind of found it fun. Because I’d play around outside without worrying about my clothes getting wet or dirty. Speaking of which, no matter how dirty I was when I returned home, there was never a time when my parents got angry at me. To my parents who thoroughly washed my clothes, I have to be grateful.
Which reminds me, I haven’t really felt the rain recently! I’ve been using transport and cars a lot. When I’m driving myself around, its bad for the people walking, but I feel triumphant.* Speaking of which, when I’ve been overseas for holidays also, there hasn’t been one time when it’s rained. I wonder why that is?
Speaking of rain, acid rain is becoming a problem, isn’t it? That's why, in our next project “Touch! Eco”, I think I want to thoroughly study about what eco is. First of all, putting eco behaviour into practice, when getting into the shower, I don’t leave the taps running, to the same effect as not leaving the lights on. It's a waste of money on your water and power bills. I don’t think I’m being stingy, but I think this kind of stingy heart leads to an “eco” heart.
*I guess he feels pleasure in knowing that he is inside the car, whilst they are outside in the rain?

Yoko is so cute, I'm glad he is thankful to his parents!

Shibutani Subaru:
I hate it! The bloody humidity, the atmosphere is heavy and your body becomes lazy and slack. Also, thick clouds cover the sky. Even though on sunny days, by just opening the window, you can tell if its noon or if its night-time, on rainy days, you can’t tell at all. Rainy days are horrible because your sense of time becomes weird.
It’s scary! In my home, when it rains, something makes a squeaky creaking sound. It’s not the window, or the corridor; it comes from the middle of my bed. It’s also something that nobody else aside from me can hear, and it seems to creep up. ‘Creak, creak’, ‘Creak, creak’. Err, it’s the sound of my backbone…(laughs) Coz I get lower back pain…rainy days are painful and difficult.
But, there is one kind of rain that I do like. Rain that falls on sunny days; a sun shower. Coz it (the air) is dry and empty, even if you are getting rained on, it doesn’t feel like you are. Provided that after a sun shower, the sun is shining, the roads that were rained on will surely become dry. When you go out during those times, there’s a smell I can’t describe or forgive*, no matter what. It's the feeling of a whole lot of things entwined together, rising up into the sky. It also feels like, maybe, my feelings of “let’s do it!” and good spirit are mixed with it.
Recently, the opportunities I’ve spent had to think about the subject of “eco” have increased, but, honestly, I myself don’t really understand it. But, the one thing I definitely can’t forgive is littering.* Stuff like empty bottles and cans, things that, the can't be changed by the earth the way they are*, you can’t just throw them away without saying anything. Just like that, someone might injure themself. If I see someone littering, I’ll go right over to them and give them a warning!

* Baru said "ポイ捨て" (poi sute) I don't know what it actually means, but I took a guess and said littering, because he goes on to talk about carelessly throwing items away...

*By things that can't be changed the way they are, maybe he means, like, plastic bottles etc. can't be broken down by the earth the way that compost etc. can???

Poor Baru gets back pains....ouch

Maruyama Ryuhei
Water evaporates up from the sea, becomes clouds, is soaked into the earth, returns back to the sea…Water is source of the earth. The food is delicious in places where the water is delicious. Water is important for living. Therefore, I don’t hate rain. Rather, I like it. I love it. I even like the sound of it. Like, don’t you think its awesome? You can hear it in a moving car, the sound of “pop! Pop!”* Just by hearing that, you surely feel like you’ve come to a different time and space. Even though nothing inside the car changes. I like that aspect.
There’s also rain that I can’t cope with. Rain where you can’t determine if it’s going to fall or not. The kind of thing that makes you grow impatient. More than anything, the cloudy sky, more than that dullness, I can’t forgive that atmosphere. Conversely, oppressive clouds, you know, strong rain that gets in the way. “I’m going to fall!”..rain that seems like it cuts and runs through the sky, when its forceful rain, I really don’t feel that well, you know.
When I was in elementary school, there was a rain shower after school. Maybe it was because I was with my classmates, my excitement level suddenly rose, and I ran around the nearby park with all my might, and returned home. My mum, with a worried look on her face, was standing in the entrance of the house, whilst saying “Are you okay? You haven’t caught a cold?” she gently dried me, who was soaking wet, off. My clothes and my bag being covered with mud, you would have thought she’d have gotten angry at me. However, mum really thought about my body from the very beginning. After that, my body became cold but my heart was warm. If I tell the truth, that's the number one reason why I like rain.
*Pop pop- ポツ、ポツ

PS: I really liked Maru's response

Yasuda Shota
Rain…I hate it! Waking up in the morning, when I look outside through my window, if its raining, ‘do-n!”*, I end up with a down kind of feeling. And with fashion, it doesn’t matter what I wear. More important than style is making sure the hems of my jeans don’t get soaked. When I look at people whose hems are all splashed and soaked, even though they are strangers*, I become miserable, you know. Shoes too…I can’t wear my favourites and on rainy days I can’t ever feel much enthusiasm about the clothes that I wear.
Also, times when I’d have a big barbeque with (Kanjani 8’s) members, rain would often fall. When someone would say “Well, let’s start cooking!”, rain would start to sprinkle down* on top of the barbeque stove and the charcoal would sizzle …I think I’ve seen that kind of situation many times.
The most disastrous rainy time was when I was in 2nd year of elementary school. I experienced getting heavily rained on when I was returning home from school. Getting soaked and frozen by the rain and becoming really hungry, I ran towards my home whilst almost crying. What’s more, thunder started rumbling, and I got a fright from the loud noise it made and I was on the verge of collapsing due to the strength of my hungry stomach! Somehow, I arrived home on the verge of death*, but, in the end, I couldn’t really manage*
Well, I guess it's a reason/ theory I have because of that situation, but the memory of that time became traumatic for me, and, now, I guess I really hate rain. After that, rain has a kind of “immoral” image. Now, I’ve associated this pretty rashly, but days when boys and girls do naughty/ bad things seem to be rainy days/ I feel like I do on rainy days*. Yeah…after all I do hate rain!!
*’do-n’ is the sound Yasu used to describe the effect of the rain

*The literal word he used was 他人事, and I think it literally means ‘something to do with a stranger’.

*必死 can be translated as desperate or about to die/ prepared to die. Because Yasu was recalling this story, I thought it might sound better to use the more dramatic “on the verge of death”.

*He said 間に合いませんでした which usually means “I didn’t make it on time”. I think it can also mean “I didn’t manage very well”, which is how I interpreted it in this case, because Yasu didn’t say anything about needing to be home on time.

*This last bit…I didn’t really understand what Yasu was on about, talking about boys and girls doing “naughty” things on rainy days. If anyone has read the article and understood this part, please let me know what he meant!

ACTUALLY, Yasu's article was a bit challenging all round. I'm still getting a grasp on the kansai dialect, and had to ask my friend to translate a few expressions.
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